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Brad’s Bumps: What Should the WWE do with Dolph Ziggler?

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Dolph Ziggler has been one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE for the past five years, and yet has been buried to the bottom of the card with no real indication of how or when he will rebound. Ziggler is drawing comparisons to Mr. Perfect: both wrestlers seem to have all the skills in and out of the ring, but for some reason or another they cannot catch that break every world title holder receives. While Ziggler won the World Heavyweight title a little over a year ago when he cashed in his Money in the Bank, but he only held the title for two months.

So, what should WWE do with Ziggler? What potential interesting matchups could Ziggler be involved with, which could benefit both WWE and Ziggler?


Currently, Sheamus is the holder of the dreaded US Championship. This particular title is without a doubt the least popular of any of the titles. Ziggler can have a great match with the giant, and will make the Irishman look like a complete monster. Ziggler is probably the best seller (makes opponents moves look painful) in the active business. If Ziggler wins the title, he can put the title back on the map, and make the title actually mean something.

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt and Ziggler are some of the best current wrestlers who do not hold any championships. Aside from their talents, this matchup will create interesting storyline to say the least. Wyatt is hell-bent on destruction since his loss to John Cena, and who better to destroy than the best seller in the business? Ziggler could also fit in here with the respect angle. Let me clarify, Ziggler could argue that it is his time to shine, and will start his rise to the top of WWE by going through Wyatt. Unfortunately, I do not see Ziggler winning this matchup, (although that would not be the worst thing in the world) as WWE has invested too much time and money promoting Wyatt and his family.

Joining the Shield

Since Seth Rollins betrayed The Shield, a lot of fans have wondered what will become of the Shield. Last Monday, WWE gave us glimpse that The Shield will find a replacement for Seth Rollins. While, John Cena teamed up with The Shield, Cena is too popular by himself to be part of a faction. So, why not add Ziggler? Ziggler has plenty of talent to hang with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Also, Ziggler’s motivation for joining this faction can be pulled from the aforementioned respect angle. Furthermore, Ziggler’s highflying, athletic style is a great replacement to Seth Rollins’s similar style. Ultimately, joining this faction is the best thing that can happen to Ziggler’s present state in his career. The Shield is the most popular active faction on the roster, and if Ziggler joins The Shield, Ziggler is immediately shoved into the public eye, which only increases his popularity.

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