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What We Learned This Week: Peyton’s Place Soap Opera Finally Ends

What we learned the week of 3/12 -3/19 1. The Broncos signed Peyton Manning and will trade Tim Tebow. One guy is much younger, healthier, cheaper, had a better season last year, and has already led Denver to the division title. The other guy takes up a huge amount of salary cap room, is coming […]

What We Learned This Week: Professor Paps, Peyton’s Place?

What We Learned This Week Week of March 3 – March 10   Peyton Manning Got Cut From a 2-14 Team What a scrub! I hope the poor guy can somehow catch on with another team. It will be strange to see Peyton Manning in another uniform (or another helmet) but Johnny Unitas with the […]

What We Learned This Week: No More Beer, No More Varitek

What We Learned This Week: Week of 2/23-3/1 1. Jason Varitek retired. A good way to honor the Captain is to retire that hockey-style captain’s “C” that was on his jersey. Don’t give it out to anyone else, so that Jason Varitek will be the only Red Sox player in team history to ever wear […]

What We Learned This Week: The Wrong Carpenter, Jeremynsanity, & Adios Wake

It’s official: Theo Epstein is only worth a mopup reliever who had a terrible, John Lackey-esque ERA in AAA. Apparently, the Wrong Chris Carpenter is Significant Compensation for a GM who delivered two World Series to a franchise that hadn’t won one for 86 years. So who will be the next Harvard basketball player to […]

What We Learned This Week: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Week of 2/5 – 2/12/12 This was a week filled with curious and controversial decisions like Kevin Youkilis popping the question to Tom Brady’s sister, Rob Gronkowski partying like he’s on the Jersey Shore right after losing the Super Bowl, and Tom Brady’s wife publicly blaming the receivers for blowing the big game. What could go […]

What We Learned This Week: Gambling, Impostors and Attention Whores

What Did We Learn This Week? Jan. 29 – Feb. 5 1. The Super Bowl prop bets are much more interesting than the actual Super Bowl. You can bet on anything if you’re desperate enough. As of now, the odds are still even on whether the coin toss will be heads or tails. (Come on […]

What We Learned This Week: Tim ‘Tea Party’ Thomas; Pats ‘Moore’ Sterling Than Ravens

What we learned the week of January 20-27: 1. Tim Thomas hates the federal government. Not sure why anyone finds this surprising– he sounds just like every other middle-aged, multimillionaire white guy in the country. 2. Most Patriots fans suddenly discovered that there was a guy named Sterling Moore playing for their team. Now that […]

What We Learned This Week: Celtics Are Old, Padilla a Genius Move?

Week of January 11 to January 18 1. The Celtics’ Big Three are growing old together. Hmm, this somehow sounds familiar. Wasn’t Danny Ainge around for this the first time? If the plan for improving the 5-8 Celtics is that they will all suddenly stop getting older somehow, that doesn’t seem likely. 2. The Bruins […]

What We Learned This Week: Canucks Still Gutless, More Tebow Songs

Sports is supposed to entertain us, maybe help build character, and teach us valuable lessons about life. But it’s often not entertaining, and is filled with characters who still need a lot of building. But what about learning lessons? What have we learned from sports this week? (Week of January 4th through January 11th) 1. […]

Red Sox Freefall Continues: Yankees Pummel Boston 9-1.

The nightmarish September of the Red Sox only got worse on Saturday as they were demolished by the New York Yankees 9-1. The Yankees took control of the game early, knocking around Boston starter Jon Lester for 8 runs in 2 2/3 innings, and handed the Red Sox their 13th loss in their last 16 […]

Poll: When Will Tim Wakefield Get his 200th Career Win?

Beloved veteran Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield won his 199th career game on July 24th. He’s since had 6 starts, but the 45-year-old Wakefield, the oldest player in the major leagues, hasn’t managed a victory in any of them. In those six starts, he’s had the lead in the 6th inning or later 3 times, […]

Poll of the Week: What’s the Best Part of the Bruins’ Stanley Cup Win?

The Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972, their game 7 victory in Vancouver inspiring joyous celebrations across New England. Now that the fanfare and hoopla have finally died down, it’s time to consider this question:

Poll of the Week: Should The Bruins Fight And/Or Bite Back?

In Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Alex Burrows of the Canucks was caught on video biting the finger of Boston’s Patrice Bergeron. Burrows was not suspended, and went on to post two goals and an assist in the next game, a 3-2 Vancouver overtime win. Vancouver’s Maxim Lapierre later taunted Bergeron, pretending to […]

Poll of the Week: What Was the Worst Moment of the Last Year in Boston sports?

The past year has been a tough one for Boston sports fans, compared to the great years of the past decade. Which of the many bad moments was the very worst?

Poll of the Week: Which Recent Boston Sports Story Do You Care About the Most?

A lot has been going on in Boston sports lately.