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Nomar Retiring with Red Sox Isn’t All Rainbows and Happy Endings

I don’t want to piss all over everyone’s recent Nomar love-fest, but I feel someone needs to pipe up. Look, I loved the guy when he was wearing a Red Sox uniform. When I played wiffleball, I would mimic his obsessive compulsive batting glove routine, just like every other kid (I still do, because admit […]

VIDEO: Marquis Daniels One-Ups Some of World History’s Greatest Figures

Julius Caesar. Nefertiti. Hippocrates. Napoleon Bonaparte. George Washington. Martin Luther King. And…Marquis Daniels. These great and accomplished human beings have many similarities. Leadership, guile, artistry, determination and a high intelligent quotient all come to mind. But save for one, these famous historical figures were never able to average 9.3 PPG and 3.1 rebounds over the […]

Hacking Into This Whole ‘Mike Lowell Situation’

One of the most intriguing questions entering Sox spring training is the Mike Lowell situation. With the acquisition of Adrian Beltre, Lowell’s position on the team is now pretty redundant. However, there’s still questions swirling. When will he be traded? Can he? Could he play a different role on the team? Does he want to? […]

Peyton Manning a Failure? It’s Just the Way of the Universe.

I’m not what some would call a very spiritual person. I don’t go to church. I don’t believe in ghost, psychics, or the afterlife. I think of all forms of religion as either a type of copping mechanism or a social group that makes it easier to meet a like-minded person to have sex with, […]

How Vince Wilfork Can Respond To A ‘Slap In The Face’

Man, Vince Wilfork is pisssssssssssssssed. The big man called into WEEI’s Dale and Holley show Wednesday morning to share with the radio listening public his thoughts on his current contract status with the Patriots, and let’s just say he wasn’t exactly teeming with kind words for the Pats management (You can listen to the interview […]

Movie Review: Big Fan – Finally, A Sports Movie That Doesn’t Suck

I’m not a fan of most sports movies. In my opinion, sports and movies are just too genetically similar for them to safely breed. Both have plot, characters, suspense and action. Isolated, these traits make a great film or a great game. But when they intermingle, the result is very much similar to when humans […]

Frozen Fenway, BU-BC and a Much Needed Party

It takes a lot to impress me. Very rarely do I walk out of a movie, a concert, a social gathering or sporting event shaking my head in pleasurable disbelief. Not to say I don’t enjoy any of these things, because I often do. It’s just I don’t get blown away very often. I’m much […]

The Big Stories in Boston Sports for 2010

With 2009 in the books, we put to rest another crazy year in Boston sports. But I don’t need to remind you of everything that went down in ’09—you were there. Even if you spent the better part of the year huffing glue and can’t recall much of the goings on here, there have been […]

Tiger Woods Mistresses Power Rankings

I realize that the purpose of this Web site is to provide news and opinions concerning the Boston sports scene, but I can’t ignore this story any longer—we need to talk about Tiger Woods. Since Tiger decided to release his pent-up hatred for luxury SUV’s by ramming his into a tree a couple weeks ago, […]

Is John Henry Making the Sox More Hatable Than the Yanks?

I want to preface this column by saying that I like John Henry. He brought us two World Series victories in a span of a few years when the team couldn’t get one during most of the 20th century. He helped revive an aging and decrepit Fenway Park. He even had the foresight to merge […]

Who Cares About Northeastern Football? Apparently Nobody.

After hearing about the demise of Northeastern’s football program Monday morning, I immediately thought of my good friend Nick, an NU alum. I grabbed my phone and called him. Nick: Brian? Me: Hey. Nick: What’s up? I’m at work. Me: Thought you’d want to know. Nick: Know what? Me: I hooked up with your sister a […]

A Better Look at the Brady vs. Manning Debate

I’m pretty sure everyone in the world is aware that the AFC East-leading Pats are taking on the undefeated Colts this Sunday night, even people on the other side of the world who have the misguided notion that football is a sport played exclusively with your feet by men who purposefully fall down anytime an […]

The Dolphins Wildcat Is Enough to Drive Anyone Insane.

Miami has given this great country of ours so much. Want to experience Cuban culture without violating a travel ban? Pack your bags for Miami my friend. Maybe you’d like to kill someone while driving drunk and not be bothered by serving some pesky, extended jail sentence?  Grab those car keys all you  Donte Stallworth […]

Don’t Let Phil Kessel Ignite Us Bruins Fans

We’ve all flipped out before. More often than not it’s the result of multiple things piling up: a bad few days at work, an argument with a girlfriend, car problems, bad weather, and/or a bad loss by your favorite. Then, some minor annoyance occurs. Maybe you can’t find your remote, or the Internet is a little slow. And what […]

Pedro Martinez vs. Yankees: New Uniform, Same Enemy

Look, I know it hurts. None of us wanted it to end like this. But, this is the way it is, the way it has to be. It’s over for us. Those are the sentences I once wrote on my ex-girlfriend’s dry-erase board when she was away at work to inform her our relationship was […]