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Connelly’s Top Ten – Enjoy Labor Day Weekend!

1. Cliff Notes:

* Back to school, college kids moving in, college football back – what could be better

* Contrived marketing and build up for U Mass – BC football. Everett vs. Leominster would be a better game

* Celtics owners have been quiet (how long into media day will someone use the word tank)

2. Farrell versus Francona last two years:

* Francona 159-134 with combined $164mm in payroll ($1,031,446 a win)

* Farrell…..155-140 with combined $310mm in payroll ($2,000,000 a win)

3. Patriots – Some notes:

* Look at Fumbles Ridley: In James White’s career at Wisconsin, he had two fumbles in 754 rush/receptions

* Didn’t watch too much of scrimmage but two things – Garoppolo (really three o’s in his name) – stepped up in the pocket Brady-like AND throws a better deep ball than Brady

* Christian Fauria really struggling as analyst

* Logan Mankins was a warrior but yet another very good move – free up cap space, tight end who will catch 50 passes for you and a 4th round draft pick

4. Championship players:

Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox (2007) and Patriots players still on roster from their last championship:

* Patriots (2005)…..Brady, Wilfork

* Bruins (2012)…….Siedenberg, Rask, Paille, McQuaid, Marchand, Lucic, Kelly, Krejci, Bartkowski, Bergeron, Boychuk, Campbell, Caron, Chara

* Celtics (2008)……..Rondo

* Red Sox (Lets say 2007)…..Ortiz, Pedroia, Buchholz

5. Around the MLB:

* Cubs young star Javier Baez: 7 HR in 95 at bats (one every 14 AB) BUT 43 strikeouts in 95 at bats – wow!

* Justin Verlander two years before meeting Kate Upton 41-13/ two years with her 24-23

* Indiana acquisition Zach Walter in 91 at bats – 9 HR’s (you can do that math

* Home crowds over 30,000 for First place Baltimore – 29, Royals 9 and A’s 23

* Lincecum since no-hitter – ERA 5.07

* Yankees on pace for 417 extra base hits / in 2009 they had 590

* Pittsburgh 23 blown saves most in MLB – if they won 10 of those games they would have best record in baseball

6. Great vs. Great:

Yaz in 1967 versus the two teams the Sox fought for the Pennant – Tigers and Twins (34 games):

* 42-123 = .341

* 12 HR / 27 RBI

7. Amazing Stat:

Talk about wearing it – Tufts baseball offense with black and blues:

* Tufts batters hit by pitches in 2014 – 93 in 1,403 at bats(one every 15 at bats)

* Miami Marlins hit by pitch in 2014 – 29 in 4,499 at bats (one every 155 at bats)

That’s a lot of sticking your elbow over the plate

8. Old School:

Watched the second to last game of the Red Sox 1967 season on youtube – cool old memories

* Ken Coleman’s voice

* Yaz on one knee on the on-deck circle

* The crowd clapping in unison for a hit

* Eddie Powpowski coaching third

* Rico Petrocelli with his chin planted on his left shoulder

* Foul balls handed to umpires by players instead of thrown in stands

* Screen over the left field wall

* No advertisements on the wall behind the plate

* Batters swinging two bats on deck

* Helmets with no ear flap

* Umpires with the chest protector

* Choking up on the bat

9. Being a comedian is a dangerous profession – age died:

* John Belushi………….33

* Chris Farley……33

* Andy Kaufman.35

* Sam Kinsson…..39

* Gildna Radner…42

* John Candy……..43

* Phil Hartman…..49

* Bernie Mac……..50

* John Ritter………54

* Robin Williams 63

* Richard Pryor 65

10. Randomocity:

* Three keys in order of importance to clam chowder – 1. Broth has to be thick / 2. potatoes / 3. Clams (don’t mind a little bacon)

* The Mets-Phillies game on June 14, 1987 mentioned in the Keith Hernandez Seinfeld show was made up. They did not play each other on that day

* Should have traded Uehara at trade deadline -5.56 ERA since

* Rick James might have been a freak but couldn’t approach George Clinton

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  1. One of your best Friday top tens. Did Kate Upton date A-rod as well, she is cursed. Throw back to 1967 is great stuff

    REPLY – MPC – Thanks Kevin – appreciate it – not sure on the A Rod dating he was with the blond from Bad Teacher

    Posted by Kevin | August 29, 2014, 1:08 pm

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