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Connelly’s Top Ten – New Blog Site

thank you SportsofBoston – Top Ten at new site – see below   Boston Red Sox Opening Day Edition Of Connelly’s Top Ten    

Connelly’s Top Ten – One More Patriots Top Ten

Patriots How amazing is Brady – I guarantee that if you put a stop watch on his 15 yard run in the Super Bowl it was faster than his 60 time at the combine 18 years ago – he wills himself to win With one armed tied behind their back – Here’s how good this […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Can’t Get Enough of it!

1.Brady’s last drives in five of the seven Super Bowls (not including when he clocked the ball or threw it away)   Vs Rams – Own 17.…….1:21 left / 6-6 for 53 yards / FG Vs. Carolina – Own 40 …2:51 left / 5-6 for 67 yards / FG Vs Giants – Own 20.…….7:54 left […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Day After – Just as Sweet!

1. Last July when the Brady suspension was official – the collective hope of a devastated Patriot nation was the following:   ·         I hope he comes back pissed off ·         I hope his teammates rally around him ·         I hope Jimmy G shows well ·         I hope he leads the team on the Revenge […]

Connelly Top Ten – An Eternal Victory!

Super Bowl 51 TOP TEN – AFTER THREE QUARTERS (I paused the TV and wrote the following) 1.MISC * L. Blount meet B. Buckner – fumble changed the whole game * McDaniels and Patricia – and Bill – got their asses kicked (a bunch of NFL teams are glad they didn’t hire those two) * […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Enjoy Every Second!

1.Patriots vs. Atlanta – 51st Super Bowl *   If Brady wins Super Bowl MVP they will have to name the award after him  AFC East is weak is a weak argument – the Patriots are 9-1 outside of the division – that’s pretty good right? Weak Schedule? Really the league took away money, draft picks, […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – One Week to Go!

1.Patriots Stuff Now we can start getting excited Saw an article that asked if Matt Ryan is the next Tom Brady? What – Matt Ryan is 31 and has a 3-4 playoff record. By that time Brady was 31 – he had three rings and a playoff record of 14-3 Since video-gate Tom Brady is […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Ten Days to Go!

1.Patriots Stuff  ·         Since the NFL starting checking the air pressure – Brady is 28-6 ·         If the Patriots happen to lose – there last three Super Bowl losses came against teams with a combined record of 37-18 vs. your 49-5 ·         In Brady’s nine playoff losses – the Patriots had a lead in seven […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Thank You Patriots Part VII

1.Patriots vs. Pittsburgh   MISC ·         Patriots take us to February again – what a treat! ·         Nice job by crowd singing national anthem – Edwin McCann not sure who you are but good job ·         Yikes win coin toss and not defer – ughhhh! ·         Fireworks before cold game usually gives us fog for […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Thank You Patriots

1.Patriots vs. Pittsburgh ·         Pittsburgh will not win – because they don’t get it. Antonio Brown is more interested in how many hits on his site than staying focused on the prize. Tomlin is whining about game times and travel and the opponent instead of saying tells us where and when and we’ll be there […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Bring on Pittsburgh!

Top Ten Boston Sports 1.Patriots vs. Kansas City Pittsburgh *Brady in games following a two-interception game: 26-5 – record / 66-17 – TD to INT * Ray Lewis tweeting to Tom Brady about his complaining to refs – “it’s called football Brady” – How about this tweet “It’s called murder Lewis” (I had written this […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots Stink and Win (and cover)

1.Patriots – Texans MISC • Loudest cheer of the game was the Harmon interception that saved the spread for Patriots bettors • They played that bad and covered a 16.5 point spread • Every time Edelman goes back for a punt I hold my breath for injury – so happy when I see the fair […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Treasure Every Second!

1.Patriots – Texans • Blount out sick – I wouldn’t put him in the top 12 players that we would miss • From Mike Reiss – Patriots are 15-0 when Dion Lewis plays • Blount outrushed the Pats second leading rusher by almost 900 yards but was 7th in yards per carry • Amendola and […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Six Days to Saturday

1.Patriots opponent  ·         Couldn’t be better – Houston Texans outside of a dome at night ·         Texans on the road this year – 2-6 (wins over non-;playoff teams Jaguars and Colts) ·         In Dome 8-2 outside of dome 1-6 ·         Osweiler this year against playoff teams 5 TD to 5 INT ·         Houston should be […]

Connelly’s Top Ten – Bye Week, Boston SuperStars, Crowder Unforgivable

1.Tom Brady Stuff  ·         Tom Brady has thrown for more than double the yards than Drew Bledsoe (as Patriot) 61,582 – 29,657 ·         Only one quarterback in Patriot history has a higher pass completion percentage than Brady – Jimmy Garoppolo – 67% to 63.8% ·         Steve Grogan, Drew Bledsoe and Babe Parilli vs Brady: Games […]