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Randy Moss Wants to Play for Patriots: What Happened to Traditional Retirement?

According to Pro Football Talk, (retired?) wide receiver Randy Moss wants to return to the Patriots. That’s a little surprising. Considering that Moss presumably called it quits due to lack of interest, Randy probably doesn’t have all that much leverage in choosing where (and if) he wants to play at all. And in case anyone […]

Who Would Win in a Fight: Jason Varitek or Jorge Posada?

As a strong member of the “Red Sox/Yankees Rivalry is dead” Club, I’ve been forced to look for new and innovative ways to entertain myself when Boston and New York play. By that I mean, I decide who would win positional battles. Like actual positional battles. Like if two players of the same position literally […]

Kevin Youkilis and Biz Markie Team Up for Commercial

Biz Markie has done it all. He’s made a hit single. He’s been a featured artist on a song by my favorite childhood band, The Aquabats! He even has a regular segment on Yo Gabba Gabba. Oh, and now he’s dressed as Ben Franklin and played the piano with Kevin Youkilis. That’s basically my entire […]

Delonte West Applies for Job at Home Depot

According to multiple reports, Delonte West could be trading in his Celtic’s green for Home Depot orange. Unlike many other NBA players who are looking to play overseas in the case of a lockout, West’s legal issues have prevented him from leaving the country. He tweeted the other day: It’s official.. Pride 2 the side.. […]

Manning Compares Himself to Brady: Why is No. 12 Hated?

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback (and possibly human being) in the history of our Earth. His worldly passing skills, and pretty boy smile put him in a class of his own. He’s a natural winner who brings home Super Bowl Championships like no one’s business. Oh, but apparently Eli Manning disagrees so of course […]

Boston Barstool Sports Posts Naked Photos of Tom Brady’s Son

Do you enjoy posting pictures of naked children online? Apparently Boston Barstool Sports does. Earlier Thursday, the site posted a picture of Tom Brady’s child at the beach. He was naked. Oh, and he’s only two years old. That’s not creepy or anything. And the comment below the photo wasn’t much better: That’s a big […]

Are MLB Games Too Long? Beckett, Boredom, and the Flaws of Baseball

Despite his stellar performance, Josh Beckett’s latest start has not been without criticism. The issue at hand does not concern pitch selection or control, but rather the amount of time Beckett chose to take between pitches. Considering the rules as they currently stand, Beckett did absolutely nothing wrong. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a […]

Red Sox-Yankees: A Dying Rivalry

While the Red Sox played the Indians to start the week, fans and media alike were really looking ahead to the three-game series with the Yankees beginning Friday. In typical fashion, the Sox find themselves in a close race for the AL East, with their hated rivals. The rivalry should be more heated than ever, […]

Red Sox (and their Fan Base) Should Stand Pat at the Trade Deadline

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Red Sox acquired Jose Reyes? He would be a perfect fit at shortstop, one of the team’s few weaknesses. Reyes has a ridiculous batting average, steals bases, and is arguably having one of the best seasons in baseball. Boston’s already deep lineup would only get deeper. Or what about […]

Video: Delonte West Releases Mix Tape About KFC

In case you didn’t know, Delonte West and Kanye West are two different people. But apparently that didn’t stop Delonte, the guard from the Boston Celtics, from deciding to drop a mix tape. I can’t say he’s completely terrible–After all, anyone who can freestyle about Kentucky Fried Chicken for about six minutes has to have […]

The Future of Dustin Pedroia’s Nickname, “The Muddy Chicken”

Second base…tastes like chicken? Apparently, that’s what Dustin Pedroia is going for with his new nickname, the Muddy Chicken. Pedroia has always been known as the little guy with the big sense of humor, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  But does this signal the end of the Laser Show? Let’s hope […]

Who is the Most-Hated Sports Figure in Boston?

Sports fans love superlatives and Boston fans are no exception. Cruel and demeaning ones are even better. Most over rated? Derek Jeter. Most Pathetic? Lebron. Biggest sissy? A-Rod. Most in need of a weight loss program? Rex Ryan. Worst commercial actor? Peyton Manning. Most likely to be mistaken for Jar Jar Binks? Chris Bosh. You […]