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Connelly’s Top Ten: J-E-T-S / L-O-S-E

1. Patriots – Jets Preview:

* So if this coach is the opposite of Rex Ryan – does he like hands?

* Keep Fitzpatrick in pocket if he runs for more than 3 first downs – upset possible

* Jets worth $2.6 billion / bought for $635 million in 2000

* Antonio Cromartie has more kids than tackles – 10 to 9

* I love this stat – Joe Namath 170 TD to 215 Interceptions (he is loved for scoring 16 points in a Super Bowl)

* What kind of name is Weeb (gotta love Emerson Boozer for a name with bars open to 4 am in NY)

* Love that the Jets beat the most overrated coach in sports history, Don Shula, for the 1968 Super Bowl

* Fireman Ed has a wikipedia page

* Ten Jets quarterbacks have started at least twenty games – only three have winning records – Testeverde, Penningon, Sanchez

* Flex Gronk wide and force single coverage on Revis and send a message first play

2. College Football Preview:

* Game of the week – Memphis vs. Tulsa

* Upset of the week – Georgia Tech getting 6 from Florida State wins outright

* Unlocks of the week USC over Utah – 3.5 / Ole Miss over Texas A&M – 6 / V Tech over Duke 2.5 / Syracuse getting 6.5 from Pitt / Navy – Tulane under 54.5

* Lock of the week – None

3. Ohio State:

How can Ohio State be ranked first and have played the 42nd most difficult schedule – this week’s opponent Rutgers is ranked 71st.

4. Baseball bucket list:

* Cooperstown Hall of Fame

* Iowa Field of Dreams

* Little League World Series

* Fenway, Wrigley (I would say old Yankee Stadium if still around)

* Cape Cod game

* Attend a World Series game

* Play flips with baseball cards

* Play Willie at the Bat, Stickball, Automatics, Three flies out, pickle

* Caribbean World Series

* Omaha College World Series (not the same with new stadium)

* Minor league park – Durham Bulls

* Catch a foul ball

5. We don’t need no stinkin’ rushing yards:

Where leading Patriots running backs finished in NFL rankings since 2001:

2015 – 15th – Blount

2014 – 20th – Ridley

2013 – 27th – Ridley

2012 – 7th – Ridley

2011 – 42nd – BJGE

2010 – 19th – BJGE

2009 – 31st – Maroney

2008 – 28th –Sammy Morris

2007 – 22nd – Maroney

2006 – 33rd – Maroney

2005 – 26th– Dillon

2004 – 2nd – Dillon

2003 – 30th – Smith

2002 – 23rd  – Smith

2001 – 17th – Smith

6. NFL Passing yards by quarterbacks that led college football in rushing:

* Denard Robinson – Michigan….0

* Pat White – West Virginia……..0

* Brad Smith – Missouri………….51

* Jordan Lynch – N. Illinois…….0

* Colin Kapernick – Nevada……9,744

* Antwaan Randle El – Indiana..323

* Josh Cribbs – Kent State……….83

* Dee Dowis – Air Force…………0

* Kareem Wilson – Ohio…………0

* Eric Crouch – Nebraska………..0

* Chirs McCoy – Navy……………0

7. Old School:

Most rushing attempts in an NFL game:

* Jamie Morris – Redskins (12/17/88)

* 45 rushes for 152 yards (long of 12 yards)

* Last game of the year – the most rushes he had up to this game – 19

* No touchdowns

* Washington won time of possession 43 minutes to 17 minutes but lost the game 20-17

8. Amazing Stats:

Home runs:

* Daniel Murphy home runs last 6 games………………..6

* Hanley and Panda home runs entire second half…….3

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Top 20 Saturday Night Live actors – Rolling Stone:

  1. John Belushi
  2. Eddie Murphy
  3. Tina Fey
  4. Mike Meyers
  5. Dan Akroyd
  6. Bill Murray
  7. Phil Hartman
  8. Amy Poehler
  9. Gildner Radner
  10. Chevy Chase
  11. Will Ferrel
  12. Bill Hader
  13. Kristen Wiig
  14. Chris Farley
  15. Rachel Dratch (who)
  16. Adam Sandler

10. Randomocity:

* Enough about Lamar Odom – he represents the worst. A spoiled athlete who has got everything his whole life because he was tall and could handle a basketball. FTC equal time for hero veterans every time anyone involved with the Kardashians is mentioned

* I put Kadashians right there with waiving of blue laws and MTV for destroying moral fiber of country (all right I’m done)

* Today’s random sports name – Prentice McCray

* I gonna say a great fall day is better than a great spring day

* Nothing worse to rolling down the highway singing a great song thats on Sirius Radio and the satellite goes out and I have to start humming lyrics

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  1. Never been to Cooperstown? It is a great take, try and go for Induction Weekend. It is crowded, but it is an amazing take. You’ll need to book a motel close to the Village over a year in advance and pay a little more, but well worth it to be able to walk to the Hall and then get to all the events. Was so fun to see random HOF players just out walking around or eating lunch, most were very friendly. The Parade the night before the induction ceremony was the best. Paul Molitor is always amazing, stops and signs for everyone, Wade Boggs? Not so much.

    REPLY – MPC – I have lucky enough to be there several times – not for induction week – will re-visit thanks!

    Posted by Ben | October 23, 2015, 9:52 am

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