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Marathon Monday: Boston at its Best

This past week has been huge for Boston sports. The Celtics and Bruins are killing their respective first-round playoff series, the Red Sox are kicking off their season (albeit in a mediocre fashion by Red Sox standards), and the Patriots drafted Tim Tebow. OK, so the Pats didn’t get Tebow, but Belichick-disciple Josh McDaniels did. […]

Bogut-less Bucks: Still a Threat in the Playoffs?

When I first heard that Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut went down hard after a dunk and sprained his right wrist, broke his right hand, and dislocated his right elbow, my first three thoughts were as follow: ouch, Ouch, OUCH! (In that order.) My fourth thought: That really sucks for the Bucks. My fifth thought: That’s […]

Celtics Playoff Prospects, Courtesy of SportsNation

ESPN SportsNation polls are a guilty pleasure of mine. I take them quite seriously. I participate daily. The polls make me feel like I am a part of some greater good. Sports fans need to express themselves, and what better way to do so than a set of multiple choice questions with no room for […]

Antoine Walker’s Financial Faux Pas

The late 90’s and early 00’s were not the Celtics’ best years. Between 1996 and 2003, Boston made the playoffs twice (2002 and 2003), and finished over .500 twice (2002 and 2003, not surprisingly). It was a pretty lackluster time period by NBA standards, especially for a franchise as glorified and as storied as Boston. A notable aspect, however, of […]

Give Ray His Way and Let Him Stay

Newsflash: For the first time in NBA history, a player is not only willing, but asking, to stay with a team that may not max out his contract. Ray Allen wants to retire in Boston. He will take a pay cut and a lesser role on the team in order to do so. Allen has […]

Let’s Talk Some Trash

Talk is cheap. Everyone knows that. As American citizens, we are guaranteed the right to say whatever the heck we want. (See: the First Amendment to the Constitution.) In the realm of professional sports, however, talk can be very, very expensive. (See: Doc Rivers’ $25,000 fine for criticizing referees and being ejected from Monday’s loss […]

The Ghosts of Celtics Past, Present, and Future

The Celtics of right now are not the Celtics of last month, or even last week. There have been a handful of changes in Boston lately, notably some new faces (which are really just old faces reincarnated), a loss (gasp!), and a trade rumor (which, for the time being, seems to be completely one-sided). As […]

Glen Davis and the Not-So-Secret Life of Being Injured

Why are athletes so cryptic when it comes to their injuries? KG’s knee injury and subsequent surgery quietly loomed over the final stretch of the Celtics’ 2009 season. Tom Brady’s surgery and subsequent infection made headlines, but details were scarce. Now, on a much smaller scale, the fog surrounding Glen Davis’ thumb injury and subsequent […]

Ray Allen: Father First, Celtic Second

Professional athletes get more attention than just about anyone else in America. There are television networks, websites, and publications that are solely devoted to athletes. Athletes make themselves famous, they make other people famous, and they live and die with games that are, on the surface, so simple. Beyond the fame, though, what are athletes […]

Calling for Backup at the Point

Regarding the Celtics’ recent backcourt backup woes, I wrote that “by no means is new acquisition Marquis Daniels point guard material.” I will not back down from that assertion because at 6’6″, Daniels is versatile, certifiable swingman material. Back in July, when Daniels verbally committed to the Celtics, the Boston Herald deemed him a backup […]

The Need for Sheed

Who would have thought that Rasheed Wallace would be an antidote to the Celtics’ front court woes? The guy has spent the greater part of his 14-year career as one of the most infamous players in the NBA. Rasheed has been battle-tested, and occasionally battle-approved, since he first set foot on an NBA court with […]

Rajon Rondo: Worth Every Penny

Chew, chew, chew, gulp, swallow. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner this week, I have been eating my words – and man did they go down easy. On Monday night, the Celtics confirmed that Rajon Rondo agreed to a five-year contract extension worth at least $55 million. Rondo got both Celtic and monetary green, and everyone […]

Rajon Rondo’s Ongoing Arbitrations

You know in school when that one teacher that you really didn’t like always scheduled tests on Fridays? You studied (or at least said you did) all week, and on Friday you were ready to get the test over with and enjoy the weekend. The only thing worse than having a Friday test was having […]

Welcome to Freaky Fenway…Enter If You Dare

Step right up! Come one, come all! It’s Freaky Fenway, Halloween night only! Make your way through this spooky sports stadium, but consider yourself warned. What lies within are among the most formidable, fearsome, forbidding foes known to the sporting world. These men have ruined the livelihoods of many a good competitor, and will stop […]

Celtics Take the Bulls By the Horns

It was about six months ago that Celtics and Bulls last suited up against each other in the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. That was a series for the ages, with five of the seven games decided by three points or less. Those were two very evenly matched teams, and neither was willing […]