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If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 15

Athletics vs Dodgers: Week 15's prediction for the World Series

The All-Star Break is here, and it’s still a chaotic time. The whole NL has gotten a whole lot closer. The AL West has the two best and two worst teams in baseball (including a tie between Arizona and Houston). Four divisions are led by no more than 1.5 games. Those teams looking for an edge in the playoff race have more incentive than ever to pull off a trade with a team in a selling mood. It’s an exciting time in the season, so let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started as of Monday, July 14:

National League

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are the latest team to hold sway in the NL, but remain just one game ahead of San Francisco and half a game ahead of Milwaukee, with many others right there with them. At this point in the NL race, each series would be completely exhausting to the winner, leaving the NL rep at a disadvantage in the World Series. The Dodgers have all the talent needed to overcome all the odds, but if they work too hard, could find themselves relying too heavily on Clayton Kershaw.

#2 Milwaukee Brewers vs #3 Washington Nationals

Milwaukee finally finished a seven-game losing streak (which was also one win apart from another four-game losing streak). Still, they remain in a competitive spot in the standings. Though with that recent history, Milwaukee could easily find things becoming too competitive in a hurry, giving the Nationals, who haven’t been too shabby lately, a great chance to move ahead.

#W1 San Francisco Giants vs #W2 Atlanta Braves

The Giants are sticking in there, but they still need to put together a convincing winning streak after their recent and prolonged horrid run. The Braves have been a little streaky for the last couple of weeks, though there’s nothing like the Cubs to turn that around. Even if San Francisco can put up a good showing, Atlanta won’t make things easy on them.

American League

#1 Oakland Athletics

Oakland is still in firm control of the AL, but the Angels are still hot on their tails. Still, with the rest of the AL well-behind, Oakland has a wealth of depth and ability to concentrate on the Angels. Having to burn their best pitcher in the Wildcard game would also certainly hurt Anaheim against Oakland.

#2 Detroit Tigers vs #3 Baltimore Orioles

Detroit took a quick two-game set against the Dodgers, followed up by three straight over Kansas City to reestablish themselves in the AL Central. The Orioles haven’t lost a series since June themselves, but have a shorter, less established rotation, which will definitely hurt against Detroit’s power.

#W1 Los Angeles Angels vs #W2 Seattle Mariners

The Angels have won five straight and 10 of 11. Seattle is in a great spot to keep #2, but with all the Angels have been doing, Seattle will simply have difficult keeping up, especially in a sudden death game against the likes of Jered Weaver and all of the Angels’ bats.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • Look for Atlanta to take over the division after Washington’s tougher schedule.
  • The Reds actually have a decent chance at the NL Central after a rough post-break start for Milwaukee and St Louis.
  • If the Giants can cruise through the lowly Marlins and Phillies, then hosting the Dodgers could definitely put them on top of the NL West.
  • With a pretty easy schedule (10 home games against Philadelphia, Miami and San Diego), look for the Braves to come out on top of the NL.
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