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Fantasy Football Report: Week 6

Speaking of Brett Favre’s penis… Forget it, the well has dried up on that story. No, this past week in football has been highlighted by helmet-to-helmet hits. With three fines being dished out and very real threats of suspensions in the future, the fantasy world has been left scrambling for DeSean Jackson replacements. Speaking of […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 5

I know what you’re thinking. Am I going to make any “Brett Favre penis jokes?” The answer is no. I’m sorry, but I think I am a little above that kind of low brow humor. Not that much above it, but still, I like to maintain a certain level of class around here. Although, if you […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 4

As I write this, I am being distracted by ESPN’s “30 for 30: Four Days in October”, so excuse me if I seem unfocused. I assure you, I am at full attention to bring you the news from this past week. We here in New England are still celebrating a 41-14 anihilation of Miami, too bad you […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 3

And I’m back after a one week hiatus. I know we all hate hearing the old saying of “every point counts”. Now, I will tell you that I recently lived it. This past week, I lost both of my matchups in my two leagues by a combined 2.5 points! Pretty heartbreaking. I mean, I fully expected […]

Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: Final Advice

So, it has come to this. One more week of action before we are forced to turn our attention to football, basketball, and hockey. I am currently holding a steady lead in my championship matchup. If victorious, it would be my first title since 2007, so that is exciting for me. If you’re in a […]

Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: Championship Time

Sound the horns and drop the balloons, baby. It’s championship time! These next two weeks will decide your place amongst the fantasy gods. Second place is not an option as you will claw your way through your matchup and end up on top of the mountain where you will claim your prize and title of […]

Fantasy Football Report: Week 1

Week 1 is in the books. There were plenty of upsets and some significant injuries. But more importantly, this Tuesday in history marks the launch of Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360. I have my copy and will be starting my epic journey this evening. As for football, well, Week 1 is officially old news, so […]

Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: Week 23

In the SoB baseball league, we are down to just four teams. I am fortunate enough to have made it this far, but I am now facing the #1 seed, so we will see how that goes down. I hope most of you who find this are still on your quest for glory. But hey, […]

Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: Week 22

The playoffs are here! I am half excited. I made it in one league and just missed it in another. But hey, you can’t win them all…but I want to dammit. This is the most important time of the season, but a lot of you are looking to football if you have not made your […]

Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: Week 21

We’re heading into the final stretch of the fantasy regular season. Where do you stand? Ouch, those crickets I hear can’t be a good sign. I may have just finished my first fantasy football draft of the year just yesterday, but I am still fully focused on baseball. I am just on the cusp of […]

UFC Makes Lackluster Debut in Boston

With the rising popularity of MMA, it is great to see states that once dismissed mixed martial arts as nothing more than barbaric bloodshed are now opening their doors to one of this country’s biggest draws in the world of sports. The city of Boston had never held a UFC event due to a lack of regulation in Massachusetts. […]

Johnny Damon Staying in Detroit

There will be no “Welcome Back” ceremony for our beloved centerfielder in 2010 as Detroit outfielder Johnny Damon has decided not to return to Boston. Damon talked the matter over with Tigers manager Jim Leyland this afternoon, and the club and Damon came to an agreement. Damon’s biggest concern in Detroit was whether or not he […]

Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: Week 20

In the final weeks of the season, I feel like mixing things up around here. So, for the one kajillionth time (yeah, it’s a number, trust me), I am adopting a new format to my wrap-up. Some live by the motto of “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”. Yeah, I think Shakespeare said it best […]

Dustin Pedroia Headed Back to the DL

As I write this, I can hear the collective groan of Red Sox Nation. Boston second baseman Dustin Pedroia is going back on the 15-day disabled list with the same foot injury that sidelined him for all of July. Pedroia has played in only two games since his return, going just 1 for 7. Pedroia […]

Fantasy Baseball Wrap-Up: Week 19

In the new look of the Wrap-Up, I will highlight the hot and cold players at each position. Why hear about how good the stud players are already doing when you can find out how well the widely available players are performing on the diamond? As always, let’s start with the list of key injuries Injuries […]