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A Letter to Wes Welker

Dear Wes Welker, First off it’s great to see that you’re recovering extremely fast. I was scared when you were injured during that Texans game in Week 17. The Patriots desperately needed you in the playoffs and unfortunately, we were bounced in the Wild Card round by the Ravens. Last season you were ridiculous. I […]

George Steinbrenner Passes Away at 80

To many in the Boston area, he was one of the most hated men. We despised the way he built his teams and formed a Nation to counter his Empire. Still, George Steinbrenner should be respected as one of the greatest owners in baseball history. George passed away today at the age of 80 after […]

2010 World Cup Preview: The Quarterfinals

I know it’s disappointing. The USA did not pass what was seemingly an easy challenge against Ghana. Still, do not get discouraged with the World Cup. There is still plenty of great football… err… soccer, to be played! What If I told you there were two matchups happening that were worthy of the finals? That’s […]

Sox Look for Answers After Pedroia Breaks Foot

He was coming off a 5-5 night complete with three home runs against the Rockies. Then it all came tumbling down. Dustin Predoia may now miss weeks, if not months with a broken foot. This could not have happened as a worse time. The Red Sox have been on a tear lately, going 7-3 in […]

2010 World Cup Review: The Group Stages

Well, the first round of the World Cup has been an exciting one, especially for all you USA fans out there. A mixture of excitement and disappointment was felt throughout South Africa, but as some teams look forward to the knockout round, others get to sit back and think about what went wrong. Here are […]

Patriots 2010 Preview: The Defensive Backs

The New England defense was not one of the NFL’s elite last season. They were mediocre on both sides of the ball, but did show signs of life from time to time, especially with the defensive backs. There was no star in the backfield. No single guy that served as a leader. Just a bunch […]

An Early World Cup Run Down

The World Cup isn’t even a week old, but now is a perfect time to see how the world’s biggest sports event has been going. There have been some surprises, and some expected results. From the defending world champions in action, to the much-hyped U.S. vs. England, to the host nation South Africa kicking things […]

Patriots 2010 Preview: The Linebackers

It was 2007. The Patriots were fresh off a victory against their rivals the Colts and were 9-0 en route to a perfect season. For their mid-season special, Sports Illustrated ran a cover featuring the heart of the Patriots. It wasn’t Brady. Or Moss. Or even Belichick. It was the entire linebacking unit. Tedy Bruschi, […]

The Fall of Bill?

“We’ve got to start listening to Coach Belichick. We’ve got young kids who are good players. We’ve got the best football coach of all time. He’s got the answers. We as a team have to take the teaching and the coaching we’ve been given.” The above quote is from Tom Brady, during an interview with […]

Buchholz Shines as Sox Top Rays

What is it with Boston against Florida teams? First the Celtics roll over the Heat and started fantastic against the Magic. Then the Red Sox got into the action by steamrolling the Rays. It was Big Papi and Youk that led the way with two home runs as Boston accumulated 12 hits and ended up […]

Bill Belichick and Joe Maddon: Tales From the Hood(ie)

I love hoodies. I literally have close to 20 in all different forms. I even have a lucky Patriots hoodie that I wore during two Super Bowl wins, but went against wearing it during the Super Bowl against the Giants (and yes I have regretted it ever since). While in college, I was a member […]

AFC East Projection: It’s Anyone’s Game

For most of the past decade, The New England Patriots have been the dominate force in the AFC East. With seven of the last ten championships under their belt, they were always top dog. However, in the past few months, the Jets and Dolphins have gotten much better. So, could New England be in trouble […]

Patriots Sign Gerard Warren…Who?

Now I’ll need you to sit back and brace yourself for this news. The Patriots have just signed Gerard Warren! I know, that Gerard Warren. Now you might be thinking that this secures the AFC East for New England next season. That even though the Jets and Dolphins have been getting better, the huge Warren […]

It’s a Walk-Off: Beltre Walk Gives Sox the Win

Boston is beginning to inch their way back to .500 baseball and thanks to a timely series against Baltimore, they should get a little closer. They started the weekend strong with a 4-3 win over the O’s. It all came down to the eighth inning when Adrian Beltre came to the plate with the bases […]

Red Sox-Rays Suspended, Game to Be Finished Saturday?

Well, sometimes mother nature just doesn’t cooperate. With a 1-1 game going into the bottom of the ninth, The Red Sox-Rays matchup was suspended with the game to be finished on Saturday, weather permitting. Going into the fifth, with Boston down one, “El Capitaino” Jason Varitek hit his third home run of the year off […]