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Brad’s Bumps: The Shield Breaks, Evolution Adapts

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After what seemed like another boring and uneventful Monday Night Raw, I was shocked to see that the Shield’s alliance of three is now over. Seth Rollins betrayed his Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns with thunderous chair shots that made Roman Reigns’ back look like split over Reese’s milkshake (score one for the strange metaphor chart). But seriously, what were the events that lead to this betrayal of WWE’s most beloved active faction? Why would Rollins dare be a traitor?

Evolution Needed a New Member

Starting off Raw, Evolution came to the ring after losing to the Shield the night before. Triple H insisted that Evolution will beat The Shield in the next pay-per-view, and for the first time in what seems like forever, Batista spoke up. Batista, fed up with his situation in the business, wanted a title shot for winning the Royal Rumble. The COO tried to quell The Animal and told him to “look at the big picture.” Batista refused to listen to his boss and promptly quit the WWE. Batista gave a sarcastic and humorous wave and left the ring. With this absence, Evolution is at a huge disadvantage against the trio that is The Shield… or so we thought.

Seth Rollins is Sick of Playing Third Fiddle

At the end of Raw, Reigns and Randy Orton were supposed to have a match, which obviously did not happen. Rollins sneak-attacked the other members of the Shield, and allied himself as the new member of Evolution. This heel turn may be the most intriguing turns in recent WWE history.

There are a ton of storyline options the WWE creative team can take with this betrayal. Rollins was clearly the least popular member of The Shield (well pushed the least by WWE), with Ambrose as the leader and Reigns as the power.

So, Rollins could feel that he was not treated with the same opportunity to succeed and felt tied down by The Shield. After scouring the Internet, I found out Rollins has not lost as a member of The Shield. Reigns and Ambrose were the ones to be pinned or lose out right. So, this stat may only add fuel to Rollins’ envy for more an opportunity that he figures he will not get in this faction.

Plus, The Shield had to break up at some point, right? I mean how long could we see The Shield just keep winning week after week? Unless, Rollins is a double agent, and this betrayal is all just an act to bring down Evolution once and for all.

Either way, this storyline will keep me hooked on my TV, and wondering what will happen next. Hopefully, the WWE will have more interesting content like this on a weekly basis, as the past few weeks have been dull to say the least.

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