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Not Another Pink Hat 7-16

Yesterday, the New York Daily News printed an article with the back page headline “Papelbum” because Red Sox closer, Papelbon, said that he should close the All-Star game instead of Yankees player, Mariano Rivera. The tabloid quoted him saying, “If I was managing the team, I would close. I’m not managing the team, so it […]

Not Another Pink Hat 7-11

For most Americans, Friday, July 4th was a great day. Families were having barbecues and many towns had Independence Day fireworks. Red Sox fans had even more reason to celebrate, after beating the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. However, according to boston.com, this wasn’t enough to satisfy a group of young people in Falmouth, MA. The […]

Not Another Pink Hat 5-15

As a Red Sox fan, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry has officially gone too far. The Boston Herald reported on Tuesday that a Yankees fan successfully sued a Red Sox fan for a hand injury he sustained while punching the man in the face. That’s right, Gloucester, MA native […]

Not Another Pink Hat (5-6)

If you’re a Red Sox fan, there’s one thing you know for sure. “Yankees Suck!” Even if they were to go undefeated for an entire season, end world hunger, and save a family of kittens from a burning building, the Yankees still suck. Yet, most fans will admit that the rivalry is all in good […]

Former Patriots Punter Dies

According to the Boston Globe, former Patriots’ punter Mike Patrick died at age 55. No cause of death was given. Patrick spent four seasons with that Pats from 1975-78. Signed originally as a free agent, he ranks fifth on the Pats all-time list with 8,481 yards on 225 punts in 43 career games. In his […]

Not Another Pink Hat (4-21)

According to the Boston Herald, Boston College’s star defensive end, Brady Smith, was charged with sexual assault and breaking and entering that occurred early Saturday morning. The 20-year-old junior started 12 games last year, contributing to the team’s impressive 11-3 season. He has been issued a summary suspension from the university and has been indefinitely […]

Not Another Pink Hat (4-17)

Apparently the Mitchell Report was just the tip of the iceberg for Miguel Tejada. According to ESPN.com, Houston Astros’ shortstop Miguel Tejada lied about his age when he signed with the Oakland Athletics in 1993. Following the advice of a local coach, he said he was 17 years old when he signed, even though he […]

Not Another Pink Hat (4-03)

2 Outfield Tickets… $60 Favorite player’s t-shirt… $25 “Official MLB” hat… $30 Being a fan… NOT PRICELESS That’s right. “Red Sox Nation” is no longer a general term for all Red Sox fans. No, now we need to make it official by spending an additional $15-250. This has been going on for a few years […]

Not Another Pink Hat – 3-11

Breaking News: Randy Moss is innocent! From Spygate to Tom Brady’s baby mama drama, the Patriots have been the center of many stories in 2007-08. This was probably the reason Rachelle Washington decided to come forward with allegations that Randy Moss hit her and prevented her from seeking treatment in her home on January 6, […]

Not Another Pink Hat (2-29)

Breaking news! According to NYdailynews.com, Patriots QB Tom Brady has been offered seven figures to star in a new underwear campaign for Calvin Klein. This move was designed to compete with Armani’s ads staring L.A. Galaxy’s David Beckham. My take: As long as this doesn’t deter his focus from football, I don’t see any reason […]

Not Another Pink Hat (2-26)

I am a girl. I love sports. I don’t see why these two things cannot go hand in hand. My mom, aunt, and sister are all huge sports fans. I grew up watching the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics. When the Sports of Boston guys decided to add a female voice to this blog, I […]