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What We Learned About the Red Sox this Week: Formulas for Failure

So 0-3 again. That sounds familiar.  Call me sadistic, but I’m starting to find the Red Sox total ineptitude to be kind of funny. Here are some thoughts as the season kicks off, yet again, with a losing streak: Ben Cherington did not do his job. No, moving pieces into holes to create more holes […]

Why Josh Beckett has Nothing to Prove (and Why it’s Good for Baseball)

There’s not much to be excited for heading into the regular season for the Red Sox. A potential power struggle is brewing between Valentine and Cherington, the starting shortstop is a utility player acquired from the Kansas City Royals, and the fifth starter is a relief pitcher with two pitches. Additionally, almost everyone on the […]

Red Sox 2012 Starting Rotation Preview: Mystery Pitcher #5

The Red Sox sure made things easy by not acquiring an obvious fifth starting pitcher. On a not completely unrelated note, here are some pitchers who will probably attempt to start games for the Red Sox this year: Felix Doubront: This seems like a somewhat logical choice. He’s young (24) and a lefty. He’s also […]

Red Sox 2012 Starting Rotation Preview: Clay Buchholz

Clay Buchholz (6-3, 3.48 ERA, 82.2 IP, 60 K, 31 BB): Everyone seems to be penciling in Buchholz for a repeat of his 2010 performance. But are those appropriate expectations? Everyone will point to that impressive 17-7 record and the awe-inducing 2.33 ERA, but they tend forget that 2010 was Buchholz’s first truly productive season […]

Red Sox 2012 Starting Rotation Preview: Jon Lester

Jon Lester (15-9, 3.47 ERA, 191.2 IP, 182K, 75 BB): By all counts, Jon Lester had a solid 2011 season. Nevertheless, the expectations for Lester are still higher. It seems like people have been talking for years about Lester improving from simply an All-Star pitcher to a perennial Cy Young contender. Will 2012 be the […]

Red Sox 2012 Starting Rotation Preview: Josh Beckett

Josh Beckett (13-7, 2.89 ERA, 193 IP, 175 K, 52 BB):  What constitutes an ace? While an ace is typically a dominant starting pitcher, there is oftentimes more responsibility tied to the unofficial title. An ace is the leader, the guy everyone else looks up to. For most teams, Josh Beckett would indisputably be the ace, […]

Red Sox 2012 Starting Rotation Preview: Daniel Bard

Daniel Bard (2-9, 3.33 ERA, 73 IP, 74 K, 24 BB) Another starting pitcher, another question mark. As it had been speculated for months, Bard entered Spring Training preparing to be a starter. Last year’s set-up man was initially groomed as a starter in the minors, but it wasn’t exactly pretty (3-7 with a 7.08 […]

Is Rooting for Recycled Laundry Worth the Time?

In the past several months, Boston sports fans have seen some of their favorite players leave town for other franchises. Jonathan Papelbon bolted for a sack of cash in Philadelphia and Glen “Big Baby” Davis was sent to Orlando in a sign-and-trade. What initially struck me about both of these events was the lack of […]

2012 MLB Offseason Winners and Losers

With Spring Training days away, it’s time to look back on the offseason. Who won? Who lost? Keep reading to find out.  (Note: If the 2011 Red Sox taught us anything it’s that winning the offseason translates into nothing but not so bold predictions and speculations.) Winner: New York Yankees They knew they had a […]

The End of the Boston Sports Renaissance

With Super Bowl XVLI in the rearview window, it’s clear that the hype around this Super Bowl was not like many other championships. As much as we try to kid ourselves, they all basically follow the same repackaged story lines. Will so and so finally get that elusive ring? Can the whoevers bring glory back […]

Friday Rambling: Peyton, A-Rod, and LeBron…What’s My Problem with the Best?

With Peyton Manning announcing that he has been cleared to play next season, there has been no shortage of coverage on the topic. And it’s not without justification–an NFL with Big Manning is probably a more exciting NFL. Good for him. What is curious, however, is the fact that the news was announced just days […]

Low-Cost Pitching: The 2011 Yankees vs. the 2012 Red Sox

With their latest addition of Vincente Padilla, the Red Sox continue their spree of signing old and terrible pitchers. To the frustration of many fans, the Red Sox continue to pass on established starters such as Roy Oswalt for the likes of Carlos Silva and Aaron Cook. Meanwhile, the Yankees acquired Hiroki Kuroda and Michael […]

Dealing with the Cubs: Thoughts on Matt Garza, Theo Epstein, & Compensation

Spring Training is only getting closer and the Red Sox still find themselves with only 3/5 of a legitimate, albeit injury prone rotation. Nevertheless, Boston seems content riding the course, with low risk (and probably low reward) moves. Does Aaron Cook get you excited? It shouldn’t. Futhermore, the Sox seem unwilling to pony up for […]

Why Are the Red Sox Being so Frugal?

Last offseason, the Red Sox made noise. The 2011 season was all about Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and speculation about the greatest team ever. We all know how that turned out. Nowadays, the Sox find themselves with a raincloud of shame and embarrassment hovering over them. Critics believe this team is incomplete and they have […]

Should the Celtics Target the Legendary James Posey

With the loss of Jeff Green for the season, the Celtics’ already-weak bench took a big hit. The lack of any cap space whatsoever doesn’t help matters, either. As currently constructed, Boston simply does not have enough man power to compete with the likes of Miami, Chicago, and even New York. The thirty somethings – […]