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Connelly’s Top Ten: Ryans are Clowns, Gronk and the Beatles

1. Patriots vs. Bills:


· That was a Chamber of Commerce day for Buffalo – cold rain is as good as it gets

· Is it me or is Dan Fouts rooting for the Bills – couldn’t get off the Hightower late hit non-call / he called a pick play on Buffalo “well designed” / was laughing when Gronk got stood up by four guys calling him a “mere mortal”


· Treasure every game

· Brady is guilty of taking too many hits – he is trying too hard to keep plays alive

· Brilliance – to see everything on the field and go to the hurry up and get Buffalo substituting

· Brady 25 times he has thrown for 4 TD’s / Tony Eason – once

· Brady last eleven October games – 38 TD to 2 INT

· On pace to throw 36 TD and 0 INT in just twelve games


· Julian Edelman wills himself forward (wish he would run out of bounds)

· I feel like you know early in a game if Blount is on or not

· Gronk’s record breaker – you can’t make this stuff up – what’s the odds

· You need to get a left tackle tomorrow and move Solder to the right side

· Why does Marcus Cannon want to go down field while Brady is still in the pocket?

· I saw Hogan spike with his left hand – watch for an end around and throw with left later this year


· Typical Pats defense drive to start the game – 70 yards, make them settle for a field goal

· People are just running out of Ninkovich tackles

· With that said – Patriots are a great tackling team

· Trey Flowers is coming on

· Butler loves to tackle

· Has Eric Rowe jumped over Logan Ryan (bogus interference call on him late)


· I love watching Rex shake his head and his brother looking so confused

· Ten straight coin toss wins – insane – didn’t help them much

· First run of the game to Mike Gillislee and he puts his finger up to his mouth for the crowd to be quiet (idiot you were at home) – next think you know Hightower pulls a “Ted Williams put him in the freezer” on him and he is signaling for a replacement

· Watching Marcell Dareus on the stationary bike made me feel sad for the wheels

· Tyrod Taylor was looking for flags all game – if that was Brady ESPN analyst would be going crazy and Terrell Suggs – if he isn’t in jail


· Blue rain coat with hood and winter hat / Kraft I did not see him which would be first of the year for him?


· The key to this offense is the two tight ends – can’t have Bennett in there late with bad ankle

· Does the number one trade chip Jimmy G need to get driven into the ground up big points?

· Nice set up for next game – off week, get Dion Lewis back, Seattle has to play on Monday night, short week for them and they have to fly across country


· Gronk last four games 473 yards – 21 receptions – 22.5 yards per catch

· Bills had more total yards than Pats 376 -357

· Total points scored by each team this year in Buffalo series: 41-41

2. Around NFL:

* Chandler Jones last four games – 1 sack / 3 tackles per game

* Did Burfict and Pacman Jones make it out of London yet

* Pass interference calls are ruining the game

* Jimmy G, first round pick, Logan Ryan, and James White to Cleveland for the first pick in the draft, Joe Thomas, Joe Haden

* Bill O’Brien going off on his special teams coach completely unacceptable

3. Celtics – Bruins:

* Brooklyn 1-2 – that doesn’t get us the first pick

* Rask a shutout – so much for his general soreness

* Pelicans are 0-3 right now coming off a 30-52 season – trade Smart, Jersey’s two first round picks and a future first (lottery protected) for Anthony Davis

4. College Football:

* I’m glad I inspired the BC Football team – that breaks an ACC streak of losses for the football team AND basketball team of THIRTY-THREE straight losses dating back to March of 2015

* Loving the pylon camera view

* BC please see this recruiting vacuum that is going on – yet again a local withdrawal of a commitment – this time Bishop Hendricken Star, Kwity Paye has withdrawn his commitment from Boston College to go to Michigan

* BC is missing their defensive Coordinator Don Brown who is the #1 coordinator in the game right now leading Michigan to silly defensive numbers

* Wisconsin has already played FIVE top ten teams this year – they are 3-2 / Michigan has played one top 25 team

5. Around Baseball:

* Cubs don’t want to hear this but the best thing for their brand is NOT winning – ask the Red Sox

* John Smoltz best baseball analyst I’ve heard – maybe a bit monotone but he is spot on 90% of the time

* Not pretty if you look down below Francona on the bench and see all the little balls of gum that he wraps his chewing tobacco up in and spits them out

* I’ve said for years – a catcher’s visit to the mound should count as a visit – speed it up dudes!

