1. Steelers vs Patriots:


· Gostkowski – are you worried yet

· Is Matthew Slater not the same special teams player this year


· Ran for three first downs

· Amazing seam pass to Gronk

· I hate when the other team is more physical

· Brady wasn’t pleased with Malcom Mitchell giving up on fly route late in game Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Stink and Win »

1. Steelers:

* No Ben

* Gotta be leading the NFL in pot smokers over the last ten years

* Steelers have 24 inductees in Hall of Fame

* Patriots have two hall of famers – Hannah and Tippett (if you give them credit for Curtis Martin or Michael Haynes – 4)

* Great receiving core – Brown, Jesse James, Sammie Coates

* Watch out for Antonio Brown on punt returns – averaging 14.6

* Very Pittsburgh memory was the AFC championship win with Troy Brown scoring on punt return

2. Price vs Lester in postseason:

Lester – 8-6 / 2.50 ERA Continue reading Connelly Top Ten: Lester, 2nd Basemen, Michelle’s Mom »

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1. Patriots vs. Bengals:


· Rumors are the Foxy Lady had to triple their security Saturday night with the Bengals in town

· Should have got Blount out of that game – the Bengal punks were bringing out the worst in him – lucky he didn’t do something silly

· Pacman went for Gronk’s legs – don’t blame him for getting mad – once you wound Gronk up though no one could shut him up

· People love doing the Safety sign (admit it did you do it at home)

· Two QB’s were a combined 25-32 in first half

· How long before the ESPN analysts start complaining about Pats running up (by the way that score put the game over for total points)

· I like the sign Patriots put up on their digital board on a big play – “Get Loud – Do Your Job”

· As soon as CBS said 78-0 record at Gillette when leading at halftime – I got nervous Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Bengals in Town – Hide the Woman and Children and Lock the Doors »

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Should Alex Smith start on your team this week?

The midway point of the regular season in fantasy leagues is upon us and this could be the make or break week if you are on the 3-3 fence or belowe after the games end on Monday. Take heed of my advice below and lead your team to victory. (Or don’t, sometimes even the smartest people get some wrong).

Start ‘Em

Alex Smith (vs. Oakland): This game will likely turn into a shootout in the second half with Smith being the beneficiary of more throws down the field on a weak Raiders’ secondary.

Should Alex Smith start on your team this week?

Should Alex Smith start on your team this week?

Continue reading Fantasy Football Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em: Week 6, 2016 »

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1. Patriots vs. Bengals:

  • Bengals could get knocked out this week and go 2-4
  • They are 3-8 last 11 games – including pre season
  • Look out for head hunting Burfict
  • Brady’s first game back in Foxboro – Standing O upcoming
  • Brandon Lafell has more TD than Gronk – 2 to 0
  • AJ Green – Logan Ryan with help over the top
  • Bengals have one of those teams that can hurt a QB
  • Am I going to have to watch twinkle toes Blount in short yardage
  • Kicker Mike Nugent 0-2 passed 50 yards

Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady Voted Worst Person in Sports – Sue! »

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1. Red Sox:

* Is the season a success if you with the East and make the playoffs?

* Not a good season for Dombrowski – Pomerantz, Kimbrel and Price

2. John Farrell:

  • Do you really take out Benintendi over Jackie Bradley in a desperate elimination game
  • I’m still not sure if I pinch run for Ortiz – if that game one more at bat Hernandez would have come up in the clean up positon for the Sox
  • I don’t know if I pinch hit for Holt who had been hitting a little bit in the series
  • I’m just not sold on him – I would move on even though he won the East

Continue reading Red Sox Toast – Patriot Time Only »

Red Sox Ownership Has Failed The Fans

October 11, 2016 at 3:01pm in Featured, Red Sox
Jon Henry and the front office has failed us as Red Sox fans

Jon Lester just pitched 8 innings of scoreless baseball in-game 1 of the NLDS.  Theo Epstein is the general manager of arguably the best team in baseball, and the team that will more than likely represent the national league in the World Series.  Terry Francona just swept The Sox in a series where he didn’t have his best hitter, or his number 2 starter. Andrew Miller was a huge factor coming out of the bullpen this series, most of the time leaving The Sox batters swinging at air.  Ben Cherington is the vice president of baseball operations in Toronto.  So basically, Francona and Miller are playing against Cherington, winner plays Theo Epstein and Jon Lester in the World Series.  Jeesh, imagine having all these guys in the same organization.  Oh wait they were, and the ownership screwed it up.

Dave Dombrowski doesn’t get a pass on this season either.  Aaron Hill, Fernando Abad, Brad Ziegler, and Drew Pomeranz were Dombrowski’s moves at the deadline.  These guys were a non factor, except for Pomeranz who gave up a 2 run BOMB to Coco Crisp, essentially losing the game.  How about David Price’s deal?  He got a 7 year, $217 million dollar deal from Dombroski, a deal that will ultimately end up being a failure, if it’s not already.  For a guy that was supposed to come in and turn things around, Dombrowski has been a letdown as president of baseball operations thus far.

Winning the series at Fenway last night meant a lot to Terry Francona, you could tell by the way he was reacting on the field.  He knows when he was fired that ownership was stirring up rumors about him, and last night he left with the last laugh.  I’m sure Jon Lester was laughing somewhere too, remember that horrible offer The Sox gave him?  4 years for $70 million?  Then they turn around and give Price 7 years for $217 million, what a joke.  You know what you had in Lester, he could handle the Boston spotlight and he could win in the playoffs.  Two things that David Price can not do.

This team needs a shake up and ownership has to provide it, and as of now it seems like it’s not going to happen.  Dombrowski just announced Farrell will be back next season.

Ortiz retired and Farrell coming back.  Just doesn’t seem right.

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