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Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Stink and Win

1. Steelers vs Patriots:


· Gostkowski – are you worried yet

· Is Matthew Slater not the same special teams player this year


· Ran for three first downs

· Amazing seam pass to Gronk

· I hate when the other team is more physical

· Brady wasn’t pleased with Malcom Mitchell giving up on fly route late in game


· Where is the hurry up after that many drives stall

· Nate Solder ugh – missed three big blocks, two holding calls

· Time to put Bolden back on Injured Reserve – huge drop killing a drive (“he can’t throw it and catch it”)

· Huge drop by Edleman killing a drive (I know holding on the play but Steelers would have accepted and given Pats another chance) and later a fumble

· Hogan sat out a series after the fumble

· Nice game by Blount – he has to run off tackle with some misdirection to get going – he’s going the pro bowl

· Gronk is trying to punish people going for his legs and get the word out around the league

· Gronk last three weeks 364 yards / 16 receptions

· Edelman 6.7 yards a catch – couldn’t shake linebacker Timmons all game


· I hate the no pressure on QB approach – made Landry look like Luckman

· Saw Ninkovich being manhandled one on one by a tight end – is he not as “strong” after his suspension?

· Rushed three a lot and gave Landry time – like the Heyward -Bey TD – just what an inexperienced QB needs to get on a roll

· Butler isn’t afraid of contact

· Can someone please tackle Bell

· Logan Ryan not having a great year in his free agent season

· Eric Rowe coming on – good pick up

· Chris Long an average player on this team right now

Kraft Sighting / Bill Garb

· Bill a cut blue sweat shirt with long sleeve blue underneath

· Bob Kraft sighted with 13:33 left in the third quarter – saw him speaking to John Kerry who loves the Patriots Quarterback Peter Brady and thinks that Iran would be a good place for an NFL franchise – was mad at Kraft for not letting him bring James Taylor to the box


* Refs make up flag on Hightower late hit after the flag for dumping Hogan on his head

* Love the Steelers TD that called back for holding, a spike, a dance and cheerleader runs a flag across end zone – all for not

* Bolden a second bad play batting a punt through the end zone giving the Steelers ball on 20 late in the first half instead of on the six yard line and trapped leading to three points

* I thought Mike Tomlin showed better discipline in this game – not trying to trip an opponent and didn’t try to blame the opponent for head phone issues which the NFL controls

2. Around NFL:

· Jaguars – Titans next Thursday – check those ratings

· Bengals play in London next week – the way Europe has been letting ISIS “refugees” in he should have no problem getting through customs

· Keenum four interceptions today on 53 attempts / Brady hasn’t had 4 interceptions in his last 316 attempts

· Joe Flacco over-rated regular season QB with career 84.3 rating

· NFL destroyed the New Orleans program – three years before the Payton suspension

37-11 and a Super Bowl since – 27-27

3. Bruins – Celtics:

· Should have moved Marcus Smart – hurt too often and can’t shoot – value will just go down

· Should move Rask right now – misses a Montreal game – they scare him. It’s never going to work with Rask

· If Ainge is cutting a first-round pick then he failed in that pick (Young or Hunter)

· Bruins on pace for 49 wins

· Amazing the first five games Bruins have yet to go to overtime

4. College Football:

* After seven games – Syracuse has defied the odds losing every coin toss

* Patrick Mahomes threw for 734 yards and lost at Texas Tech

* I was 3-3 on my picks and lost my lock – ugh.

* LSU Leonard Fournette ran for 284 yards on 16 carries

5. Around Baseball:

* Great series – whoever wins, between Theo and Tito, is guaranteed Hall of Fame

* I’ll say this for the third straight series – Indians don’t have a chance

* I’m rooting for the Cubs but will happy either way for Tito or Theo

6. Boston College Football and Steve Addazio:

– sorry I know most of you don’t care about Boston College football – but I must get this off my chest:

· The fact that he wasn’t even in jeopardy after going winless in the ACC last year is insane – that’s a leader in administration trying to justify his coaching selection

· If they did it to save money because they have to pay him is insane because in the long run they are losing more money on their embarrassing brand (empty stadium), recruiting futility and lack of bowl proceeds

