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Connelly’s Top Ten: Edelman Lays Eggs (so did the coordinators)

1. Patriots vs. Seattle:


· There was a bad feel to this game from the second drive on – disjointed – It was a frustrating game all night

· Tough to watch passive defense and unimaginative play calling

· I would bet that Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins were texting each other watching Russell Wilson do what he wants

· Cy Jones another fumble

· Patriots lucky they didn’t get a flag for coordinated celebration when Devlin joined Blount with the Minutemen


· Was average

· Can’t believe he withstood the hit on his knee

· Fumbling the snap at goal line – ugh


· I don’t like that last play call – sort of a 50/50 ball – that’s your best play

· Play calling was terrible all night

· Reminder – Blount isn’t great at short yardage

· Edelman is not the same player this year (foot never going to recover) on pace for 1 TD / fumble was tough to take

· Tell me again why the Patriots don’t go hurry up when the defense is winning against them

· Where was James White – receivers were being shut down

· Hogan no show – didn’t read back-shoulder throw and stopped running on a deep pass to end zone


· Secondary absolute disgrace – Coleman sucked – burnt twice and two HUGE penalties adding up to almost FIFTY yards, Butler sucked, Logan Ryan sucked giving up TD’s and chasing guys all night, Chung looking around while TD passes go over their head – this all while Seattle DB’s are lighting up Gronk and wagging their finger at Brady

· End of the half TD killed them

· Bad game for man Elandron Roberts – was lost all night and yet another Patriot confused in coverage

· Patriots got them again with the defensive shift at goal line – Hightower yelled something which could have been simulating a snap count which is a penalty

· Thought Malcom Brown was getting manhandled – a little overrated – Branch and Flowers are the play makers now

· Sheard in doghouse?

· Enough with the Chris Long experiment – not holding the edge, getting knocked down and jumping off side continuing a drive for them


· Kraft came out strong right out of the shoot with some serious flag holding

· Kraft pulled off a second half showing also at 12:30 of third quarter

· Also a little Marky Mark needing a hair cut and then NBC went to commercial to his Good Vibrations (Sidebar – Loleatta Holloway is the star of that song)

· Bill a little blue sweat coat with pom pom hat


· Pete try to sneak a 12th guy in there on 3rd and goal

· The hit by Chancellor diving at Brady’s knee was one of the dirtiest hits of the year – see if Goodell fines a hit on Brady / also how do the offensive lineman not deal with that right there – I’d take a 15 yard flag and punish the punk

· Crazy to think Pete is older than Bill

· Insane Pete went for two points when could have kicked extra point for eight-point lead

· How goofy is he when he is “whoooing” on the sideline

· Seattle started drives on 40 / 36 / 37 / NE 48 /


· Seattle 252 yards in the first half / 450 yards for the game – ugh

· Edelman four-year trend in yards receiving concerning 1,056 / 972 / 692 / 609

· Russell Wilson doing whatever he wants 124.6 QB rating – disgraceful


· Did Chris Collinsworth call Brady the best ever before the game?

· Think NFL has reached out to networks to say they don’t want any kneeling or fists in the air shown during national anthem

2. Around the NFL:

· Does Denver win more improbable games than any other team – blocking a game winning extra point and taking it the other way – yikes – Could come back to haunt New England

· Crazy scramble by Jameis Winston at Tampa

3. Celtics / Bruins:

* Carmelo Anthony getting thrown out Monday because he’s immature and spoiled should have to donate his game check to the Boys Club

* Tommy Heinsohn is not aging

* Chara looks better now that expectations have been dropped

4. College Football – sorry more BC talk:

* This week’s Boston College rant – with the season virtually over I’m confused why BC is wasting QB snaps on a fifth-year senior instead of taking a look at younger guys – Friday Towles was 3 for 11 for 29 yards – anemic

* Over the last FIVE games Towles has thrown for 516 yards – yesterday DeShaun Watson of Clemson threw for 580 yards

* 3-0 this week with picks – 11-5 for the season versus the spread in college / 3-1 on locks

* Suggestion for BC – Art Briles disgraceful complicity at Baylor makes him almost un-hireable – so why not hire him for $6mm a year with significant deferred payments compelling him to stay five years – during which time he would have to donate 25% of his contract to Rosie’s Place and other domestic abuse causes? If you are BC you have to either think outside the box or give up the program.

5. Tuukka Rask vs Montreal and the rest of the league:

Montreal 5-15-3

Everyone else – 171-89-40

6. Tony Eason hiking up his skirt:

Over a fifty-game stretch (1983-1989) in games he threw at least ten passes – he was sacked five times in 14 games times five sacks (28%) – this included a seven-game stretch in which he was sacked 45 times or 6.43 times a game.

7 Old School:

Foul behavior

Bill Russell – 963 games / 24 times fouled out

Wilt Chamberlain – 1,045 games / never fouled out

8. Amazing Stat:

Dwight Evans threw out 155 runners from right field (Clemente has record at 253)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

interesting stats in the Globe on NFL game time:

· # of commercials a game – 70

· Average game time 3:17

· Same game on Game Pass without commercials 2:25

· Just football action 47 minutes

10. Randomocity:

* Can someone explain the High School playoff system – it’s all over the place

* US loses to Mexico at home – fifty years we’ve been waiting for a break through – pour the money into the women’s program

* Why does the Globe Sports have an article on a sex assault on a WWE Diva – it’s not a sport?

* Saw two documentaries – Roman Polansky and Norman Lear – Polansky both parents killed in Holocaust and then his wife and unborn baby murdered by Charles Manson gang / Norman Lear – at one time he had six of the top ten shows on TV

* Saw Arrival with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner – B

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4 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Edelman Lays Eggs (so did the coordinators)”

  1. The actual action during an NFL game as measured from the ball being snapped until the play being whistled dead is about 13 minutes. That 47-minute figure includes teams lining up and QBs surveying the defense while players go in motion and referees spotting the ball. And when teams score, it goes PAT, two minutes of commercials, kickoff for touchback, two minutes of commercials. And they wonder why ratings are down.

    REPLY – MPC – they better act before too late

    Posted by vermontk | November 14, 2016, 8:24 am
  2. -Average offensive line (Scarnecchia or not)
    -Below average defense
    -Butler is over rated, he’s a good #3 DB, bot close to a shut down #1
    -Defensive game plans continue to stink. When is Matt Patricia’s sacred cow status up? Oh, right, he’s a rocket scientist, never mind.
    -When Brady throws up one of his “I’m frustrated” jump ball INTs, it’s game over.
    -Two QB sneaks and beg for a PI call throw on 1st and goal for the tie was pathetic.
    -Like the creativity on Briles, but he is too 3rd rail for coaching.
    -These guys will never get past a good defensive team in the playoffs.

    REPLY – MPC – Good call on the Brady throw it up in the air / this was really concerning – especially if they have to go to Denver in the AFC championship game

    Posted by Orange Julius | November 14, 2016, 9:17 am
  3. Time for BC to give up on the ACC and start playing in the old Yankee conference again.. The team is a DISGRACE…

    REPLY – MPC – Bring on UNH

    Posted by Doug Flutie | November 14, 2016, 4:42 pm
  4. Excellent analysis of the Pats game, Michael. Defense is not good. How can the two tight ends ever be stopped from catching the ball? Why are they not targeted on every play? The defense would need four players to guard them.

    REPLY -mpc – the wide receivers would open up if they forced double teams on both sides – don’t get it

    Posted by Conor | November 15, 2016, 2:15 am

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