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Should Red Sox Target C.J. Wilson, CC Sabathia, or Mark Buehrle?

C.J. Wilson and CC Sabathia will both be free agents in a matter of days, but that does not mean that the Red Sox need to pay hand over fist for either of these pitchers. Yeah, what a concept, free agents that the Red Sox don’t have to sign. Call me crazy, but the Sox […]

Carl Crawford Will Bounce Back in 2012. Seriously.

It feels like the good old days around town again. The Red Sox blew it late in the season, they’re going to have to find a new manager and fans (the angry ones, not the “let’s stay ’till Sweet Caroline” fans) have a scapegoat to blame. Of course, I’m referring to Red Sox left fielder Carl […]

Bobby Jenks: A Colossal Letdown?

With injuries plaguing the Sox so late in the year, fans can add another name to that ever growing list. Red Sox relief pitcher Bobby Jenks is out for the rest of the season. Wait, what? You’ve never heard of Bobby Jenks? But you do watch Red Sox games, right? Oh, yeah, that’s why you’ve […]

Red Sox Should Consider Adding an Extra Arm Before Waiver Deadline

As the MLB waiver deadline draws near, the Red Sox are in a pretty comfortable place. Just as the case was during the non-waiver trade deadline back in July, the Sox don’t really need to make any blockbuster moves or hardly any moves at all. But regardless of how good the team might be, I […]

Jacoby Ellsbury for MVP?

After coming off a season that had many fans, media members and teammates questioning his heart, Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury is now turning those question marks into exclamation points. Even though we are all elated at his current MVP run, we all remember last season, as then-Red Sox third baseman Adrain Beltre connected […]

Do 3,000 Hits Guarantee Trip to Hall of Fame?

As a sports fan, I have been in heated debates concerning almost every subject. Everything from the DH rule to whether or not hockey broadcasts should reinstate something similar to the FoxTrax glow puck. But maybe, the most ridiculous argument happened this past weekend. I’m almost ashamed to type this, but I know a person, a […]

What Should the Red Sox Do with Jonathan Papelbon After the Season?

Last year, a friend emailed me some photos of the Red Sox 2007 ALCS victory dance debacle. In those pictures, front and center was Jonathan Papelbon, dancing with a Bud Light box on his head. At that very moment, he looked so much more intelligent than anytime he took the mound in 2010. Last year was […]

Beckett’s Scoreless Streak Ends At 14 IP, Red Sox Defeat Mariners 3-1

After pitching 14 innings of scoreless ball, all it took was one swing of the bat for Josh Beckett to look human again. The damage was done by first baseman Mike Carp, who homered in the top of the 7th on Saturday night, in a game eventually won by the Red Sox 3-1. Seventh Inning […]

Why Wakefield Closing in on Red Sox All-Time Wins Record Isn’t Good

At the start of every Red Sox season there are at least two things you can expect: unnecessary additions to Fenway Park and Tim Wakefield. The 45-year-old knuckleballer has been on the Boston Red Sox since 1995, has made over 350 starts for Boston and is on the verge of reaping the rewards of consistency. […]