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Connelly’s Top Ten: Preseason Football All Hype, Red Sox Tanking

1. Cliff Notes:

* Red Sox playing for draft pick position

* Exhibition football is like New Years Eve – all hype

* Enjoy your summer weekends

2. Patriots – Not that it matters but (I didn’t watch a snap):

* Washington 71 plays to 50 for Pats

* 19 Penalties in the game – that must have been fun with all those flats

* Two more opposing QB’s with QB ratings over 100 against the Patriots

* Brian Tyms 119 yards – pretty good

3. Red Sox let the following players go – how they do:

* Pedro – 37-24 / 3.80 ERA

* Evans – .270 / 6 HR / 38 RBI

* Hurst – 57-40 3.29 ERA

4. With Derek Jeter ending his career:

All time greats drop of average in their last year

Willie Mays – Hit .211 dropping his career average from .304 to .302

Hank Aaron (last two years with Brewers) hit .232 dropping his career average from .310 to .305

Yaz – Hit .266 and did not drop his average at all – stayed at .285

Ted Williams – Hit .316 in last year dropping career average from .346 to .344

Mickey Mantle – Hit .237 in last year dropping career average from .301 to .298

5. Oakland A’s offense:

Scored 19 runs this week without Cespedes in six games

6. Great vs. Great

Ali vs. Frazier – The third fight started at 10:45 in the morning in the Philippines – Ali won in the 14th

7. Amazing Stats:

Ben Cherington said the Red Sox don’t need an ace: Aces from World Series appearances:

1946 – Dave Ferriss 25-6 / 3.25 — Tex Hughson 20-11 / 2.75

1967 – Jim Lonborg 22-9 / 3.16 / Cy Young

1975 – Rick Wise 19-12 / 3.95 / Luis Tiant 18-14 4.02

1986 – Roger Clemens 24-4 / 2.48 / Cy Young

2004 – Curt Schilling 21-6 / 3.26

2007 – Josh Beckett 20-7 / 3.27

2013 – Jon Lester 15-8 /3.75

8. Old School

I think in honor of yet another NBA trade to slant power – lets revisit the Rollie Fingers -Joe Rude trade to Boston for money (I think Shaughnesy mentioned this last week): In the August 18th, 1976, The Globe’s Will McDonough wrote that the acquisition was a last-ditched effort by GM Dick O’Connell to win a World Series for a dying Tom Yawkey – while the judge ruled on the acquisition, Tom Yawkey died and the Red Sox were glad the judge ruled against them sending the two back to Oakland, saving the $2,000,000

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Summer smells

* Punks

* Charcoal grill

* Grass cut

* Noxema

* Suntan lotion

10. Randomocity:

* Peanuts in Cracker Jacks stink

* Can’t start the morning unless I watch MLB Network’s Quick Pitch

* I know they say baseball attendance is OK, but it seems like there is a lot of empty seats at every game – bought but not going might be even worse

* Durant withdraws from USA team – that had to be planned from beginning

* Hmmm… Lebron loses 40 pounds of muscle

* Why would a Senator ask Cleveland to drop the name Indians – now it’s getting out of control – as Bob Ryan once said there is no more degrading mascot than the Celtics

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