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Bill Belichick Coaching Elsewhere? Albert Breer Stirs the Speculation Pot

Would Belichick ever leave the Patriots?

Why on Earth would Bill Belichick want to coach somewhere other than New England? Better question, why would NFL Network reporter Albert Breer of all people be the one person privy to this information?

The Past

The relationship between Belichick and Breer is notoriously icy. Breer likes to push the always reserved Belichick by asking him essentially the same question in several different ways. For some reason he seems to think that he can out clever Belichick or maybe he assumes Belichick lives by the “three question rule”. Whatever the case, Breer’s relationship with Belichick, or lack thereof, was a hot story in September of last season when he would not stop badgering the coach on the injury status of Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola.

The Present

For this reason it makes it all the more strange that while on the Toucher & Rich show on “the Sports Hub” Breer offered some “insight” into the future of Belichick’s coaching career. When asked by the hosts whether it was a possibility that Belichick could coach somewhere else, he responded with this gem, “Here’s the one thing that I’ve heard consistently,” Breer said. “Belichick wants to win without Brady. Now whether that’s here in New England, or somewhere else, I don’t know. But – and you hear this from people around him – one of the things that he’d like to prove he could do is win a Super Bowl without having the benefit of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.”

Breer provides no rhyme or reason. or more importantly journalistic wise, any sources for his comments.

This appears to be pure speculation on Breer’s part. This is not a surprise since Belichick has a known friendship with rock star Jon Bon Jovi. Recently Bon Jovi has been in the news saying that he is interested in heading a group that would purchase the Buffalo Bills. After having owned a team in the arena football league for four years it is not outside the realm of possibility that Bon Jovi’s bid could be successful.

This all brings us back to Belichick. It’s not implausible that he would go to coach a team for his friend once Tom Brady retires. This seems unlikely though considering how much clout Belichick has in the New England organization. He is close with owner Bob Kraft and he pretty much has complete control of the ship. While he may be afforded those same luxuries in a Bon Jovi led Buffalo it would still take time to establish his system and get the right players in the pipeline.

To his credit Breer does acknowledge this fact in the same interview when he says, “Bill has the organization in Foxboro set up in a way – it would take a long way to set some other place up that way. I think he really values that.”

The Future

Despite his attempts to save himself, Breer’s comments were baseless and ignorant. There’s no reason to believe that Belichick would want to prove himself without one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Despite having Brady, people already consider Belichick one of the greatest coaches ever for his ability to continually engineer one of the best teams in the league during the salary cap era.

There are also cases where a great quarterback was not enough to generate the amount of winning that Belichick and Brady have done together. Tony Dungy was only able to win one championship with Peyton Manning. The team of Don Shula and Dan Marino failed to win any championships.

A great quarterback does not make a great coach and Belichick is smart enough to know that. In fact he’s probably smarter than Breer and therefore knows his legacy will not suffer if he chooses to stay in New England or even retire when Brady does.

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