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Connelly’s Top Ten – Thank You Veterans!

1. Patriots vs. Seattle:

· Seattle has beaten one team with a winning record this year

· Games away from home last 15 games – record 7-7-1

· Jimmy Graham and Gronk have 125 TD’s between them

· Wilson 16 sacks

· Richard Sherman hasn’t been seen since he was at a loss for words when Malcom Butler stole his Super Bowl

· Pete the poodle back in town where he single handedly dismantled the champion team Bill Parcells built

· Look out for Wagner – insane and relentless

· Lucky no Bennett

· Only thing keeping Patriots from Super Bowl is Brady standing upright

· Is the who did you vote for to Brady the most absurd story – none of your f-ing business

· Cliff Avril and Frank Clark have 15.5 sacks – suit up Bruce Armstrong

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – Alexander Gordon Lyle – Gloucester – 1918 – French front rushed to the front in middle bombardment to administer and save comrade

2. How amazing has the Patriots run been?

· Over the last 96 games – they have only lost THREE games by more than one score – think about that

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – William Caddy – Marines – 1945 – Iowa Jima – Advanced with two other men taking out Japanese bunkers when he got into a grenade fight with the Japanese – when their grenade went toward his comrades – Caddy dove on the grenade “gallantly giving his life for his comrades” – Kapernick kneel in awe not rebellion!

3. Celtics / Bruins

* Celtics overrated – I hope you people didn’t bet the over on the win total

* I’m starting to put Krejci in the Russ Francis most over-rated column – one goal at $7.25mm or so he has scored goals in 3 of his last 38 games

* Danny Ainge better put the trigger quick

* Just think Horford got a max contract – David Price like

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – Joseph Francis Scott – Boston – US Marines – cutting cables leading into Cuba in the Spanish American War – “Extraordinary bravery”

4. College Football

* Not a lock but I sort of like Pittsburgh getting 20.5 points against Clemson

* Not a lock Navy – Tulsa over 69.5

* Lock Notre Dame giving 13.5 to Army

* Game of the week – California – Washington State

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – Thomas Hudner – Fall River – US Navy Pilot – Korea (this is insane) – seeing another pilot shot down and on fire (Jesse Brown one of the few black fighter pilots who would have a ship named after him) – he circled above the plane to draw fire. He then crashed his plane on purpose in mountainous area with wheels up. He then ran to his buddy and put the fire out with his bare hands by packing snow on top of it – in thirty below temps. – “Selfish devotion to a shipmate”

5. Canadiens (just saying the name makes Rask break out into sweat) – combined record in their first twelve games for each of the last three years – 29-5-2.

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – John Robinson of Roxbury 19th Massachusetts infantry – captured the 57th Virginia Infantry flag at Gettysburg – 1864

6. Salary of Red Sox players when they won MVP:

2008 – MVP – Dustin Pedroia – $457,000

1995 – MVP – Mo Vaughn……$2,775,000

1978 – MVP – Jim Rice………..$125,000

1975 – MVP – Fred Lynn………$38,000

1967 – MVP – Yaz……………..$50,000

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – Robert Foley – Newton – Vietnam – Comrades under fire in jungle he led the charge on the enemy by directing fire toward himself – he then picked up a fallen machine gun and held off the enemy until the wounded were rescued – when he was blown off his feet by a grenade he refused medical care and continued to fight “Magnificent courage, selfless concern for his men”

7. Old School – Why I feel bad for Millennials – they never saw Bobby Orr – my favorite Bobby Orr moments:

· His end to end rushes

· When he used to set up behind his own net and survey his victims

· When he used to rag the puck

· The spin move he developed at the blue line to lose unworthy defenders

· His slap shot where he stick never got higher than his waist

· The never to be heard again electricity that would spread through the Garden when he picked up the puck with speed


*MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – John Enright – Lynn – 1886 – Mexico – when two men fell overboard in a storm – he dove into the water saving them both

8. Amazing Stat – Ted Williams did not win the MVP in 1941 despite hitting .406 / hitting 37 home runs with an insane OBP of .555 – losing to Joe DiMaggio who hit .357 / hitting 30 home runs with an OBP of .440

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – Wayne Caron – Middleboro – Vietnam – Hospital Corpsman – Seeing three men down – he ran to the first and was shot in the arm but continued – saved the man’s life before moving on the next man and he was shot a second time – after saving his life – he made his way to a third man when he was hit by a rocket and died – “inspiring valor, steadfast determination”

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Election

· Any protestor of the election results who didn’t actually vote should be sent to Syria

· Is this win the biggest upset ever – bigger than Tyson – Douglass, David and Goliath, Patriots – Rams, OJ winning, Sandoval stealing a base, me not having a typo in the top ten

· Shouldn’t someone involved in polling get fired

· Who gets indicted first Hillary or Christie

· Who Brady and Belichick are backing is the biggest non story

· If Obama pardons her – same as guilty

· Shouldn’t Trump and Biden fought today at the White House with the whole staff chanting – fight, fight, fight

· Pot approved – I should buy stock in Doritos, flannel shirts and hacky sack

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – Samuel Cole Wright of Plympton – 29th Infantry – Antietam 1862 – Voluntarily moved forward to move fence that was impeding charge

10. Randomocity

* Stephen A. Smith came down hard on Kapernick for being a “flaming hypocrite” for kneeling but not voting

* Rocky II better than Rambo II and Jaws II

* Hot marshmallow on ice cream has to be perfect timing

* Daffy Duck slightly irritating

* Gas fireplaces not close to wood fireplaces

* Friends would have been better if Ross fell out the window of the apartment and died

* How does baloney just fall off the face of the earth

* Medal of Honor information from website Home of Heroes

* MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – Raymond Beaudoin – Holyoke – Germany – His men held down by a machine gun nest – he made his way directly toward the machine guns surviving EIGHT bazooka rounds and then killed two men in the nest and then a third with the butt of his rifle before being killed himself – “intrepidity, great fighting skill, and supreme devotion

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  1. Mike,
    truly great job with mention of vets in the piece today, very classy, thank you

    REPLY – MPC – Thanks – glad you enjoyed – almost feel guilt to enjoy the fruits of their amazing sacrifice –

    Posted by Kevin | November 11, 2016, 11:58 am
  2. Great Top Ten today!!

    Love the respect paid to the vets.

    Everything spot on today – could be your best ever.

    Fireplaces, movies, hypocrisy….great work

    REPLY – MPC – Thanks DH – Was it Churchill who said never has so many owed so much to so few

    Posted by David H | November 11, 2016, 2:06 pm
  3. Great stuff! I enjoyed looking up each vet in Wikipedia to learn more.

    REPLY – MPC – Glad you enjoyed – I was in awe reading all of these accounts – amazing

    Posted by Greg Robinson | November 11, 2016, 4:06 pm

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