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Connelly’s Top Ten: Na-nu Na-nu

1. Cliff Notes:

* Three more summer weekends – where did it go

* Did Brady do the ice bucket challenge or just pour

* Pete Frates is turning into an American hero

* Enjoy every day!

2. Red Sox Hall of Fame: Nomar

* In 2003 he was on his way to be the greatest Red Sox ever

* He is an example of steroids ruining a Hall of Fame destiny

* His Rookie Year – 209 hits – 44 doubles / 11 triples / 30 HR

* He hit .365 in 1999 and 2000 combined

3. Red Sox Hall of Fame: Pedro

* Statistically the greatest pitcher of all time

* He was 44-3 against the Angels, Tigers, Indians, Royals, Mariners

* Pedro was 11-3 coming out of the bullpen

* #4 hitters hit him at an average of .211

 4. Red Sox Hall of Fame: Clemens

* Innings from 1991 to 1995 (before his contract year): 271 / 246 / 191 / 170 / 140

* 1-2 Postseason for Sox

* Red Sox all time he was 19th in ERA

5. Batting titles:

Surprisingly over the last 25 years – 14 American League Batting Titles have been won by righties: Cabrera, Nomar, Young, Ordonez, Thomas, Martinez, Franco, Puckett (and eight of the last 12 in the National League are righties)

6. Great vs. Great – Tony Gwynn vs. Greg Maddux:

* Gwynn – 39-94 (.415)

* ZERO strikeouts

* .476 OBP

7. Amazing Stat:

Trot Nixon hit 5 home runs off Clemens in 40 at bats

8. Old School:

Red Sox pitchers I would give the ball to before Clemens in Game 7 from the book the Great Book of Boston Sports Lists:

1. Luis Tiant

2. Curt Schilling

3. Jim Lonborg

4. Pedro

5. Babe Ruth

6. Bruce Hurst

7. Jon Lester

8. Josh Beckett

9. Derek Lowe

10. Mel Parnell

9. Just a Little Bit Outside :

Robin Williams movies that ended sadly:

* Good Morning Vietnam

* Mrs. Doubtfire

* Dead Poet Society

* Patch Adams

* Awakenings

10. Randomocity:

* Righties are leading the batting race and home run race

* No pitcher in baseball is on pace for 20 wins

* ALS Cornhole toss competition in Kendall Square Saturday

* Like the finale in Seinfeld – the witnesses lining up to talk about Tony Stewart’s temper will be endless

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  1. I believe MannyBManny won the batting title in 2002

    Posted by Barry Wolfe | August 15, 2014, 11:31 am

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