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Former Sen. George Mitchell has released his report on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball. The U.S. Congress has now intervened in the MLB steroids scandal, adding another angle to this dynamic story. Here you will find Sports of Boston’s complete coverage of the release of the Mitchell Report.


Report: Man Has Photo of Clemens at Canseco Party

By KC (02/22/08)

A man told the NY Daily News that he has a photo of Roger Clemens with other MLB players at Jose Canseco’s infamous party in 1998. The man, then 11, took the picture and has held on to it for more than 9 years. Who would blame him? It’s Roger Clemens.

If the photo exists and is real, it is extremely damaging to Clemens’ testimony. Clemens and Jose Canseco, among numerous others, claimed the Rocket was not at Canseco’s house party in 1998. Brian McNamee insisted that Clemens was there, and he saw him talking to Canseco.

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