Mike Trout auto/relic card from Gypsy Queen.
(Photo credit: dacardworld.com)

For the past ten years, trading card companies like Topps have relied heavily on vintage style card sets to help keep collectors interested in the hobby. Sets that feature card designs that have ranged anywhere from the 1960s all the way back to the early 1900s. This week Topps continues their annual look into the past with the late nineteenth century inspired Gypsy Queen set (fourth year of production), which is named and styled after the early tobacco cards.

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Pedroia is the landslide favorite in the AL East (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Continuing our position by position ranking of the AL East, today’s focus is second base. If you missed last week’s make sure to check it out here. These rankings are a way to ramp up for the baseball season and to incite your own thoughts on the rankings. At the end of the piece feel free to comment of where you think we were wrong (and right!). So without further ado here are this week’s rankings.

1. Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox: There really should not be much argument here, as Cano’s departure for Seattle makes Pedroia the de facto premier second baseman in the division. Pedroia is a leader at the plate and on the field and does not do anything halfway. While his hard play should be praised, it did lead to a thumb injury on the first game of the season last year, which led to a decline in power (only 9 home runs). With his thumb fully healed, expect Pedroia to be on top of his game this year. Continue reading Ranking the AL East: Second Base »

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Here at Sports of Boston, we want to keep the focus on sports and stay away from politics. Politics are just too divisive and too emotional. Sports arguments usually have just a few angles. Political arguments have angles, levels, agendas, religions and more beliefs that I want to mention here. As a website, we had to contribute something. So, I decided I would give an opinion that to me is not about politics. It’s about common sense.

I am the father of two beautiful girls, both under the age of ten. They are my life; they are my greatest joys and the source of constant worry. Every morning I drop them off at school and I watch them walk through the front door. For me and many parents, it will be hard in the coming months and years not to think of Newtown, Connecticut when we say good-bye in the morning as our children begin their school day. When I was their age, I used to walk to school with my friends. Some afternoons I walked home by myself. Those times were different and we worry more today because we have been raised in a world where that worry is legitimate. Continue reading Regarding Newtown, There are No Words, but Maybe We Can Do Better »

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Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School (Reuters)

On Friday morning, Sandy Hook Elementary school kids woke up to get ready for school. Since it was Friday, everyone going to school was in a good mood knowing the weekend was up ahead. These kids woke up, brushed their teeth, ate breakfast, got on the bus and went to school. The 20 kids and the 7 adults (6 at the school, plus the shooter’s mother at a separate location) that were killed Friday never woke up with the sense their lives could end.

We all wake up thinking about what the day brings for us. I woke up on the Friday morning focusing on getting my paper done for one of my classes and getting lunch later. Never did I ever have the thought my life was going to end. That’s the scary part about the world today. We all wake up without expecting what will happen tomorrow even if it means our lives or the lives of the people we love could be taken away. Continue reading Thoughts on Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy »

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The elementary school shooting that occurred December 14, 2012 will always be remembered as a horrific tragedy, one that will likely spark a number of political and social debates, such as gun control and treatment for those with mental illness.

However, after reading numerous Twitter and Facebook posts following the incident in Newtown, Connecticut, I believe another troublesome issue has arisen from the event, one concerning the way we interact with one another after such tragedies. Postings of thoughts and prayers going out to the families affected are frequent and heartfelt, but the confrontational dialogue between individuals on their ideas for reform is becoming problematic. Many are reacting with anger, which is an understandable tributary in the range of emotions stemming from initial sadness and shock. However, it is important to remember that no matter how often these tragedies seem to occur, our anger should not be misplaced onto each other and we should never express shame over living in a country or world where such travesties take place. Continue reading A Reaction to the Newtown, Connecticut Shooting »

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If you’re trying to use Yahoo! Fantasy Sports this morning to check on your Fantasy Football or Basketball teams, you’re likely still running into a little trouble.

That’s because Sunday’s truly annoying outage has spilled into Monday.

The engineers over at Yahoo! are still working on identifying the root cause of the issue and fixing it. In the meantime, the head of Yahoo! Sports, Ken Fuchs (exactly how do you pronounce his last name?), sent out an apology e-mail to all users. Continue reading Update: Yahoo! Fantasy Football Still Sort of Down, Sports Head Ken Fuchs Sorry »

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Thank you Grantland for this hilarious fake Tim Tebow Gmail account.

The spoof features email exchanges between Tebow and Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and several other NFL players and coaches.

Check it out: Continue reading A Look Inside Tim Tebow’s Fake Gmail Account »

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