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$100 Million Contracts: Big Risk or Death Sentence?

In today’s world, people define success by using many different standards.  These measures include happiness, wisdom, or even helping other members of society. Unfortunately all of these people foolishly overlook the true answer–earning a $100 million contract to play for a Major League Baseball team. Who doesn’t want to play a kiddie game for disgusting […]

Circular Logic: Patriots’ Playoff Chances are Anyone’s Guess

They were good. Then they were bad. Now they’re good again. That basically sums up the Patriots season so far. With the playoffs all but likely, there should be optimism across New England, yet this is not the case. And after following up a 14-2 regular season with a one-in-done in the playoffs, this lack […]

Cubs Hire Dale Sveum: How are the Red Sox Managing the Managing Dilemma?

With Dale Sveum officially signing on as manager of the Cubs, the Red Sox managerial search continues to drag on. Boston has already interviewed Gene Lamont, Torey Lovullo, Pete Mackanin, and Sandy Alomar Jr. for the job. All of those candidates except for Mackanin appear to still be under consideration. And apparently Bobby Valentine is […]

Should the Red Sox Consider Signing Roy Oswalt?

With the Red Sox looking to fill 40% of their starting rotation, names such as Jeff Francis, Bruce Chen, and Erik Bedard are being thrown around. If those guys doen’t sound particularly appealing to you, then you’re not alone. Short of CJ Wilson, the general consensus seems to be that the free agent market for […]

The Tragedy of Team Colors

By no means do I consider myself a fashion guru, but when I saw the Miami Marlins’ new uniforms, I thought it was a joke. Last time I checked the unofficial rules, baseball teams are only allowed two team colors (not including white). Yet for some strange reason, I was okay with it. But because […]

How to Fix the Red Sox this Off Season

As the offseason gets underway, the Red Sox don’t particularly have that many needs. Except for a manager. And an outfielder. And a few starting pitchers. Oh and an entire new bullpen. I guess I was wrong, they do have a lot of needs. And considering the payroll, there’s not much room for an Albert […]

Which Boston Team do you Want to Win a Championship the Most?

It’s a known fact, but I’ll say it again–we the Boston sports fans have spent the past ten years swimming in championships and parades. Of course if it was up to any Boston sports fan, each of Boston’s four teams would win the championships every year. But what if you could only pick one?  Which […]

Which Team is Better Operated: Red Sox or Patriots?

As the Red Sox continue their plunge into chaos and ruin on the likes of which a team can never recover (emphasis on never), the Patriots appear to be cruising along to another playoff run. I can’t help but compare them. Two months ago, if you asked the experts to name some of the model […]

Don’t be Fooled by the Propaganda from Red Sox Ownership

Beer, KFC, pill-popping, video games, fighting…sounds pretty fun. Unless you’re part of the professional baseball team that experienced the greatest collapse in Major League history–apparently that makes people a little upset. As has been highly reported, the Red Sox have imploded. Sweet. But the fact of the matter is that had the Red Sox had […]

Why is Josh Beckett so Hated?

With the collapse of the 2011 Red Sox a week into the past, we can finally begin to rationally decide who to irrationally blame. While I’m all for the torches and pitchforks, one member of the Red Sox is receiving an unfair amount of the heat. Then again, Josh Beckett always has constantly received undeserved […]

2011 Boston Red Sox: The Saddest Little Baseball Team

At first I was angry. Then I gloated. Then I got sad. And now I’m just pissed. Let’s be honest, no one would have predicted this in March. No one would have thought the Red Sox would find themselves at a crossroad…again. In the press conference Thursday, a reporter asked about a roster overhaul. Didn’t […]

Boston Sports Featured on ESPN Magazine Cover

Did you know that Boston is the greatest sports city of the 21st century? Well if you didn’t, you do now after reading the ESPN Magazine issue dedicated entirely to Boston sports. Of course, this success has nothing to do with the athletes or team management, but everything to do with the fans of Boston.  […]

Most Valuable Position Player: Verlander, Beckett, and the Demise of Morality in Sports

With the Red Sox facing impending doom, we might as well look forward to the end of season awards. The most interesting award this year, is by far the American League Most Valuable Player (sorry National League, but I just don’t really care). There are two elements that make this year’s MVP so intriguing.  The […]

TMZ: Manny Ramirez Arrested for Domestic Violence

According to reports, former Red Sox outfielder, Manny Ramirez, has been arrested for alleged domestic violence. Ramirez was taken in handcuffs from his home in Weston, Florida. He’s been charged with battery. Reaction I’m not even going to try making a “Manny being Manny” joke.

The 2011 Red Sox Will Not Win the World Series

Note from the Author: Is this satirizing obnoxious and entitled fans? I don’t know. It could be parody or maybe I’m just a punk. With the Red Sox reeling fast as the playoffs approach, we’ve reached a very appropriate time to ask “Does this team have what it takes?” Do the 2011 Boston Red Sox […]