// Fantasy Football Big Board

The Big Board is based on a league with 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K. If your league has more spots for certain positions like 2 QBs to start, then jump on the smaller demand quickly before it runs out. Such a condition makes Brady and Peyton 1st-rounders, so adjust accordingly.

Note: Point-based system: TD (Rushing, receiving) is 6 pts and a Passing TD is 4 pts. One point per 10 yards rushing/receiving and per 25 yards passing.

Football Big Board Top 50

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson, SD, RB: Best guarantee in the draft.
  2. Adrian Peterson, Min, RB: Potential for 2,000 yard season. He said it himself.
  3. Brian Westbrook, Phi, RB: Topped 2,000 tot yards in ’08 and still offensive centerpiece.
  4. Joseph Addai, Ind, RB: Getting into the endzone is the best part of his game.
  5. Stephen Jackson, Stl, RB: Contract year and still has big potential.
  6. Tom Brady, NE, QB: Weakest strength of schedule means more big numbers.
  7. Frank Gore, SF, RB: New Martz offense more focused on Gore.
  8. Larry Johnson, KC, RB: Broken bone in foot held back ’08 campaign. Possible +1500 yard season in ’09.
  9. Peyton Manning, Ind, QB: 10 seasons of 25+ TDs best streak in NFL history.
  10. Randy Moss, NE, WR: No reason to expect the Brady-Moss connection to break up.
  11. Clinton Portis, Was, RB: Started workouts early to adjust for his normal slow start.
  12. Ryan Grant, GB, RB: Grant invigorated GB’s run game down the stretch. I’m betting against flash in the pan.
  13. Terrell Owens, Dal, WR: Romo and contract year sign of another big year for T.O.
  14. Tony Romo, Dal, QB: Had one of the best Cowboy QB seasons ever. He can repeat.
  15. Marshawn Lynch, Buf, RB: Rookie season was impressive. Buffalo looks to center offense around him.
  16. Marion Barber, Dal, RB: Feature back in Dallas but fulltime duty may be too much.
  17. Willis McGahee, Bal, RB: Cam Cameron will make McGahee’s game more diverse.
  18. Reggie Wayne, Ind, WR: Every season Wayne gets better. At 29 can hit new peak.
  19. Brandon Jacobs, NYG, RB: Good chance at more TDs. Health a big issue.
  20. Braylon Edwards, Cle, WR: One of the NFL’s best playmakers and his entering his prime.
  21. Steve Smith, Car, WR: The Delhomme-Smith connection is just as potent as the Romo-T.O one.
  22. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jac, RB: Another year, better chance to expand role and for Taylor injury.
  23. Jamal Lewis, Cle, RB: With no true backups, he’ll see most goal line carries.
  24. Larry Fitzgerald, Ari, WR: Most likely guy to get +100 catches and +10 TDs.
  25. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Cin, WR: Contract year. And a guy whose improved every year in the league.
  26. Andre Johnson, Hou, WR: Expect around +1200 yards and 11 TDs.
  27. Reggie Bush, NO, RB: Combined yards are what Bush is about. Chance at +1400 yards in ’09.
  28. Marques Colston, NO, WR: Contract year. Colston has more catches in his first two seasons than anyone in league history.
  29. Chad Johnson, Cin, WR: In football, disputes only motivate a guy.
  30. Brandon Marshal, Den, WR: The main target for Cutler, Baby T.O. could possibly repeat last years performance.
  31. Laurence Maroney, NE, RB: Expect a better balance on NE offense.
  32. Matt Forte, Chi, RB: Biggest sleeper on the board, except everyone seems to know him.
  33. Drew Brees, NO, QB: All the pieces together for big season.
  34. Jonathan Stewart, Car, RB: Looking like he’ll get the bulk of carries in Carolina.
  35. Ronnie Brown, Mia, RB: Brown was the best RB before he tore his ACL. Breakout season still could happen.
  36. Darren McFadden, Oak, RB: Could be this years’ Adrian Peterson.
  37. Willie Parker, Pit, RB: Two TDs in ’08. Best asset is his yardage.
  38. Michael Turner, Atl, RB: Big potential, but not enough evidence to be sure.
  39. Anquan Boldin, Ari, WR: Health the only question about his value.
  40. Torry Holt, StL, WR: Passing focus will be more on Holt than last year. Potential for return to form.
  41. Wes Welker, NE, WR: Always finds ways to get open. Brady likes that.
  42. Plaxico Burress, NYG, WR: Despite injuries played 20 games in ’08 at high level.
  43. Antonio Gates, SD, TE: Rarely are TE consistent offensively. Still could be as good as your #1 receiver.
  44. Marvin Harrison, Ind, WR: Dungy says he’s “running pain-free”. Could be back to old form.
  45. Ben Roethlisberger, Pit, QB: 32 TD passes in ’08 set Steeler record.
  46. Carlson Palmer, Cin, QB: Inconsistent in ’08. Pieces still there for big season.
  47. Jason Witten, Dal, TE: Best TE in ’08. Nothing much has changed.
  48. Kevin Smith, Det, RB: Expected to be starting RB. Good enough.
  49. Thomas Jones, NYJ, RB: Still a 1,000 yard RB, just no goal line chances.
  50. Roy Williams, Det, WR: Contract year means a return to ’06 numbers… maybe.