Isaiah Thomas Should Be A Olympian

June 12, 2016 at 1:47pm in Boston, Celtics

Isaiah Thomas turned into an all star this season, he carried The Celtics to 48 wins and was the best player for them in the playoffs.  Thomas is unguardable on most nights and has bolted his way to being a top 20 player in the NBA.  He is one of the best finishers around the basket (especially for his size), however it’s the size of his heart that separates him from other players.  Isaiah Thomas should at least get an invite to the Olympic team.

Isaiah has only been in Boston for more than a year.  Since then he has played his best basketball of his career.  Last season he averaged 22.2 points per game, averaged 6.2 assists per game, and shot nearly 50 percent from the floor.  Isaiah averaged more points per game than Kyrie Irving, and Chris Paul, tho many people will overlook the points per game stat, Isaiah got the best in the head to head match against Paul and Irving.  Isaiah also averaged two more wins above replacement than Irving did.  Personally I would take Isaiah over these two point guards any day, Isaiah plays better than both of these players in “crunch time”.

With Curry and now Paul passing on the upcoming olympics Isaiah should get a shot.  The international game would be perfect for Isaiah, shorter 3 point line, more of uptempo play style, plus Isaiah would be able to play with some of the other greats in the NBA today.

Coach K make the right decision and give the little guy a shot.

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Will The Celtics Land Durant?

June 2, 2016 at 9:28pm in Celtics, Featured
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

One of the biggest question marks for the NBA off-season is where is superstar Kevin Durant going? There have been rumors of many teams that Durant may have interest in joining including the Celtics, Warriors, Heat, Lakers, Magic, Trail Blazers, Spurs, Mavericks, and possibly returning to the Thunder.

There have also been rumors of Durant’s agent sending a list to the Celtics of players that Kevin wants if he’s going to come to Boston. We don’t know if this is true but I wouldn’t doubt it. Durant has come so close to the NBA Finals too many times. If he wants to leave the Thunder he needs to know that the players on his new team are legit and will give him a chance to win a championship. We do know that Durant wants a “Big 3” type deal with a new team if he decides to leave the Thunder. If he came to Boston he would already have point guard Isaiah Thomas who is starting to look like a superstar in this league. If the Celtics want their chance at landing Durant in Boston they need to acquire another dominant player.

Other Possible Players for the Celtics

  • Al Horford
    • Dominant big man who can space the floor
    • Can do a little bit of everything
  • Jimmy Butler
    • Gifted athletically
    • Very good scorer to the basket
    • Outstanding defensive player
  • Hassan Whiteside
    • One of the best defensive centers in the NBA
    • Very good rebounder (averaged 11.8 REB per game last season)
  • Buddy Hield
    • Good three point shooter
    • Hasn’t established himself yet but could be threat right away in the NBA

The list goes on.

Who knows what’s going to happen but from what we’re hearing, the Celtics seem like they are completely serious about landing some big name players. However many people don’t see it as a realistic possibility for Durant to come play for Boston. I also bet many people never thought Pierce, Garnett, and Allen would be a thing but look what happened. The trade deadline is about as month away so there could be some big news for Boston this month.

Also I don’t know how many people saw this but on May 31st at 1:15 AM, Isaiah Thomas tweeted a number 35 with a four leaf clover emoji next to it, but he shortly deleted the tweet after. You can take it however you want but this only made me more confident that Isaiah is luring Durant to come play for Boston.

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Steph and the Warriors down the Thunder, advancing to the NBA finals.

What a series. I don’t think anyone, including the Warriors, thought that OKC would put up this kind of a fight against the defending world champs. Up three games to one, the Thunder were in the driver’s seat. Russell Westbrook couldn’t be stopped and was looking like the best player on the court. Kevin Durant was playing sound, efficient basketball on both ends of the floor, and the supporting cast, particularly Steven Adams, seemed to be making all the little plays that make the difference in a tight series.

But then, Steph Curry happened. Klay Thompson woke up from his coma and dropped 19 in the fourth quarter to force game seven. When you get a great team like the Warriors on their heels, you have to go for the jugular. Can’t let Steph and Klay hang around long enough to get hot. The role players, including Anderson Varejao, who apparently still plays basketball, and others did their part down the stretch. Oracle was LIT. Steph was crossing anyone who dared to guard him and making it look more effortless than ever. When I think about Steph Curry twenty years from now, this is the game I’ll remember. The way he, the Thunder, and everyone watching knew the ball was going in the second he came off of the screen.

