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Panic at the Sports Bar? Part 2: The Red Sox

To think, before the second inning of Monday night’s game, things were really starting to look up for the Red Sox. Enter Daisuke “Wet Blanket” Matsuzaka. Winning the first home series of the season against the Yankees, and doing it with a 2007 Josh Beckett on the mound, was enough to lift spirits after a […]

Panic at the Sports Bar? Part 1: The Celtics

Call up a Cleveland fan.  Ask him if he thinks it’s OK for Boston sports fans to panic. Granted, things have not gone the way everyone expected or wanted for the Red Sox and Celtics lately.  And with two semi-rivals from Florida (Heat and Rays) walking all over them, the local and national sports media […]

NFL Draft Boycott: If it Really Happened

Put yourself in the shoes of projected first-round picks Cam Newton, Nick Fairley and Da’Quan Bowers. Imagine the excitement. You’re going to be a first-round draft pick. You’re going to walk out of the dining hall and into a 40/40 club, from an on-campus house you previously rented to a penthouse you now own, from […]

2011 AL East Predictions: A Response to the Baseball Prospectus

The Baseball Prospectus recently released its projections for 2011 regular season records and, unsurprisingly, the Red Sox are slated for 93 wins. What is surprising is that these 93 wins are projected for the most in baseball, even more than the Philadelphia Phillies; they play in an easier division and boast baseball’s best starting pitching […]

Belichick v. Ryan: A Coaching Rivalry

It’s coach versus coach now. Belichick versus Ryan. After a tumultuous, competitive season in the AFC East, Boston sports fans have been introduced to a rivalry that is relatively unheard of in a city that loves its sports rivalries. As Boston sports fans, we are subjected to a variety of different rivalries sustained by media […]

Dear Rex Ryan: A Letter About Tom Brady & The Playoffs

You’re right, Rex. Peyton Manning would have been watching your Wildcard playoff game this weekend. Manning is probably a big Colts fan, I doubt he would miss their first playoff game. Oh, is that not what you meant? Right, if Peyton Manning were Tom Brady, who had a bye this week because his team went […]

Congratulations, Eric Mangini

It’s all about the little victories in Cleveland these days. So congratulations, Eric Mangini. You know you deserve it. After beating the Patriots in a massively important week nine game, Mangini’s Cleveland Browns move to 3-5, just a shade above the NFL’s third-biggest disappointment, the Cincinnati Bengals, and far away from the Steelers and Ravens.  And […]

Curt Young: The New, Underrated Red Sox Pitching Coach

The other night, on Comcast’s Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight, Gary Tanguay and Mike Felger brought up the role of a pitching coach in major league baseball. Tanguay asked Felger something to the extent of “who can tell if a pitching coach is good or bad?” Felger failed to make much comment on the subject, except […]

Book Review: The Complete Illustrated History of the New England Patriots (the 70s and 80s)

By the time the Complete Illustrated History of the New England Patriots reaches the 1970s and 80s, Patriots fans naturally begin appreciating Bob Kraft. Its a phenomenon.  Just reading about what the Sullivans did to Patriots fans during that period make us excited for next week’s game to look up and see the familiar face […]

Book Review: The Complete Illustrated History of the New England Patriots (the early days)

The Complete Illustrated History of the New England Patriots, famed Pats expert and journalist Christopher Price’s most recent book, gets old school. Price goes back to the very first days, of the “foolish club,” also known as the AFL when it decided to challenge the world.  Back to the days of leather helmets, when football […]

Logan Mankins Refuses to Apologize, Patriots Refuse to Bend

Now that we’ve heard what happened with the Logan Mankins contract, there is so much to consider.  As much as Bob Kraft scrambles to cover it up, and say that it never happened, the news has already leaked and the stain has already been made.  It seems the contract fell through because Logan Mankins, allegedly, […]

2010 NFL Predictions: AFC West

The Chargers are the obvious favorite, but the rest of the division is full of mixed expectations. Some see the Chiefs as a young team ready to cause trouble, and some see them as a team stuck behind an overrated Matt Cassell. Some trust Jason Campbell in a new environment with the Raiders and some […]

2010 NFL Predictions: AFC South

Big surprise:  everyone picked the Colts.  A battle for second should entertain this year, with the Texans and Titans both boasting capabilities to put up a winning season.  A second opportunity for Vince Young to prove his worth will make for an entertaining storyline, as will Chris Johnson’s encore performance and Matt Schaub’s push to […]

2010 NFL Predictions: AFC North

No one really knows what to expect from the Cincinnati Bengals or the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The former has a lot of potential and an equal number of question marks, and the latter is coming off its biggest disappointment in the decade amidst rape allegations and a slap-on-the-wrist suspension for its quarterback. At least we can rely on […]

2010 NFL Predictions: NFC West

Everyone knows this division is the perennial weak link in the NFC. With the Arizona Cardinals officially hitting “rebuilding” status, by inexplicably giving up on Matt Leinart and finally letting Anquan Boldin go, the 49ers are looking to jump at the opportunity. Come to think of it, San Francisco seems to have the only team […]