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I am a girl. I love sports. I don’t see why these two things cannot go hand in hand. My mom, aunt, and sister are all huge sports fans. I grew up watching the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics. When the Sports of Boston guys decided to add a female voice to this blog, I jumped at the chance. – Jenn (02/26/08 in N.A.P.H.)

What is the definition of a Pink Hat?

As defined by SoB’s KC:

Perhaps an unfair label, the “pink-hat” applies to all people who are Red Sox fans of convenience (i.e. when they’re in Boston for college or jobs or when the team is doing really well). If the team sucks, they don’t care.

Pink also has a female connotation, but there are certainly some guys who perfectly fit the “pink hat” mold.

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