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Connelly’s Top Ten – Bring on Pittsburgh!

Top Ten Boston Sports 1.Patriots vs. Kansas City Pittsburgh *Brady in games following a two-interception game: 26-5 – record / 66-17 – TD to INT * Ray Lewis tweeting to Tom Brady about his complaining to refs – “it’s called football Brady” – How about this tweet “It’s called murder Lewis” (I had written this […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots Stink and Win (and cover)

1.Patriots – Texans MISC • Loudest cheer of the game was the Harmon interception that saved the spread for Patriots bettors • They played that bad and covered a 16.5 point spread • Every time Edelman goes back for a punt I hold my breath for injury – so happy when I see the fair […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Treasure Every Second!

1.Patriots – Texans • Blount out sick – I wouldn’t put him in the top 12 players that we would miss • From Mike Reiss – Patriots are 15-0 when Dion Lewis plays • Blount outrushed the Pats second leading rusher by almost 900 yards but was 7th in yards per carry • Amendola and […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Six Days to Saturday

1.Patriots opponent  ·         Couldn’t be better – Houston Texans outside of a dome at night ·         Texans on the road this year – 2-6 (wins over non-;playoff teams Jaguars and Colts) ·         In Dome 8-2 outside of dome 1-6 ·         Osweiler this year against playoff teams 5 TD to 5 INT ·         Houston should be […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Bye Week, Boston SuperStars, Crowder Unforgivable

1.Tom Brady Stuff  ·         Tom Brady has thrown for more than double the yards than Drew Bledsoe (as Patriot) 61,582 – 29,657 ·         Only one quarterback in Patriot history has a higher pass completion percentage than Brady – Jimmy Garoppolo – 67% to 63.8% ·         Steve Grogan, Drew Bledsoe and Babe Parilli vs Brady: Games […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Now the Season Starts!

1.Patriots vs. Miami MISC ·         Patriots 59-10 in December since Brady – remember three or so of those 10 losses were the Patriots playing backups because they already clinched ·         Hmm – Patriots head sets aren’t working and no one accuses the home team of playing games like they do in New England – even […]


1.Patriots vs. Miami ·         Dolphins played 3 games against playoff teams – 1-2 (beat Steelers) ·         Dolphins have three receivers with at least 685 yards – Landry, Stills, Parker ·         Dolphins receivers have only put the ball on the ground once all season ·         Suh alert – he went for Brady’s knee last year – […]

Connelly Top Ten – Merry Christmas

1. Patriots vs. Jets  MISC  ·         How many wives said to their husbands (or vice versa) as they left to go to Foxboro – do not show up back at this house drunk on Christmas Eve – and don’t hang around in that parking lot after the game either ·         Jets didn’t want to compete […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Merry Christmas – To Life!

1. Patriots vs. Jets  ·         Patriots are 4-1 against teams over .500 ·         If Vinatieri gets booed in this town – Revis should be Bronx cheered everytime someone catches a pass on front of him ·         Jets QB’s have combined for 14 TD to 22 INT (appreciate every Tom Brady game) ·         Hope Pats linebackers […]

Connelly’s Top 10 – In Denver – Just Win Baby!

1. Patriots vs. Denver  MISC  ·         Peyton Manning took one look at the weather in Denver Sunday and sang to the Nationwide melody – I’m – So – Glad – That – I’m – Not – Playing ·         How can Brady even look at Walt Anderson the Ben Dreith Wanna-be ·         Now you got Dion […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Tom Brady Making Other People Money

1. Making Krafts Money – Value of franchise from 2002 to 2016 (statista.com) ·         2002 Value- $571 million ·         2015 Value – $3.4 billion   2. Beneficiaries from Deflategate Investigation – NFL costs $23mm: ·         League hates Patriots and thus other owners granted Goodell $29,000,000 salary for sticking it to Patriots and Tom Brady ·         […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Damien, Freddy Kruger, Norman Bates and Cyrus Jones

1.Patriot vs. Ravens MISC  ·         Handed 21 points away – two fumbles and Brady end zone interception ·         Has everyone left the parking lot ·         Not often do you lose the turnover game 3-1 and win ·         You take away the two special team turnovers and it’s the Patriots most complete game of the year […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Let the Monday Night Traffic Begin

1.Patriot vs. Ravens   ·         They always scare me – Ray Rice run in playoffs one of worst playoff plays in last 15 years ·         Snow and traffic on Monday night – ugh – over-under accidents leaving Foxboro at midnight 461 ·         Are you kidding me Justin Tucker is 28-28 including a 57 yarder ·         […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Love Sale, Canada Cup, Ortiz Ego

1.Patriot quarterbacks – 2001 AFC Championship game: • Drew Bledsoe…….10-21 / 102 yards / 1 TD • Tom Brady………..12-18 / 115 yards / 0 TD 2. Around the NFL • Frank Gore has more rushing yards than Adrian Peterson 12,789 to 11,725 • Teams with a losing record but have scored more points than opponents […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Brady Gets 201 / Christmas Shows / Dr. Pepper Succeeds

 1.Patriots vs. Rams  MISC  ·         Patriots have won at least ten games every year since 2002 – spoiled are we! ·         After watching the Pats again this week – I still feel the lack enough talent to win the AFC championship (not as fun without Gronk) ·         Insane the Matt Patricia look alike in the […]