* Going into the 9th inning the other night – Fox ran a commercial with a goat – trying to jinx the Cubs

6. October Rains:

The Red Sox – Reds didn’t play in the 1975 World Series from October 16th to October 21st because of rain outs

7. Old School:

Indians’ Last World Series Championship 1948

· Versus the Perini’s Boston Braves

· Bob Feller was 0-2 in the series and the Indians still won (Bob Lemon 2-0)

· Bob Feller lost to Johnny Sain 1-0 in Game one – game time 1:42

· Game Five featured two of the top twenty-five pitchers of all time in relief – Warren Spahn (got the win) and Satchel Paige (2/3 of an inning – hitless)

· Crowds at Cleveland Stadium for games 3,4,5 – 70,306 / 81,897 / 86,288

8. Amazing Stat:

Compare 1948 to 2016 –

· The above THREE-game-attendance in Cleveland in 1948 added up to 238,491 (79,497 a game)

· Asking the question – does the Cleveland fan base deserve a World Series this year – Over the Indians first SEVENTEEN homes games this year (including the opener) – the Indians drew 238,161 (14,009 a game)

· The 1-0 game in 1948 took 102 minutes – the 1-0 game in 2016 took 213 minute – think how insane that is – more than double the time!

· Six games in 1948 World Series – Average game time 1:59 / 2016 – First five games average time 3:37 – it doesn’t make the games better – just people richer

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

The Beatles’ 1964 American schedule August 19, 1964 to September 20th (Boston Globe):

· 26 shows / 20 cities / 30 days

· Made a million dollars

· At the Boston Garden, 13,909 fans paid an average of $5.50 a ticket

· Beatles made $60,000 for the Boston gig (or $870,000 less than David Price makes a start)

· Beatles played for thirty minutes (longer than some of Price’s starts)

· They stayed at the Hotel Madison where 3,000 teenagers showed up outside

· Leaving the Garden – Police set up a decoy convoy and the band snuck out the back door to Hanscom

· During the tour – scalpers were getting upwards of $25 a ticket

10. Randomocity:

* How come pitchers being saluted by the fans don’t tip their cap anymore?

* Watched the documentary Weiner this weekend – wow what a car wreck. Tough to watch but interesting to see behind the scenes during the crisis while they try to spin in public

* By the way who is watching Weiner – this is bad

* The outpouring for the death of Jose Fernandez was profound – but everything said about him was that he was a terrible teammate, immature, impossible to coach and his autopsy leaves his young fans with a lasting memory – cocaine and a saturated liver

* Seven people were shot in Chicago from the time the Cubs game started to the end – in all over a twenty-six hour period this weekend FORTY-TWO people shot – or one every 37 minutes (why hasn’t the national guard been called in – that’s more people shot than died in United States from Ebola, Zika Virus and Bird flu combined and think about the money spent on that)

* This day and age – who tells someone a score without asking – “are you taping?”

* Christmas is coming and so aren’t the Call of Duty commercials

* How does Paul Brickman write and direct Risky Business then virtually not do another movie the rest of his life?

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Ryans are Clowns, Gronk and the Beatles”

  1. Beatles tour at today’s value is still cheap – $60K in 1964 is approximately $460K today, and a $5 ticket is about $38 today. Can you imagine seeing the Beatles today for $38?

    REPLY – MPC – My first thought was some agent on promoter made a killing off them

    Posted by Cat | October 31, 2016, 7:53 am
  2. Michael the trade you propose with Cleveland is absurd they’d never do it giving up their only good players and the number one for Jimmy G is not going to happen. On Jose Fernandez what articles am I missing it seemed like all his teamates really liked him and so did most players on other teams. Whole thing is sad but giving young kids millions and treating them as idols unfortunately things like this happen, hopefully people learn from it but your take seems very harsh.

    REPLY – MPC – From everything I read about him he was extremely immature prone to tantrums and moments that showed he had a decent heart – this was not unexpected ending for many who knew him

    Posted by Mike C | November 1, 2016, 12:51 am
  3. “This day and age – who tells someone a score without asking – “are you taping?”

    Don’t know if you watched it, but reminds me of when Higgins spoils the score of the Tigers game for Magnum.

    REPLY – MPC – I loved Magnum – I forget the part but I can picture that

    Posted by Ryan | November 3, 2016, 11:33 am

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