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Where Will Manny Ramirez Sign?

One of the great things about this offseason is that everything is developing so slowly that you can really get a good chance to speculate on the destinations of players. In this case we’re going to be looking at Manny Ramirez, the very polarizing player, with the agent who sometimes puts out absurd demands for […]

Everyone is Guilty in Plaxico Burress Incident

One of the major areas of criticism with sports teams is how they handled their own players causing trouble. Often, there is in-house fighting that we don’t hear about because the teams keep it from the public. But, when it happens in the public eye, we have a way to judge how a team disciplines […]

How the Red Sox Handled Manny Ramirez

There never ceases to be drama around Manny Ramirez. The newest revelation is that after Manny refused to play two games, the Boston Red Sox had drafted up and submitted an official letter of intent to suspend Ramirez. We already knew of the displeasure that had been in the organization because Manny refused to play […]

How to Fix the Yankees 2009 Roster

The Yankees have quite a bit of holes to fill this offseason. Simply put their hitting last year was abysmal (partially due to injuries, but also some guys aging) and their starting pitching had so many injuries that they relied much too much on Sidney Ponson. Their fielding has sunk to a really poor level […]

The New York Knicks: Still a Joke

Hey Knicks fans, enjoying that strong start? Well enjoy it while it lasts. This team is not going to work as constructed. They can’t compete with any team in the top tier of the NBA. They can’t even keep a set rotation, which will not breed the chemistry necessary for the team to gel…and they’ve […]

Hearing on Yankee Stadium Bonds Sinks to New Low

I’ve seen Bud Selig and other owners and front offices stoop to this level. I never expected to see the Yankees there, though. After all, the Yankees are the┬árichest franchise in baseball and have many avenues to obtain large amounts of revenue. Yet, at the Yankees hearing on the bonds issued to the team for […]

Giants: Best Team in the NFL?

One of the big questions coming in to the Monday Night Football game against the Browns (10/13) was whether the Giants truly were the best team in the NFL, since they were one of the two remaining undefeated teams and they were the defending Super Bowl Champions. A win, many speculated would guarantee that they’d […]

Tropicana Field Might be on National TV Soon

Here’s something a lot of people don’t exactly think about much: the quality of one of the baseball stadiums that might be involved in the World Series. I’m referring to the closed dome stadium in Tampa, Tropicana Field. The reason I bring this up is that we are three Tampa wins away from having this […]

Yankees, Mets Quiet in October

This year has provided a rare occurrence for New York: both baseball teams did not make the playoffs. Now, despite the recent increased competitiveness of the Mets, their fans are more used to failure than Yankees fans are. So for their fans, switching focus to something else in October or watching the Yankees would not […]

What Yankee Stadium Means to Me

The House That Ruth Built. The Cathedral in the Bronx. A place that in a few weeks will start being disassembled and taken down. It was sold to people for the city’s profit. It’s been renovated and had seating capacity expanded (and what stadium hasn’t?). It’s seen night games and day games, double headers, playoff […]

Ed Hochuli Mistake: No Cause for Concern

Ed Hochuli made a pretty big mistake in Week 2, one that might’ve cost the San Diego Chargers their first win on the season. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, in the San Diego-Denver Week 2 game, Denver was on offense and Jay Cutler received the snap, went to throw the football […]

Was the Hit on Tom Brady Dirty?

Because the Boston sports messiah went down to a major knee injury from a hit from the opposing team, we have had a silly question proposed. We already know the NFL ruled the hit legal, which is a ruling I agree with. But was Bernard Pollard’s intent to injure Tom Brady. In my opinion, if […]

Instant Replay Reveals Need for Greater Oversight of Umpires

I should offer a disclaimer before I even get deep into this article. I’m a fan of instant replay in baseball and am happy that MLB decided to bring it’s decision making into the 20th century. I also think MLB should’ve waited until next season so that every team would’ve had an equal number of […]

Will the Yankees Make the Playoffs?

What are you talking about? You must be kidding me. We know the team is going to go 24-2 in the last month of the season. Cano’s going to hit .700, Pavano’s going to start 20 games during the month and win 19 of them (and then explode in the 20th, we all know he’s […]

Manny Ramirez Trade a Wash in Yankees’ Eyes

Yes, I’m about two weeks behind the time on this one. You might as well poke fun at me now before I get to the meat of my argument. However, the Manny Ramirez-Jason Bay trade is not the Red Sox downgrading at left field, rather them cutting an enigmatic persona they’ve tried to get rid […]