· Over the last five years the BC passing completions (2012-2016) – 256 / 164 / 135 / 111 / 133 (Texas Tech QB had 52 completions – LAST NIGHT)

· The hired him after he went backwards at Temple with a 4-7 record (WHAT)

· He routinely embarrasses his players on the sideline (validating what I have learned – the louder a coach yells the less he knows the answers)

· Amid one of the worst conference losing streaks ever – he decides to play conservatively punt twice on 4th in 2 on the opponent’s side of the field

· Yesterday was a killer for eastern seaboard recruiting – BC didn’t complete a pass in the first half – Syracuse threw the ball 38 times yesterday (completed 32)

· Time for a Godfather offer – If I was ten rich BC alumnist that like football – I would offer Art Briles $5mm a year plus a $20mm bonus if he stays five years (if not him how about Les Miles)

7. Old School:

Bleacher Report did a list of best College Football announcers:

1. Keith Jackson

2. Brent Musburger (no way)

3. Vern Lundquist

10. Chris Schenkle – he needs to be at least in the top 5

12. Curt Gowdy – I would say 6 or 7 should be the rank

14. Lindsey Nelson – also needs to be in the top 5

15. Sean McDonough – Top 5

I would go – Jackson, Schenkle, Nelson, Lundquist, McDonough, Gowdy

8. Amazing Stats:

how many 300 HR / 300 SB players:

Andre Dawson………438 hr /314 sb

Bobby Bonds…..……332 hr /461 sb

A Rod………………. 696 hr / 329 sb

Barry Bonds……….. 762 hr / 514 sb

Carlos Beltran……….421 hr / 312 sb

Willie Mays…..……..660 hr / 338 sb

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Football is losing viewers but even more players at the youth level – for those who think football will never not be the same remember how big these sports used to be:

* Track and Field

* Boxing

10. Randomocity:

* Is it me or does it rain at the Regatta every year?

* Sports announcer Chris Schenkel was a passenger in the pace car for the 1971 Indy 500 that crashed hurting 22 and breaking Schenekel’s shoulder

* Problems in the world right now – Syria, Iraq, Iran, India vs Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines

* Any mention of Michelle Obama’s mother’s pension has proved false

* There was only one shooting in the city of Chicago while the Cubs game was ongoing

* Aren’t Shaq and Charles Barkley the twosome to take the racism problem on?

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4 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Stink and Win”

  1. True story: Steve Addazio once wanted the Cheshire, CT, school superintendent to call in a helicopter to blow a foot of snow off a high school field so they could play North Haven on Thanksgiving Day. I was there next to the field when he suggested it. Superintendent (a relative) politely declined, game played a day later.

    REPLY – MPC – Guy is like a frustrated gym teacher – not a bad pay day to fail

    Posted by vermontk | October 24, 2016, 8:49 am
  2. (1) Gostowski. Worried, Yes.
    (2) Pats may be led defensively by a rocket scientist but boy are those schemes elementary. They consistently make bad QBs look good. Matt Patriaca gets a free pass in NE.
    (3) You were like a DB biting on the pump fake on the Michele Obama’s grandmother email chain.
    (4) NFL ratings factor that no one seems to talk about is impact of fantasy football. Sit next to a millennial in a sports bar on Sunday and try to figure out what team they root for…

    REPLY – MPC – All good points – I did qualify my Obama comment BUT I did bit enough to wonder – Pats more than not are proven right but I think back to the AFC championship in Denver the time before last and they sat back and let Peyton pick them apart – at least go down fighting – it reminded me of Hagler in the first three rounds against Sugar Ray

    Posted by OrangeJulius | October 24, 2016, 9:39 am
  3. Very insightful, as always. I really enjoy reading your work. Keep it up!

    REPLY – MPC – Thanks really appreciate you reading

    Posted by Conor O'Neill | October 25, 2016, 12:47 am
  4. As always, love your Boston sports article, but really wish you’d keep politics out of it.

    REPLY – MPC – I know it bugs some people but I’ve added “other stuff” to the top ten for the two decades I’ve been doing it – I’m open to some back and forth – is there something that I’m completely off target on. Thanks for reading!

    Posted by Ryan | October 27, 2016, 11:14 am

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