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What to Expect from Adrian Beltre

When he was a freshman in high school, the 130-pound kid from Santo Domingo turned heads with his whip-crack swing and cannon arm. Legendary LA Dodger scout Ralph Avila, who signed Pedro Martinez in 1988, had never seen anything like it. Despite Major League Baseball rules strictly prohibiting deals with any players under 16, Avila […]

Red Sox 25-Man Roster, Highlander Version

There can be only one! So said Christopher Lambert playing Connor MacLeod in the 1986 cult classic “Highlander,” and so say I playing the role of Red Sox 25-man roster prognosticator. And by “one,” naturally I mean “two,” as it appears there are only two spots up for grabs in Fort Myers this year. You’ll […]

Rajon Rondo: An All-Star?

On Thursday, the NBA will announce its 2010 All-Star starting rosters, and barring a last minute Matthew Broderick “War Games” computer hack, Celtics’ point guard Rajon Rondo will not be named. As of Jan. 7, the NBA’s final update on voting, your starting Eastern Conference guards are Dwyane Wade and… wait for it… Allen Iverson. […]

Bulls Trample Celtics

Something funny happened at the 9 minute mark in the first quarter of Boston’s 96-83 loss last night to Chicago at the TD Garden: the Celtics became the Washington Generals. Many of the fans in the sellout crowd were still trying to find their seats when Boston stumbled, missing four shots, turning the ball over […]

Hawks Prey on Celtics

The flaws in Boston’s game are clear: poor rebounding, too many turnovers, and average age/health. Each of those holes became glaring in the Celtics’ loss to the Hawks on Friday night in Atlanta, 93-85. The rundown: Boston, the second worst rebounding team in the NBA, lost the battle of the boards, 39-36; turned the ball […]

What Can We Expect From David Ortiz in 2010?

David Ortiz’s cliff dive through March, April, and May of the 2009 season hit Red Sox fans like a death in the family. Ortiz became a real life Pedro Cerrano, only, he didn’t just look bad on breaking balls, he whiffed on everything. And sadly, the Nation’s offerings of cigars and rum to Jobu didn’t […]

Classic Video Game Guide to the Gaping Holes in Boston’s Game

In true geek fashion, I spent roughly 33.3% of my childhood transfixed by the likes of Mario, Link, and the guy who ended up being a girl in Metroid. My best friend, Will the hyperactive genius, was there with me through countless pixelated adventures, mashing buttons until our unblinking eyes required drops. Against all odds, […]

The Aughts: The Greatest Sports Decade That Almost Never Happened

On the warm Sunday afternoon of October 11, just before 4 p.m., shortstop Erick Aybar settled under Dustin Pedroia’s pop up, ending the 2009 ALDS in front of a deflated crowd at Fenway Park. The inning was officially scored: 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB. Angels 7, Red Sox 6. Just like that, […]

The Adrian Gonzalez Conspiracy Theory

Boston baseball hasn’t convulsed with this much rampant speculation since the Red Sox tried to bring Alex Rodriguez to the Hub. From newspapers and television to water coolers and the Web, one name has the Nation dreaming Gheorghe Muresan big: Adrian Gonzalez. Today, according to multiple reports, the price tag for the slugging Padre first […]

Lackey to Boston: Sox Bridge to Title Town?

“We’re kind of in a bridge period.”—Red Sox GM Theo Epstein The Winter Meetings are to baseball fans what Christmas is to children. So when wunderkind Theo Epstein uttered those fateful words at this year’s installment in Indianapolis, Red Sox fans felt like they’d been unjustly penciled in on the Naughty list. Coupled with the […]

Celtics Don’t Get Burned in Miami

Rajon Rondo’s speed and Kevin Garnett’s near perfect shooting helped the Celtics overcome the Heat in Miami Sunday night, as Boston won its fourth straight, 92-85. Garnett, looking more and more like the KG we know and love, scored 24 points on 11-12 shooting. The Farragut Academy grad appears to have built up his stamina […]

Sox Will Pay if They Don’t Sign Bay

Five years, $75 to $80 million. That’s likely what it will cost the Red Sox to retain left fielder Jason Bay. The 31-year-old, now officially a free agent, reportedly passed on a last minute, four-year, $60 million deal Thursday as Boston’s exclusive negotiating window inched shut. In honor of the lengthy, costly contract agent Joe […]

Celtics Disarm Warriors

Glance at the final score of Wednesday night’s 109-95 victory over the Golden State Warriors, and you might think the Boston Celtics coasted to an easy win at home at the TD Garden. Coming off two consecutive, stunning losses, the Warriors (3-7) matchup was just what the doctor (or Doc) ordered. But until there were […]

Why the Red Sox Should Sign John Lackey

Jason Bay is casting off for free agent waters and the Red Sox decided not to pick up Alex Gonzalez’s $6 million option for 2010. Thus, the Sox are left with two gaping holes in their starting lineup. But Boston wunderkind Theo Epstein apparently had another position on his mind at the GM meetings last […]

Sixers No Contest for Celtics

Cue the Sergio Leone score for this one. The good: the Celtics move to 5-0 on the season, breezing to a 105-74 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night at the Wachovia Center. The bad: two of the Big Three looked lost. Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen shot a combined  3-15, missed three of […]