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To Spend or Save? Are the Red Sox Better Off?

When the infamous Megadeal took place in August, a new realm of possibilities opened up for the Red Sox going forward. With almost all significant contracts either expiring or dumped onto the Dodgers, Boston essentially had $105 MM to burn…or use responsibly, because that would be cool too. The Red Sox were no longer crippled […]

New Offseason, but Same Problems for the Red Sox

Ben Cherington is at it again. And by that I mean doing next to nothing to put the Red Sox in a position to be competitive next season. As free agents are slowly coming off the board, the Red Sox look no better off than they were at the end of a dreadful 2012 season. […]

Tampa Bay Rays Cut Prices on Red Sox Games at Tropicana Field

Apparently Red Sox fans weren’t the only ones unimpressed with a roster including the likes of Mauro Gomez, Scott Podsednik, and Daniel Nava among others. According to Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, eight of Boston’s nine games at Tampa next season have been re-categorized from Diamond and Platinum status to a lower classification. […]

Bay-State Reunion: Should the Red Sox Look to Reacquire Jason Bay?

For some reason, Red Sox fans are delighted when the possibility of a reunion arises. Unfortunately, this inexplicable urge to reacquire former players often finds itself at odds with the desire to field a competitive baseball team. Is re-signing Kevin Youkilis and/or Marco Scutaro really worth having to suffer through a 70-win season? Today, however, […]

How to Fix the Red Sox this Offseason: Core-Building Edition

Another regular season in the books, another Red Sox team left with gaping holes, managerial search controversies, and rumors of character problems. Hey, when you don’t follow good advice, what do you expect? With everyone tired out by underperforming super stars and no particularly enticing free agents to lure Boston into repeating the same mistakes, […]

The Small Market Myth of the 2012 MLB Season

As Major League Baseball’s 2012 Playoffs approach, a crop of new teams appear poised to contend in October. With perennial doormats such as the Baltimore Orioles, Oakland Athletics, and even Pittsburgh Pirates now in the heat of the competition, a trendy, new train of thought comes with them. The era of big market teams is […]

In Defense of Josh Beckett

When someone decides to write The Big Book of Baseball Aces, Josh Beckett will be nothing more than a footnote. His win-loss record of 89-58 and 4.17 ERA over his six and a half year stint with the Red Sox has been totally mediocre, compared to both the premiere starting pitchers of his generation and […]

Looking Back: Trade Deadline A Missed Opportunity for Red Sox to do…Something

The July 31st trade deadline should have been an opportunity for the seemingly paralyzed Red Sox to decide what direction the franchise is heading, both in this year and the ones to come. Two weeks later, however, that has still yet to happen. After essentially staying the same (not including the 100 pounds saved by swapping […]

David Ortiz Won’t Make the Hall of Fame

Despite hitting the disabled list, David Ortiz has had another monster season to add to his resume. Already achieving an eleventh consecutive season with at least 20 home runs and making his eighth overall All-Star appearance this year, Ortiz’s 2012 campaign can already be labeled an individual success. At the ripe old age of 36, […]

Let’s put the Star back into the MLB All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star Game is around corner, yet the event, once heralded by speculation and excitement, has been replaced by one which draws little more than indifference from casual fans. From the selection process all the way to the actual game, the flaws surrounding this event make it a no-competition when it comes to the […]

Bobby Valentine is the Fourth Best Manager in Baseball. Wait…What?

If there was a list of the most polarizing figures in recent Boston sports, Bobby Valentine would have to be near the top of that list. Some people find him endearing and entertaining, other people find him annoyingly narcissistic. Some people praise him as a baseball strategist, while others believe him to be an oblivious […]

So Tired of the LeBron James Storyline

Someone should probably tell the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder that they’re wasting their time. For that matter, the NBA should just step in and cancel the rest of this Celtics-Heat series. What should have a battle between two ideologies–young vs. old, flashy vs. scrappy, the individual vs. the team–has been all but […]

Was the Hate Towards Jonathan Papelbon Really that Necessary?

The Red Sox series against the Philadelphia Phillies this past weekend marked more than the first inter-league games of the season. Jonathan Papelbon, formerly Boston’s closer for six years, faced his old team for the first time. While the standard reunion between player and former team typically involves over exaggerated reminiscing over this past relationship (unless […]

Nava-gating MLB: Do the Red Sox Need More Players like Daniel Nava?

When you have three outfielders on the disabled list and a team in last place, what do you do? Call up lifetime minor leaguer Daniel Nava, of course. The 29-year-old outfielder may be best known for hitting a grand slam on his first major league pitch back in 2010, but Nava is managing to contribute […]

Hey Bobby V, Why Such a Heavy Reliance on the Red Sox Bench?

Another season, another horrid start, and a lot of concerns surrounding this year’s Red Sox squad. Mark Melancon’s ERA is higher than Jamie Moyer’s age, the DL has a higher payroll than the San Diego Padres, and Jacoby Ellsbury won’t be throwing the javelin anytime soon (let alone play the outfield). One trend that hasn’t […]