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Celtics Let Game 7 Slip Away, Lose to Lakers 83-79

In a timeout near the end of Game 5, Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson told his players that the Celtics know how to lose in the forth quarter. Whether it was his Zen propaganda, the Monstars sucking the talent out of Ray Allen, or the absence of Kendrick Perkins, the Celtics proved Jackson’s theory to be […]

Galarraga’s Game to Remain Imperfect

Everyone knows that OJ was guilty, everyone knows that Barry Bonds was on steroids, and everyone knows that Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game. Through 8.2 innings, the Detroit righty had retired each and every batter he faced. With one out to go, a missed call by the now infamous umpire Jim Joyce cost Galarraga […]

Bi-Polar Performance by Beckett Knocks the Sox Back Into Reality

After obliterating the Angels, the Red Sox faced their biggest rivals Friday night and suffered one of their worst losses of the season. Josh Beckett had complete command of his fastball and off-speed pitches through the first 3.2 innings, striking out seven batters. After giving up a three-run homer to Nick Swisher, Beckett lost control […]

After Rough April, Is It Already Time For Red Sox Fans to Panic?

We know. The Red Sox just had their worst April since 1996, but are we completely screwed? No. Not yet at least. Because it’s all we’ve seen, it’s not hard to imagine that the team that has shown up is the one we’ll have all season. The truth is that things will change, whether it’s […]