Connelly’s Top Ten: Posse!

November 18, 2016 at 9:49pm in Featured, Now!, Top Story

1. Patriots vs. 49ers:

· Belichick 230 wins vs. Bill Walsh 92 wins

· Gronk 69 touchdowns to Dwight Clark’s 48

· Brady 22 playoff wins to Montana 16 playoff wins

· QB’s on the active roster this week – their draft position: Gabbert – 10 / Kapernick – 36 | Garappollo 62 / Brady 199

2. Around the NFL:

If I’m a player in Mexico City I don’t – Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Posse! »

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1. Patriots vs. Seattle:


· There was a bad feel to this game from the second drive on – disjointed – It was a frustrating game all night

· Tough to watch passive defense and unimaginative play calling

· I would bet that Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins were texting each other watching Russell Wilson do what he wants

· Cy Jones another fumble

· Patriots lucky they didn’t get a flag for coordinated celebration when Devlin joined Blount with the Minutemen


· Was average Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Edelman Lays Eggs (so did the coordinators) »

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1. Patriots vs. Seattle:

· Seattle has beaten one team with a winning record this year

· Games away from home last 15 games – record 7-7-1

· Jimmy Graham and Gronk have 125 TD’s between them

· Wilson 16 sacks

· Richard Sherman hasn’t been seen since he was at a loss for words when Malcom Butler stole his Super Bowl

· Pete the poodle back in town where he single handedly dismantled the champion team Bill Parcells built

· Look out for Wagner – insane and relentless

· Lucky no Bennett

· Only thing keeping Patriots from Super Bowl is Brady standing upright

· Is the who did you vote for to Brady the most absurd story – none of your f-ing business

· Cliff Avril and Frank Clark have 15.5 sacks – suit up Bruce Armstrong

MASSACHUSETTS MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER – Alexander Gordon Lyle – Gloucester – 1918 – French front rushed to the front in middle bombardment to administer and save comrade

2. How amazing has the Patriots run been?

· Over the last 96 games – they have only lost THREE games by more than one score – think Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten – Thank You Veterans! »

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1. Patriots Fun Facts during the bye:

· Five Patriots are on pace for 500 yards in receiving – Gronk, White, Edelman, Hogan, Bennett

· Butler is on pace to deflect 22 passes

· The top three tacklers are from the secondary – Chung, Ryan, McCourty

· 2011-2016 first round picks projected to dress next Sunday – Malcom Brown, Solder

(Collins and Chandler Jones traded, Easley cut, Cy Jones – doghouse) Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: We Survived the Bye Week! »

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Is Marcus Mariota a strong option this week?

The second of the dreaded bye-pocalypses is upon us as six of the better teams (fantasy-wise) have the week off. Running backs are getting hurt left and right and no one knows who will get the carries in a few contests. Here is my advice for Week 9 of the regular season:

Start ‘Em

Marcus Mariota (vs. San Diego): This game looks to be a contest in which Mariota will be throwing a ton and should find some favorable matchups for his wide receivers and tight ends. He might not get the win, but he should score fantasy points. Continue reading Fantasy Football Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em: Week 9, 2016 »

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1. Patriots vs. Bills:


· That was a Chamber of Commerce day for Buffalo – cold rain is as good as it gets

· Is it me or is Dan Fouts rooting for the Bills – couldn’t get off the Hightower late hit non-call / he called a pick play on Buffalo “well designed” / was laughing when Gronk got stood up by four guys calling him a “mere mortal”


· Treasure every game Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Ryans are Clowns, Gronk and the Beatles »

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1. Patriots vs. Bills:

· Who would be insane enough go up to Buffalo with a Patriots shirt?

· Bills have lost three games by a combined 15 points

· Taylor is sacked every 11.2 attempts / Brady every 25.25 attempts

· Tight end Charles Clay is a Patriots killer

· Gostkowski missed two field goals in pre-season (he is just squeezing some inside the right post

· Some guy named Lorenzo Alexander from Buffalo is on pace for 21 sacks – yikes Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Krug Misfires, Gostkowski Thinking About it, Jeremy Lin Run »

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