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Connelly’s Top Ten: Krug Misfires, Gostkowski Thinking About it, Jeremy Lin Run

1. Patriots vs. Bills:

· Who would be insane enough go up to Buffalo with a Patriots shirt?

· Bills have lost three games by a combined 15 points

· Taylor is sacked every 11.2 attempts / Brady every 25.25 attempts

· Tight end Charles Clay is a Patriots killer

· Gostkowski missed two field goals in pre-season (he is just squeezing some inside the right post

· Some guy named Lorenzo Alexander from Buffalo is on pace for 21 sacks – yikes

2. Around NFL:

* The overtime kick in the Seattle – Arizona tie by Needham’s Steven Hauschka – is the worst kick in NFL history – sorry

* There isn’t one lefty QB in the NFL’s top fifty – that’s insane

* QB rating – Brady number one / Jimmy G number three (trade him now!)

3. Celtics – Bruins:

* Despite my general soreness I did the top ten as opposed to Rask

*So let me get this right (and I know many of you are saying enough with this Chicago murder stuff) BUT!!!!! Dwayne Wade goes back to Chicago for his first game – the same city where his cousin was just murdered and what does he do in his first game for a city that looks like its in Syria – He hits a shot and then does a throat slash for the world to see perpetuating a culture of killing that makes me believe no one in Chicago is getting this problem. (I guess naïve for me to think maybe he’s inspired and takes $10mm of his $200mm he’s made and change the world – no such luck he wants kids to see how cool it is to mimic throat slashing)

* Bruins on pace to win 35 games / still no overtimes

* He’s a local kid and hate to kill him but Jimmy Hayes is off to a Zero point start and a MINUS 7 – yikes

* Torey Krug only 4 goals over his last THREE HUNDRED shots (or one goal every 75 shots) / his first playoffs he had four goals on 34 shots

* How much better is Jerebko than Mickey

* What could you get for a New Jersey first round pick, Smart and Crowder?

4. College Football:

* Lock – I have suspended myself for a week after an embarrassing 3-3 week last week

* I’m not saying a thing about BC

* Game of the week – Clemson vs. Florida State – tough one both teams are underachieving so far

* Is Michigan State really going to not cover in a rivalry game getting 25 points

* Navy until they prove otherwise always seems to go over – no one can stop that running game over under 65

5. Around Baseball:

* Lindor is on his way to being the face of baseball

* By the way has Bryce Harper taken over the most over-rated player in sports title

* Someone said this on sports radio – if Francona beats Maddon yet again – then is then any question who the better manager is

* With DVR’s can’t you start games at 7:30 on the east coast so they end at 11?

* Tuesday had to be the greatest day in Cleveland history since VJ day – Cavs raise the banner / Indians win World Series game

* Schwarber’s first hit of the year was in World Series

* Francona is 9-1 in world series – insane – could it be that he is one of the top ten managers of ALL TIME? Crazy

* Ben Zobrist putting up Yoga Berra type World Series numbers 12 for 38 – .395

6. Lightning in bottle – shooting stars:

· Jeremy Lin

· Mark Fidrych

· Leicester City

· Peter Frampton

· Richard Vitamanti – an American hero (but we don’t celebrate heroes anymore just guys who kneel down during the national anthem)

7. Old School:

I’ve often said that Stanley Morgan is the most under-rated player in Boston sports history – with regards to post-season – the most underappreciated performer in this city’s history is Keith Foulke (2004):

· 11 appearances

· 19 k in 14 innings

· 0.64 ERA

· Threw 50 pitches on 10/17 and then came back on the 18th and 19th

· Appeared in all four World Series games – making the last play

· I knew he was a bit of a knuckle head – but if Fenway goes nuts for Dave Roberts – they should bring down the house for Foulke

8. Amazing Stat:

From MSN – over Rory McIlroy’s last two tournaments – he paid his caddy $1.53 million – WTF. I could tell Rory to choke up on a seven iron for crying out loud! That is more than the 89th ranked player on the PGA earned.

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Heroes back home! Leading up to Normandy – from February to June in 1944, the Boston shipyards built twenty-three class tank landing ships or one every 5.2 days! (Andrew Toppan)

10. Randomocity:

* Kaepernick wore a black panther shirt to the press conference – so if someone wore a Rebel flag shirt, or KKK hood or swastika that would be all right – again Kapernick isn’t bringing people together – he is separating

* WEEI morning show misses John Dennis at the controls

* If I’m Mike McQueary who just was awarded $7mm from Penn State for defamation – I give every cent to children abuse charities – its blood money – he made his point

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