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Is Jacoby Ellsbury the New Manny Ramirez?

Recently, Jacoby Ellsbury has gained a negative reputation because of his rib injury. Is Red Sox Nation being too harsh on him? Who is really responsible for shedding this negative light on the swift outfielder?

Sox Give Rays a Taste of Their Own Medicine

It was a beautiful sight for Red Sox Nation to see them sweep the top team in the AL East this week, but will this 3-game sweep over the Rays be enough to motivate the Sox to keep on trucking up the treacherous AL ladder?

Hey Lowell, Why the Long Face?

Over the past week or so, it’s been made abundantly clear that Mike Lowell is no longer happy in Boston.  It’s sad, but who can blame him?  Lowell has been fighting injury and giving his all to the Red Sox since 2006, and his efforts have not gone unnoticed.  There’s a reason Red Sox Nation […]

Here’s Johnny: Our First Glimpse of Damon in a Tigers Uniform

This weekend, Red Sox Nation will get their first look at Johnny Damon in a Tigers uniform. Do we still hold a grudge? Should the Yankees have let him go? Should we have picked him up?

Tek Talk: What Has Gotten Into Jason Varitek?

Jason Varitek is far surpassing many people’s 2010 expectations at the plate. So, why the success and how much can playing time can we expect for the captain? I have a few thoughts.