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NHL, Players Union Come to Agreement to End Lockout

It took 119 long, excruciating days, but NHL games are finally in sight. The NHL and NHLPA came to a tentative agreement after a 16-hour marathon negotiating session in New York ended around 5 a.m. That means all the talk about escrow and disclaimers of interest will soon turn into talk about forechecking and line […]

Looking Back: Red Sox Dumping Gonzalez, Crawford, Beckett Still a Good Move?

When the news broke on August 24 that the Red Sox would be shedding Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford AND Adrian Gonzalez’s contracts, the first thought on most observers’ mind was “What’s the catch?” Much to everyone’s surprise, there was none. The Red Sox found a saving grace in the Los Angeles Dodgers and their new […]

Red Sox Would be Wise to Stay Away from Josh Hamilton

On paper, it seems as if Josh Hamilton would be a perfect fit for the Red Sox. He’s a perennial All-Star who is coming off a season in which he shattered his career high in home runs (43) and won his third Silver Slugger award. He would immediately fill the massive hole in the lineup […]