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Brad’s Bumps: What’s Wrong with Alexander Rusev?

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With the a fairly insignificant, rinse and repeat Monday Night Raw, I have decided to focus on one superstar that everything about him just annoys me to no end, because he can so much better. The Bulgarian Brute, Alexander Rusev, might be the most boring wrestler who has all the potential in the world.

Overused Storylines

Rusev is called to the ring and introduced by the lovely Lana. While she may be drop dead gorgeous, she only speaks in Bulgarian or could be Russian, I do not know. Rusev comes out to a pretty cool music entrance where a man in a deep voice says something in Bulgarian and mentions the word Rusev a few times. The most important thing to note is that I cannot understand a single word these people are saying.

For example, last RAW I assume Lana was talking about Vladimir Putin taking over Britain and America, only because they provided pictures for the audience to actually understand what was going on. Although Putin is not the President of Bulgaria, so why are we hearing about the Russian President? Also, is this really the most creative thing WWE can come up with? Oh, we have a big European guy? Just let him favor Russia, the crowd will hate him. No, this gimmick might have worked with Nikolai Volkoff, during the Cold War. This storyline is so old and overused that I was literally falling asleep during said promo.

Underused In-Ring Ability

The Bulgarian Bore’s only recent matches have only been upwards of two to three minutes, with Rusev only showcasing 3 or 4 moves. What makes these boring sessions worse is Rusev’s unoriginal finisher. Rusev uses the Iron Sheik’s Camel Clutch to render his matches to a dull ending. I have no idea why the WWE chooses to do these cookie-cutter matches: come in, kill your opponent, and leave. These matches only really worked with Bill Goldberg and he was only really famous for 6 years (1997-2003). The biggest issue I have is that Rusev has a ton of in-ring talent, i.e. the Royal Rumble (sorry for the poor quality). Why can’t these matches extend for a while so both opponents can show at least a little bit of their talents? My only guess is that their saving Rusev for bigger opponents to really show his stuff, except we already saw his skills during the Royal Rumble, so I am all out of excuses for the boring Bulgarian Bore.

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