45 long years after Carl Yastrzemski won baseball’s Triple Crown, Miguel Cabrera just clinched the 16th such award in history.

Cabrera finished the season with 44 home runs, 139 RBIs, and a .330 batting average.  Numbers worthy of MVP consideration, without a doubt.  Consideration, you ask?  Yes.

Why would a Triple Crown winner only be considered for the league’s MVP award?  Why would Mike Trout be getting more MVP buzz than Cabrera?

Because Cabrera’s historic season was just that: historic. Continue reading Miguel Cabrera Wins Elusive Triple Crown. So? »

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File this under “in case you missed this.”

John Clayton, otherwise known as the pencil-neck geek that analyzes the NFL for ESPN, is featured in the latest Sportscenter ad: (video after the jump): Continue reading Video: John Clayton’s ESPN Sportscenter Commercial »

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Derek Jeter Sex Change (Photo from Deadspin)

Yankees fans got a big scare Thursday when it was announced on the team’s official Facebook page that star shortstop Derek Jeter would miss the rest of the season.

Then, closer reading reveals the following:

“We regret to inform our fans that Derek Jeter will miss the rest of the season with sexual reassignment surgery. He promises to come back stronger than ever in 2013 as Minnie Mantlez.” Continue reading Hacked Yankees Facebook Page: Derek Jeter Will Miss Season After Sex Change »

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Does LeBron James have Gmail?

Maybe, maybe not…but here’s what it would look like, according to the folks at Grantland: Continue reading Hacking Into LeBron James’s Fake E-Mail Account »

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Penn State students react to sanctions (Reuters, Craig Houtz)

The NCAA announced Monday morning the sanctions that will come as a direct result of Penn State’s actions over the past (at least) 14 years. After covering up the actions of Jerry Sandusky – assistant football coach and convicted pedophile – for over a decade, Penn State will now face the harsh consequences.

$60 million fine

The NCAA will collect a record $60 million fine from the school. While this is an unprecedented amount, the school does typically make that much in football revenue per year, and they will still be allowed to collect revenues from television deals and ticket sales. They will pay the $60 million in five installments. Continue reading NCAA Announces Penn State Punishment for Jerry Sandusky Cover-Up »

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President Barack Obama and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, appeared on the Kiss Cam during Monday’s USA-Brazil basketball game. Continue reading President Obama, Michelle Obama Appear on Kiss Cam at USA Basketball Game »

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Courtesy of MLB.com

The MLB All-Star Game is around corner, yet the event, once heralded by speculation and excitement, has been replaced by one which draws little more than indifference from casual fans. From the selection process all the way to the actual game, the flaws surrounding this event make it a no-competition when it comes to the NBA All-Star game and even the…gulp…Pro Bowl (At least people care about who gets chosen, something that MLB can’t say).

The result? MLB’s Summer celebration surrounding its biggest stars, is completely burnt out. Continue reading Let’s put the Star back into the MLB All-Star Game »