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Hey Red Sox: Time To Hit The Panic Button!

Remember those irritating siren that would sound every time something bad happened in a sci-fi movie? Well, I’m turning it on. That’s right, following in the footsteps of the great Boston sportswriters before me, I’m pressing the Panic Button! If it wasn’t disturbing enough that the Sox have lost 6 games off their Wild Card […]

Reviewing 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “98 Mile”

When I was growing up, I began to listen to sports radio (at the time we only had WEEI) mostly before bed on weeknights and before school in the mornings. So for years, the only shows I tuned into regularly were Dennis & Callahan and the now-defunct Ted Nation with Ted Sorandis. If you’re familiar […]

The Birth of a Sanchize

If the aftermath of Sunday’s demoralizing defeat (no pun intended, I’m not Wes Welker) at the hands of Rex Ryan’s Jets, everyone in New England did what we always do, and immediately started looking for someone to blame. Brady was too flat, we said. Belichick got outcoached. To accept a loss to our (former) little […]

Boston Red Sox 2010 Report Card: Infield

More than a full month after the end of the World Series, Sports of Boston brings you the final report card for the Red Sox. In this installment, we take a look at the infield. All the time in the world may not be enough to analyze the 2010 Red Sox infield, which is marred […]

A Critique of the Red Sox 2010 Rotation

The 2010 Red Sox starting rotation had their ups and downs, but if they can all at least play to their potential in 2011, the Red Sox may regain control of the AL East and could capture a third World Series in seven years. Jon Lester (19-9,/3.25/225) After another tough April, Lester was excellent as […]

Moss Trade Painful, But Might Not be so Bad

A little over two years ago, the Red Sox traded a certain malcontent superstar during the season. They did not receive equal value. Unless this new third round pick is turned into a player like Vincent Jackson, it’s likely that the Patriots’ dealing of Randy Moss to the Vikings will be perceived as one-sided. After […]

What’s Wrong With Lackey?

As Carl Crawford rounded the bases on Sunday, John Lackey could only watch as the lead, and perhaps the 2010 season, slipped away. When the Sox signed John Lackey to an 82.5-million dollar mega-deal in the offseason, I thought it was a fantastic move. I have followed Lackey’s career since his rookie season, seen him […]

Clay Buchholz for Cy Young Award?

Clay Buchholz is used to having his name thrown around; over the past few years the right-hander has constantly been brought up in countless trade rumors. This year, his name is being brought up in a different conversation entirely: Cy Young candidates. It’s been a triumphant season for the 26-year old, as he has finally […]

Can Antoine Walker Make it Back to the NBA?

After spending the last two years out of the NBA, devastating financial issues related to gambling and other debt have prompted former Celtic Antoine Walker to attempt a comeback to the NBA. Back in 2002, I remember watching a playoff game between the Celtics and the 76ers, back when Walker was the unquestioned leader and […]

Signability and the 2010 Red Sox Draft

While baseball’s selection day doesn’t have the same collegiate star-power of the NBA Draft or the glamor of the NFL draft, its importance is equal. A lot of Red Sox fans may be unaware of how masterful the team has been at the draft process the past few years; but these are the same people […]

The Sad Truth About Josh Beckett

Watching the Red Sox blow an 8-2 lead on Friday night was a miserable experience. Even worse is the fact that Josh Beckett was out there for most of it, allowing six runs in five innings. Normally I would write this off as a bad game from a great pitcher; but it’s not that simple […]

Introducing Ryan Kalish

It’s been a brutal, injury riddled season thus far, and the Red Sox have been forced to rely on contributions from unlikely sources all year. We’ve seen walk-off doubles from Darnell McDonald, grand slams from of Daniel Nava and perhaps one too many at-bats from the likes of Jeremy Hermida and Eric Patterson. However, these […]

Explaining the Red Sox Inactivity at the Trade Deadline

Every year, on July 31, the trading deadline rolls around. And every year, Red Sox fans start pushing for a trade. Sometimes the trades they advocate are logical such as trading top prospects for a star pitcher such as Roy Halladay. Other times, the proposed trades are inspired by panic. Sox fans hate looking up […]