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Photo: Brady, Welker Watch California Chrome Win Preakness With…Mike Tyson?

California Chrome won the Preakness by 1.5 lengths with Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and Mike Tyson looking on together. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

California Chrome is one win away from completing the first Triple Crown since Miguel Cabrera two years ago Affirmed in 1978.

Apparently Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his former favorite target, Denver Broncos receiver Wes Welker, took in this second step towards horse racing history with none other than…Mike Tyson?

Two weeks after watching California Chrome win the Kentucky Derby by 1.75 lengths, Brady and Welker watched with Tyson as California Chrome held on down the stretch to also win the Preakness, this by by 1.5 lengths. And yes, there’s photographic evidence to prove it, from the cannibalistic boxer with a face tattoo himself:

This image, which is just incredible for Brady’s facial expression (especially next to Tyson), naturally raised two questions:

1) How did those two worlds collide, or coexist? I don’t think I could have foreseen a social situation that would bring Brady, Welker, and Tyson together, even in the wildest, deepest, most extremely bored recesses of my imagination.

2) Did Welker get to make anyone’s day with another gambling handout on Saturday, just like at the Derby? Or is this a only-when-he-wins-an-extra-$14,000-he’s-not-supposed-to kind of gratuitous charity?

Since Welker was indeed at the Preakness, I hope he pressed his luck and tried his hand at picking the winner with his massive stack of bonus winnings (Churchill Downs apparently doesn’t need it back, since it was their own error). I mean, what better use for $14 grand you’re not supposed to have? Money won gambling feels like free money as is; I can’t imagine what actual free money feels like! Apparently it feels so good you can just give it away by the $100 bill (or maybe that’s only when you make $6 million per year):

If the image of him drinking out of a plastic-y trophy is any indication, it seems like Welker might have continued his good fortune in Maryland. If only Welker could have had some of that gambler’s luck when he tried to catch that pass from Brady in the 2011 Super Bowl, and a less plastic-y trophy to show for it…

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