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Connelly’s Top Ten: Tell Your Boss I Said You Could Have Monday Off!

1. Cliff Notes:

* Long weekend
* NBA anyone but Miami / NHL anyone but Montreal
* Can’t wait for World Cup – USA don’t win a game – I’m picking Germany
* At least Rory McIllroy didn’t make Caroline Wozniacki lick the envelopes like George Constanza

2. Red Sox Stuff:

* Grady Sizemore and Jackie Bradley lead the team with 3 stolen bases
* Mike Napoli is on pace to strike out 166 times and get 144 hits
* Jackie Bradley at home 22 k to 10 BB
* Starting pitchers 4.37 ERA / Bullpen 2.99 ERA

3. Kevin Love:

Love would be the best Celtic rebounder in over twenty five years – Top five rebounders last twenty five years:

10.96 – Al Jefferson – 2007
10.57 – Robert Parish – 1991
10.20 – Antoine Walker – 1998
10.08 – Robert Parish – 1990
9.49 – Larry Bird – 1990
9.04 – Antoine Walker – 1997

Last 4 years

8.23 – Garnett – 2012
8.14 – Perkins – 2009
7.79 – Garnett – 2013
7.63 – Perkins – 2010

4. People in the park:

Boston surprisingly is 3rd for % of capacity:

San Fran – 99.7%
St. Louis – 98.0
Red Sox 97.3%
Cleveland last at 33% – 14,315 a game

5. Red Auerbach is third in Celtic coaching winning percentage in the playoffs:

KC Jones………..637%
Bill Russell……..609%

6. Older Celtics:

Danny Ainge and Kenny Anderson both average 11.3 points a game for the Celtics

7. Amazing Stats:

Not one team in the American League East has over a .500 record at HOME:

Red Sox 10-17
Yankees 11-11
Baltimore 9-10
Tampa 9-14
Toronto 10-11

But four of them are over .500 on the road

Red Sox 10-9
Yankees 13-10
Baltimore 14-11
Toronto 16-11

8. Old School:

Forgot Ray Allen had 51 points versus the Bulls in the playoffs – one of four Celtics

* Havlicek – 54
* Sam Jones – 51
* Bob Cousy – 50

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Age of Beatles

John Lennon – dead at 40
Paul McCartney (if that is him) – 71
Ringo Starr – 73
George Harrison – dead at 58

10. Randomocity:

* Landon Donovan – I used to say he was one of the most overrated sports personalities along with Danica Patrick but his goal in last World Cup says otherwise – sorry he didn’t make roster
* Rondo has had at least 19 assists three times in a playoff game – trade him
* Pete Carroll must have been pumped and jacked to meet the President
* Indy 500 on the bucket list
* Traffic worst ever right now

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One comment for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Tell Your Boss I Said You Could Have Monday Off!”

  1. those % capacity statistics aren’t surprising when you consider that all 3 of those franchises have won multiple World Series in the last decade.

    poor CLE. remember when they owned the major league record for consecutive sellouts?

    this is one of the most disgraceful efforts from a red sox team in my 30 years watching. this team is NOT that horrible, but they have none of the compete level of last year. that’s on the manager and the team’s best players (pedroia, lester and ortiz).

    Posted by tronburger | May 23, 2014, 8:43 am

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