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Why Celtics Fans Should Love “The Decision,” Part II

I’ve showed you five of the 10 reasons Celtics fans should love LeBron’s decision to sign with the Miami Heat. I’m crazy, right? Wrong. Well…right. But wrong in this case. Here’s the final five reasons Celtics fans will be happy to have a big rival in south Florida. 6. Pat Riley continues to cast a […]

Why Celtics Fans Should Love “The Decision,” Part I

If you’re like me, you were sick of “The Decision” before it was even made. The hype of the last two years all collapsed into a 24-hour revolving door of rumors with no validity and endless speculation. “The Decision” came, it went, and I couldn’t be happier it’s finally over. Cleveland feels betrayed, okay I […]

2010 NBA Draft Review

If you weren’t one of the 12 people who actually watched the entire NBA draft, I took the time to break down the first round pick-by-pick, player-by-player. If you were brave enough to watch the entire thing, I did my best to avoid the repetitive Jay Bilas player breakdowns. This is more of a speculative […]

Meet Boof Bonser

When the Boston Red Sox traded for Boof Bonser over the winter, it flew under the radar a little bit. For good reason. A casual baseball fan may know his name, you don’t forget a name like Boof. Sad to say, most of Mr. Bonser’s notoriety comes from merely that, his name. This will be […]

Tim Wakefield Keeping Josh Beckett’s Spot Warm?

Josh Beckett is slated to return from the 15-day DL on June 3, and his first attempt to get the ball rolling on his 2010 campaign was scheduled for June 5. Key word being was. That time-table just got a whole lot hazier with Sunday’s announcement that Beckett won’t even attempt to throw another side […]

Red Sox 2010 Payroll: $168 Million Sure Doesn’t Buy What it Used to

Talks of a prolonged recession and rampant unemployment have led us all to take money saving strides. We as a nation we’ve begun stretching each and every dollar, car pooling, bargain hunting, skipping concerts, and sporting events we used to go to, to steal a line from John McCain, we’re cutting our pork spending. In the meantime, Theo Epstein’s having […]

J.D. Drew: Theo Epstein’s White Knight?

Calling J.D. Drew “easy to hate” may be a bit of an understatement. The soft-spoken right fielder for the Red Sox is entering his fourth season with the club since signing a lucrative five-year, $70 million deal following the 2006 campaign. Since signing that deal, Drew has become a magnet for criticism, whether it be […]

Red Sox Call Up Alan Embree: Lefty to the Rescue?

On Wednesday morning, the Red Sox recalled old friend Alan Embree from AAA-Pawtucket. The move will send pint-sized reliever Fabio Castro back down to Pawtucket, less than 24-hours after being called up for the struggling Scott Atchinson. (Sorry Dustin, you again are the shortest player on the Red Sox.) Embree’s contract is fitted with walk-clause that expires on Friday, meaning […]