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Connelly’s Top Ten – Can’t Get Enough of it!

1.Brady’s last drives in five of the seven Super Bowls (not including when he clocked the ball or threw it away)


Vs Rams – Own 17.…….1:21 left / 6-6 for 53 yards / FG

Vs. Carolina – Own 40 …2:51 left / 5-6 for 67 yards / FG

Vs Giants – Own 20.…….7:54 left / 8-11 for 71 yards / TD

Vs Seattle – Own 36……..6:56 left / 9-9 / 71 yards / TD

Vs Atlanta – Own 25… Start of OT / 6-7 / 60 yards / TD run


That’s – 34-39 (87%) / 322 yards / 2 TD


  1. More Super Bowl stuff (can’t get enough of on TV)

* Atlanta’s top TWO receivers’ salaries $21.3mm / Patriots top FOUR receivers salaries $17mm

* In retrospect – knowing that your defense is gassed and Brady will kill you in these situations – shouldn’t Atlanta of on-side kicked to start overtime?

* Watching James White do his thing – I think JR Redmond from the first Super Bowl is underappreciated (Jermaine Wiggins also)

* I love receiver Gabriel telling Sanu – they got Tom Brady

* On Atlanta’s last drive, Freeman got loose for a pass out of the backfield – Elandron Roberts blew the coverage – but if he doesn’t run him down – it’s a touchdown

* Great job by Slater calling heads

* The sound from NFL films gives you an idea of who the leaders are – Hightower is a leader

* Love Edelman coming out for the second half and saying – “this is going to be a hell of a story”

* Watching Blank devastated on the sideline – is it possible to have sympathy for a billionaire?

* Pats might have been too business like in the first half – more emotion in the second half

* Patriots truly believed they could win that game

* Love Atlanta talking about the brotherhood – two days later they fire their defensive coaches

* Tom Brady cap hit $14mm / Matt Ryan $23.7mm

* Gronk a little over the top at parade and rallies – he walks a fine line between fun and clown


  1. Celtics – Bruins


* I hope someone told Jae Crowder that Paul Pierce used to play for the Celtics – I know he’s not a big fan of the home fans cheering for a player from the other team

* Love Brady texting Isaiah – now it’s your turn.

* Julien got screwed – I hated his boring system but this is not a coach thing this is a roster thing

* Sidenote – Cassidy was a first round draft pick that only played 36 NHL games – that’s a failure


  1. Speaking of Paul Pierce – how about local numbers that are retired that shouldn’t be:

Celtics – Don Nelson, Satch Sanders, Dennis Johnson, Jim Loscutoff, Reggie Lewis, Jo Jo White, Ed Macauley, Cedric Maxwell, Bruce Armstrong, Mike Haynes (I don’t know about Bob Dee and Jim Lee Hunt), Lionel Hitchman, and the last one is tough but if Terry O’Reilly’s number is retired then Troy Brown’s has to be

  1. Rank the ten championships:


  1. 2017 – Super Bowl – Falcons – who would have thought that was possible
  2. 2002 – Super Bowl – Rams – got it all started
  3. 2015 – Super Bowl – Seattle – What you got to say now Richard Sherman
  4. 2011 – Bruins Vancouver – Tim Thomas leading the way in a pure Game 7
  5. 2004 – Super Bowl – Carolina – out of secondary members walk off kick
  6. 2008 – Celtics – Lakers – Big Three II
  7. 2004 – Red Sox vs. Cardinals – it was huge but anti-climactic after Yankee comeback
  8. 2013 – Red Sox vs. Cardinals – Unexpected championship
  9. 2006 – Patriots vs. Eagles – Love Rodney Harrison flapping his wings at the end
  10. 2007 – Red Sox vs. Rockies – ho hum just another championship


  1. Mount Rushmore of local sports (one more time) – Tom Brady, Bill Russell, Bobby Orr, Ted Williams (I am sick to my stomach keeping Bird off this)

7.OLD SCHOOL – Elway’s drive vs Cleveland / Brady’s to tie up Falcons


* Elway from own two-yard line – 5:02 / 15 plays / 6 of 9 / 78 yards passing

* Brady from own nine-yard line – 3:58 / 10 plays / 6 of 9 / 90 yards passing


8.AMAZING STAT – – From Either – Russell, Bird, Flutie, Orr, Williams, Pedro, Brady, Neely, Ortiz stat – Time between first and most recent championship:


  • Brady – 2002 – 2017
  • Russell – 1957-1969
  • Ortiz – 2004 – 2013
  • Orr – 1970 – 1972
  • Bird – 1981 – 1986


  1. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – I had a visceral out of body reaction to James White’s touchdown – other sports moments that made me stand up:
  • Bobby Orr hat trick and 100th point (I think up in Toronto)
  • Brady pass to Moss for 50th TD pass
  • Micky Ward Gatti round 9
  • Tebucky Jones 97 yard fumble return against Rams 2001 (called back for penalty)
  • Reggie Bush goes off against Fresno State
  • Bruins comeback against Toronto
  • Walk off Goals by Ratelle, Brad Park, Schmautz and Horton



* If you get a chance to read SI article on Patriots long snapper Brian Kinchen from the Carolina Super Bowl it was amazing – signed two weeks before the end of the season. Got the yips and couldn’t snap. Tried to quit during playoffs but couldn’t because he was their only long snapper / cut his snapping hand with steak knife just hours before the game – Vinatieri and Walters both approached the game winning kick assuming that he couldn’t snap the ball – and he threw a strike!

* Watched the Gleason documentary on Saints player with ALS – went to bed depressed – painful to watch – heartbreaking

* I watch quarterbacks coming over to shake Brady’s hands after every game but not one of his peers supported him through the deflategate and the suspension (other than Brees)

* Heard Vegas got crushed because Patriot fans loaded up on the Patriots for the second half at halftime (jw)

* I had so much fun watching Atlanta Falcon fans reactions – check out the tweets from halftime at the end of the video

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  1. Bird could replace Williams, if you asked me. Ted was great, but he played for bad teams and never won the big one. He’s on if you need one from each sport, though. Greatest hitter of all time.

    reply mpc – tough one – would Williams won a couple if they had 16 teams into postseason?

    Posted by Conor | February 10, 2017, 3:34 am
  2. Orr over Bird? Basketball being so much bigger than hockey should break tie in Bird’s favor.

    reply mpc – I think that Orr is the greatest ever – Bird top 5 or6

    Posted by Matt G | February 10, 2017, 7:58 am

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