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Celtics Sign Stealth Point Guard?

Those of you with an eye for NBA minutiae may remember Tyronn Lue, late of the Orlando Magic. For several seasons in the early part of this decade, most notably with the Michael Jordan years of the Washington Wizards, Lue was a serviceable back-up point guard. He “won” two NBA Championships as a member of […]

In Defense of J.D. Drew

Red Sox General Manager, and erstwhile boy wonder, Theo Epstein graced Boston sports talk radio with his presence, and his opinions on Thursday. The results were interesting, to say the least. Among other things, Theo unequivocally defended his right fielder, David Jonathan “J.D.” Drew, and, in fact, referred to him as “one of the two […]

Lackey Shuts Down Red Sox Offense

It is really hard not to like Jon Lester. How can you not root for a kid who comes back from cancer to win Game Four of the 2007 World Series, toss a no-hitter, and establish himself has one of the best left-handers in baseball? On a night when he didn’t have his best control, […]

Sox Game Not Televised In My Area

So…I listened to Joe Castiglione and the great Dave O’Brien on the radio. They do some fine work, but no TV (the game was apparently on NESN Plus) means no Heidi Watney. Damn Bruins! Anywho, we saw the good, the bad, and the ugly from Josh Beckett. The bad? Allowing six hits and four runs […]

No Room For Delcarmen on Playoff Team

I don’t think this is particularly controversial, but Manny Delcarmen, noted Boston native and mediocre relief pitcher, should be left off the playoff roster. This has been a very tough year for Delcarmen, who somehow manages to turn three above average pitches into a decidedly below average performance. After a promising start, with a 0.00 ERA […]

Sox Rally Behind Beckett, Defeat Royals 9-2

Operating under the assumption their starters could use some more rest heading into the playoffs, the Red Sox have gone to a temporary six-man rotation. We saw a little of how this is going to work out on Tuesday, when the hapless Paul Byrd was sacrificed to Zach Greinke. Josh Beckett, seemingly out of synch […]

Sox Dice-KO Orioles

Daisuke Matsuzaka did not exactly dominate the Baltimore Orioles on Sunday afternoon at Camden Yards, but he pitched more than well enough to notch his third win of the season. Staked to a three-run lead in the first, Dice K left after 5 1/3 innings with the Sox ahead 8-2. Reliever Ramon Ramirez allowed an […]

Buchholz, BoSox Best Baltimore

It’s a good thing that Maryland is all about crab cakes and football, because the Orioles suck at baseball. Boston managed a 3-1 victory in a game that didn’t seem that close. Orioles starter Jeremy Gurthrie surrendered only three runs in 5 2/3 innings despite giving up 9 hits and 3 walks. A lack of […]

Sox Sweep Twinbill, Series

Now that, my friends, is more like it. The Red Sox sweep of Sunday’s doubleheader against the Rays was all about dominating starting pitching. Josh Beckett’s excellent, albeit rain-shortened, outing on Saturday night was followed up by even more impressive performances by Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester. We all know that power pitchers win in […]

Josh Beckett Needs a Blow

After defeating the Detroit Tigers on Aug. 12, Josh Beckett’s record stood at 14-4 with a 3.10 ERA. In five starts since that time, Beckett is 0-2 with an ERA of 7.75. He has also given up a staggering 12 home runs in 31 1/3 innings pitched, after allowing only 10 homers in his first […]

Boston Loses Battle of the Soxes

I love Tim Wakefield, but asking a 43-year-old knuckleballer who can barely walk to save your season is asking a lot. Saturday afternoon against the White Sox, it was asking too much. After giving up three runs in the bottom of the first inning, Wake settled in, allowing just one more run in the next […]

Sox Outlast Blue Jays 6-5

As readers of this blog know, I have questioned Josh Beckett’s ace-worthiness before, and Friday night’s game did nothing to ease my mind. Coming off a terrible start against the Yankees, Beckett managed to make it all the way to the second inning before giving up his first home run of the night, a three-run […]

That Was Close! Red Sox Rally to Win 10-9

Go ahead, try getting Tito to bench Jason Varitek and his anemic bat now! Desperately needing a victory, the BoSox sent ace Josh Beckett to the hill in Toronto against rookie sensation Ricky Romero without his binkie (Tek), and all hell broke loose. Beckett allowed 7 runs on 9 hits in just 5 1/3 innings […]

Who is Julian Edelman?

Rookie Julian Edelman scored his first professional touchdown on a 75-yard punt return in the second quarter, a TD that proved decisive in the Patriots 27-25 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Thursday night’s preseason opener. Edelman, listed as a wide receiver on the Patriots roster, was drafted in the seventh round out of Kent […]

Ortiz: No Apology Necessary

David Ortiz does not owe you an apology. Contrary to the nonsensical ramblings of Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, Big Papi certainly doesn’t owe the Red Sox an apology either. I don’t care if he injected himself with anabolic steroids, or if he merely took some banned supplements, and neither should you. Should he apologize […]