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The NFL Should Not Expand to 18-Game Seasons

One of the functions of a league is to ensure that the league has created a schedule that entertains fans, but also draws as much money as possible. So, it is no surprise that the NFL wants to expand to more games, given that a large percentage of their games sell out as is. An […]

Handicapping the AL MVP Race

Seeing as there’s less than a month left to the season, we can begin to predict what the award winners are going to look like. The one I’d like to take a look at is the AL MVP race, and this is because it will divide old school baseball fans and more sabermetrically-inclined fans for […]

What Remains for John Smoltz

John Smoltz’s signing with the Red Sox this past off-season was supposed to supplement their rotation by providing them with another ace once he recovered from off-season shoulder surgery. However, for the former Atlanta Brave, the results were far from optimal, with only some initial success. Pitching for the first time in his career in […]

The Next Frontier for Baseball Fans

One of the last barriers that fans face when watching the game is being able to tell what every player on the field is doing during a given play. Even from the last row of the upper deck, there’s just too much going on, especially if there are baserunners. Well, enter Sportsvision’s FIELDINGf/x. For the […]

The Roy Halladay Trade Sweepstakes

Quite possibly the most season-altering move a team could make would be trading for an ace before the deadline to fulfill a hole in the starting rotation. We saw the benefits of that for Milwaukee last year when they acquired C.C. Sabathia and rode his arm into the playoffs. Well, fortunately for us rumor mill […]

My 2009 MLB All-Star Ballot

It’s the time of year again when somehow ESPN believes John Kruk, Steve Phillips, and many other wannabe experts can tell you who should be on the MLB All-Star team. The other night I was trying to catch highlights of an Albert Pujols home run and Baseball Tonight was trying to push the meme of […]

Why the Red Sox Have Beaten the Yankees

I’d prefer to title this “How the Yankees have had bad timing against Boston.” Yes, it’s well documented that the Yankees have lost all eight meetings so far against the Red Sox. But, I think we need a further examination as to why the Red Sox have won all eight games to see if we […]

Surprises of the Baseball Season

Now that we are approximately two and a half months in to the baseball season, each player’s statistics have begun to hold a little bit more weight. Thus, we can begin to analyze some of the more unlikely numbers of the season so far. Adam Lind Tied with Freddy Sanchez for the lead in doubles, […]

Citi Field: My First Impression

After checking out the new stadium in the Bronx I wanted to check out the new home of the New York Mets. Now, my latest chance to see a game at Citi Field was going to be to wait until the Giants came into town and to buy tickets to see Tim Lincecum make the […]

NHL vs. Balsillie Case Has Large Implications

When the Phoenix Coyotes announced their impending bankruptcy and that the team would be sold, I don’t think anyone could have imagined that the Coyotes would suddenly be the source of excitement for the first time since it was announced Wayne Gretzky was going to be coach of the team. However, Jim Balsillie’s intent to […]

The New Yankee Stadium Experience

Recently I had a chance to check out the new Yankee Stadium as I went to see the Yankees play the Orioles. Unfortunately, I did not arrive before the game due to the limited amount of time I had to check out the stadium. However, I was able to get a decent impression of the stadium, and saw enough […]

Brett Favre Should Stay Retired

Brett Favre has found a way to hijack more off-season football news once again after a retirement. His biceps tendon in his throwing arm is torn, but he won’t get surgery so that his hope of proving to the Packers that they need him will live on. Brett Favre has even tired out his #1 fan […]

A-Rod’s First Full Week Since Return

Alex Rodriguez returned last week after missing a little over a month of the season due to hip surgery. He hit a home run in his first plate appearance on the very first pitch and made Suzyn Waldman wax poetic like she had just seen Roger Clemens in George Steinbrenner’s box. And, yes, every Yankees […]

My Trip to Wrigley Field

One of my main objectives this year was to make sure that I got to see more live baseball at ballparks and at various parks. Going to Spring Training this year, as I previously talked about, helped out with that a lot. I had already planned on making the trip to Chicago to visit my […]

More Home Runs at the new Yankee Stadium: So What?

It’s amazing how limited the press can make their own vision to generate a point of larger noise. The new Yankee stadium has been home to a solid amount of home runs for April and immediately the press is jumping to conclusions that it’s now this massive hitter’s park that will make Coors Field look […]