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The BCS Top 25 (Week 9): Clemson Roars into Top 5

1. LSU IT. IS. ON.  We’ve been circling this game for weeks (months?), and now there is nothing in the way of the epic 1 vs. 2 matchup between LSU and Alabama. The Bayou Bengals haven’t just dominated teams this season, they’ve demoralized them. Even though they’ve played an impressive selection of schools that includes […]

The BCS Top 25 (Week 8): Cowboys Sitting at No. 4.

Quick note: with the release of the BCS rankings this week, the Top 25 wrap-up will be based on those rankings from here on out. The biggest change will be my shift from complaining about stupid voters to complaining about flawed algorithms. Let’s get to it.

The AP Top 25 (Week 7): Kansas State Sneaks Up Rankings

1. LSU (40) How dare they give up points to the then-17th ranked Florida Gators. I was once again disappointed that they did not get the shutout. With that said, they seem like they’re playing with more than 11 defenders. Their defense is awesome, and I mean that in the most literal sense. 2. Alabama […]

The AP Top 25 (Week 6): Wisconsin Jumps into the Top 5

1. LSU (40) I was legitimately disappointed that LSU couldn’t hold on to the shutout this week. Kentucky never had a chance against them. Assuming they keep winning, the Tigers’ matchup with Alabama looks like it will be the game of the season. LSU doesn’t have an easy schedule in the interim though, with games […]

College Football: Boise State Re-Aligning To Nowhere

Now that the conference carousel has stopped (for this season), there appears to be a clear picture of which schools were pursued and considered for inclusion in BCS conferences. This obviously includes schools that are currently in BCS conferences, but also included surprises like the service academies and decent Conference USA schools (East Carolina? Really […]

The AP Top 25 (Week 5): LSU Claims Top Spot

1. LSU (42) Not even one week can go by without LSU being involved in a rankings flip-flop with another winning team. It was justified this week though. Their defense is truly terrifying, and their team speed causes problems all over the place. I still have trouble believing Les Miles can win another BCS Championship, […]

Endangered Eagles: Football Misery at The Heights

The Boston College Eagles have gotten off to a terrible start this season. With close losses to smarty-pants institutions Northwestern and Duke sandwiched around an evisceration at Central Florida, it is already time to write the season off. This is a bad team, and there’s little reason for hope. To start, the team’s two best […]

The AP Top 25: Week 4, Boise State’s Smooth, Clemson Hot

1. Oklahoma (37) With the win over Florida State, Oklahoma took three first place votes each from Alabama and LSU. They also looked like a team that could win the BCS Championship. Great analyst that I am, I believe they are a really good football team. 2. LSU (14) After their win over Mississippi State […]

The AP Top 25: Week 3, Auburn and Arizona State Climb in

1. Oklahoma (32) Without a game this week, the Sooners became the first school to be ranked No. 1 in 100 AP polls. That achievement has very little bearing on this year’s team, but it impressive nonetheless. Good for them. They have a massive game at Florida State Saturday, and with a win they could […]

The AP Top 25: Week 2, LSU jumps Alabama For No. 2 Spot

1. Oklahoma (32) The Sooners opened with a convincing win. It was nothing spectacular, but they didn’t have anything to fear from Tulsa. They just went about their business, and now they can prepare for the huge matchup with Florida State next week. 2. LSU (17) After winning the opening weekend’s marquee matchup, it’s tough […]

Game Review: Madden NFL 12

Since gaining the exclusive right to portray NFL properties in 2004, the Madden franchise has been marked by gradual improvement. With no direct competitor, the only thing pushing its development forward is the enjoyment of the consumer. As long as people can say, “well, it’s better than last year,” EA has succeeded. Unambitious as this […]

Does the NBA Have a Challenger From The North?

Starting at the end of October, Canada will have its own basketball league, the National Basketball League of Canada. As surprising as it may be, the country has never had a national basketball league. The league currently has seven teams, located in large cities like Halifax and Quebec City, mid-sized cities like Oshawa and London, […]

College Football: The AP Preseason Top 25

Preseason rankings are basically guesses and contribute to the competitive imbalance of college football. However, from a fan’s perspective they are very helpful and give a moderate idea of what to expect from the coming soon. Here’s this year’s preseason AP Top 25: 1. Oklahoma (36) Landry Jones leads an impressive passing attack that could […]

Alex Rodriguez & Poker: Gambling With His Career?

Earlier this week, Star Magazine alleged that Alex Rodriguez had participated in at least one poker game at the home of record executive Cody Leibel. The report claimed that at one late 2009 game, cocaine was present and a fight broke out over Leibel’s failure to pay a debt. Rodriguez reportedly attempted to keep his […]

Celtics Draft Pick E’Twaun Moore to Play in Italy?

UPDATE (7/28) – Moore reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with Benetton Treviso in Italy. —– It is looking increasingly likely that the NBA will not play a game in 2011. The players know this, and that’s why they have looked into playing overseas. Deron Williams was the first, but dozens are likely to follow. […]