I’ve got to be honest, I was starting to grow tired of all the Golden State love. ESPN constantly shoving them down our throats and social media losing their minds every time Steph hits a three. But the Warriors are just too much fun. One of the all-time great teams in sports and last night showed just what kind of resolve they really have. Can’t wait to watch them take down King James once again in the finals. I enjoy watching LeBron James lose just as much as I enjoy watching my teams win. If that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

PS- Hey KD, you know who doesn’t play in the Western Conference with the big bad Warriors and Spurs? The Celtics. Just saying…


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Danny Ainge (

It’s easy to look at the the results of last night’s NBA draft lottery and feel as if the Celtics were once again jobbed out of the first pick. After all, no other NBA team has suffered worse lottery luck than the Celtics since the league began the ping pong process in 1985.

The Celtics lottery woes were never more evident than in the 1997 draft, when the C’s were heavy favorites to win the lottery and select can’t-miss prospect Tim Duncan with the first overall pick. As we all so painfully remember, the Spurs ended up with that coveted first pick, and the dark cloud of draft day despair has been hanging over the Celtics ever since. Continue reading Celtics Get #3 at Draft Lottery: Where do we go from here? »

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Danny Ainge

Their was a 1.7% chance of everything standing pat and nobody moving up in this years Draft Lottery.  Of course this happen.  With the Celtics slotted at the 3 position they were once again screwed by the ping-pong balls.  Now what do the Celtics do? Trade this pick for an established superstar?  Draft ANOTHER young player who won’t pan out for the next 3-5 years?  It must be tough to be Danny Ainge this time of year.

Danny Ainge has a reputation around the league of getting the best of trades.  I challenge anyone to give me a trade that Danny has lost.  Every blockbuster trade that has involved The Celtics the last few years have been in their favor, and it’s not even close.  The Kevin Garnett trade, the Ray Allen trade, the Brooklyn trade, the Rondo trade, even the Jeff Green trade.  All trades that have benefited The Celtics and hurt their trade partner.  If Danny is going to make a big splash this offseason, he’s going to have to talk someone else into giving up a superstar caliber player.

With Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram likely being off the board when the Celtics select.  Danny’s first action should be looking for a trade.  Guys like, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and Demarcus Cousins have been all the talk around Boston.  All of these guys will take a king’s ransom to acquire, but for the right deal they could all be in green next season.  What should Danny be willing to give up?  With all these players and picks he has acquired through the years it’s time to cash in, in other words if Indiana wants this year’s pick, next year’s Brooklyn’s pick and Jae Crowder then you do it.  It’s time for this “Fireworks” statement to be true.

If there is no trade to be made before or on draft night and Ainge is forced to take a player, he has to take someone who can help this team sooner rather than later.  Jamal Murray from Kentucky would be my pick at number 3.  Murray who is 19 years old could be a star in the league someday, standing at 6’5 he could be a 2 guard and a small wing player.  Murray seems like the guy who wants to take the big shot, who wants the ball in crunch time.  Last season he averaged 20 points, 5 rebounds, and just about 3 assists on the season.  His best basketball moment came on the international stage.  In the 2015 Pan Am games Murray was playing for team Canada.  In a game against the USA, Murray was scoreless through the first 3 quarters, but then exploded in the fourth.  Scoring 22 points while dishing out 6 assists in the fourth quarter he led Canada to a 111-108 win over the USA.  This is the type of player the Celtics need.  Murray can take over a game and would be a great compliment to Isaiah Thomas.  If you’re not going to trade the pick than Murray is the guy to go after.

The NBA draft is June 23rd.

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Atlanta, GA - 4/19/2016 - Boston Celtics  at Atlanta Hawks during the first half at Philips Arena in their second playoff game against the Hawks in Atlanta, Georgia April 19, 2016. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff
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The Boston Celtics had a good, but not great season.  They were that scrappy team that fought hard every night, never gave up, and were very entertaining.  However, these teams do not win in the NBA nowadays.  This playoff experience should make the players and Stevens better in the long run.

Danny Ainge, after the game, said, “this team did not play to their potential,” which he was absolutely correct about.  This quote is coming from the president of basketball operations.  We all know Danny — he wants to win now, and he would trade every guy on this roster with the exception of Thomas for a bonafide superstar.   Continue reading Celtics Season In Review: Big Changes On The Horizon? »

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Atlanta played better, played harder, and coached better last night as they cruised to a 110-83 win over the Boston Celtics.  While Boston had a 10 point lead in the first half, it was really all fools gold.  Boston was not defending very well and were missing shots they need to make to win the series.  Atlanta came out the same way, but like the previous 4 games the home crowd played a huge role in helping the home team fight back.   Continue reading Hawks Cruise Past Celtics in Game 5, Game 6 Becomes Must Win »

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