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Video: Yankee Fan Multitasks – Talks on Cellphone, Catches Ball with Face

You know how we always wish that the omnipresent jackass on his cellphone at baseball games would get hit in his face while he carried on his undoubtedly unimportant conversation? Well…wish granted, courtesy of Seattle’s Rob Johnson, who delivered a well placed ground rule double to one lucky Yankees fan’s domepiece. Of course,  the always […]

Texts from Theo: The Mike Lowell Situation Part II

With Daisuke Matsuzaka returning to his role of pitching behind in the count and making it insufferable to watch a Red Sox game, space had to be opened up on the 25-man roster—space made by placing the scarcely used Mike Lowell on the 15-day DL with “hip problems.” Of course no one really thinks Lowell’s […]

Know Nothing About the World Cup? That’s OK, You Can Fake It.

You and I aren’t all that different. We both spent a summer month back in 2006 getting caught up in the fervor of World Cup soccer. We were impressed by the traditions and histories. We learned the players’ names and styles. We were enchanted by the beauty and fluidity of the game. We made a […]

Does a Sox-Less All-Star Starting Lineup Mark the Fall of Red Sox Nation?

In case any of you Sox fans have noticed, and judging by the votes, you haven’t, the 2010 MLB All Star game is fast approaching. But for anyone expecting to see a Red Sox player jog out of the dugout in Anaheim for the start of this year’s Midsummer Classic, be prepare to be anywhere […]

Video: Little Person Drunkenly Berates Sox Fan In Tampa

I’ve literally been waiting since the inception of the Tampa Bay franchise to write that headline. Mark another one off the bucket list. Check out the legendary “Shortgoria” in the video below:

The Boston Bruins: Taking the Place of the Pre-2004 Red Sox

Well, it’s been a week, and I’m just starting to get over the tragic loss of the 2010 Boston Bruins’ playoff run. The past several days have really been a textbook lesson in the mourning process, as I went through all the standard Kubler-Ross stages of grief. First there was denial: “I must be having […]

Did Ainge and Savard Make Boston Look Dirty?

For anyone hoping to garnish some good will in a sports nation that has all but fallen in love with hating us, you can forget it. Between Marc Savard “biting” Dan Carcillo during a post-whistle scuffle in Game 2 of the Bruins-Flyers series, and Danny Ainge tossing a towel in the air to distract Cleveland […]

‘New Jack’ Edwards on 98.5 The Sports Hub: Bruins Announcer, Silky Smooth Lyricist

Not only is Jack Edwards a fan of hyperbolic statements and blatant homer-ism, he’s also a fan of New Jack swing artists like Color Me Badd,  Bobby Brown, Blackstreet, and Boston’s own Bel Vid Devou, as evidence on his appearance on the Toucher and Rich Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub last week. Dope Beats […]

Patriots Draft Picks 2010: Eh, Who the Hell Knows How They’ll Pan Out?

I want to preface this by saying that I am no draft expert. I casually watch college football on Saturdays in the fall, but a majority of that time is spent with one hand firmly grasping a beer and the other hand deeply entrenched down my sweatpants, firmly grasping something else. Not exactly the look […]

Which Is Better? Playoff Edition: NBA vs NHL

With the Bruins dropping the puck on their run to the Stanley Cup Finals on Thursday night, and the Celtics ready to tip off against the Heat on their journey to grab title No. 18, I thought now would be a most appropriate time to partake in one of my favorite and most cliché sports […]

Video: Chan Ho Park, Inventor of the Excuse to End All Excuses

Chan Ho Park basically won the game for the Sox in the season opener. Now, after watching this video, you can learn why. Feel free to insert your own “problem with runs” or “crappy performance” pun in comments section below, I’ll have no part in such low brow humor.

VIDEO: Matt Cooke Finally Gets 1) His Due, and 2) Knocked the Hell Out

Ever since Matt Cooke ended Marc Savard’s season with a cheap hit, Bruins fans have been clamoring for a healthy dose of revenge, and yesterday we got it–courtesy of Atlanta’s Evander Kane. Sure this dude will get plenty of cheers next time he takes the ice in Boston or at the very least a nice […]

Opening Day ’10: The Beginning of True Love or Harbinger of a Doomed Romance?

It ended like my most of my relationships—in a meltdown. Things were going along a little rough, but neither of us predicted the catastrophic climax that would cause our break up, though in hindsight, we should have. Maybe we were overly confident—the two of us had faced much bigger problems, we got through them all […]

Boston Lacrosse Video: When Not Popping Collars, LAX Players Are Popping Other Dudes In the Face

In case you didn’t know, Boston has a professional lacrosse team called the Blazers, and apparently, these Blazer fellas are quite the pugilists. A few nights ago, when they traveled to Philadelphia to take on the Wings, things got a little antagonistic. I can only assume it started when one player suggested that Ralph Lauren […]

In an Act of Stupidity, Ty Warren Goes to School

We had a busy little week didn’t we? The NCAA basketball tournament kicked into full gear.  Texts from the world’s most famous golfer were made public, which revealed his propensity for going ATM and choking out porn stars. There was a week long hype over the Bruins grudge match with Matt Cooke and the Penguins […]