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Should Brett Favre Come Back?

Brett Favre, you like the offseason spotlight, don’t you? Brett Favre’s desire to come back from retirement (Golf isn’t that good, I guess) has immediately taken precedence over any of the current NFL news. I think it’s safe to say that the guy who looked not so spectacular for a few years until last year […]

Experiencing the MLB All Star FanFest

This year, with the MLB All Star game being at Yankee Stadium, the MLB All Star FanFest was also brought to New York City. Thanks to my mother’s friend, I procured two free tickets to a night session for people who received tickets exclusively from Bank of America. It was held at the Jakob Javits […]

Corruption Runs Wild in the NBA

The glamour of the Celtics-Lakers finals was torn away almost immediately before it began as a letter was leaked from the US Attorney’s office and into the beginning of the series when Donaghy’s allegations about the league fixing games were made. For a league where many have joked about the bad refereeing and the rigged […]

Spygate and BALCO Case Are Similar

I know this commentary on the topic is much behind the time, but it’s still important to note the similarities in how sportscasters and the general populace have reacted. Spygate, BALCO and the Tim Donaghy betting scandal all have a lot of similarities with a league having loose regulations to the point that people took […]

Thankfully, Flopping in the NBA Will Be Ending

(This is apart of Sports of Boston’s extensive coverage of the NBA Finals) Last week, when it was announced that the NBA would begin fining players for flopping, I came quite close to clapping about the story when I first saw it. One of the reasons the NBA has become pretty unwatchable, to me, is […]

SI Does Not Know Why People Really Go To Ballparks

Every year Sports Illustrated likes to do ballpark rankings to show which parks are the best to go to. And just like many major surveys by sports media organizations, it doesn’t get to the heart of what fans care about. I only wish the easy explanation for why it was done in this manner is […]

To Start, or Not to Start, That is the Joba Question

As a Yankees fan, one of the biggest debates amongst most talking heads in New York has been whether or not Mr. Chamberlain’s future should be in the bullpen or be in the rotation. And certainly, this is an issue that Boston Red Sox fans should be interested in what the end result is as […]

Disorders: A Reminder That Athletes Are Just Humans

A short time ago, Herschel Walker admitted to the public that he dealt with Dissociative Identity Disorder. It was so bad that he even played Russian roulette at one point, and luckily came out alive. In 2002 he was diagnosed with the disorder and began treatment and eventually conquered it, but not after having lost […]

The Idea of Red Sox Nation Has Gotten Out of Hand

Over the past weekend, the “President” and “Vice President” of Red Sox Nation sent out a memo announcing a five point plan for this year. Yes, that’s right, a five point plan for a group of fans. They claim the initiatives were inspired by fans, but instead, much of these ideas seem inspired by ego. […]

Red Sox Protest Underscores Baseball Labor Issues

Yesterday’s mandate by the Red Sox was historic to younger baseball fans, but to those who have followed the game for at least 40 years, it probably seemed like business as usual. To anyone who has very closely followed how Bud Selig has run MLB’s front office, it was the old used car salesman making […]

A Yankees Fan on Board?!

That’d be like Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein being friends. Oh, I guess it’s not that improbable after all. Still, one probably wonders what has brought forth this unlikely mix. Well, the answer to that question is basically friendship and a desire to bring another view to this blog. Sure you’ll get all of the […]